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Drones cleared for first US deliveries

First drone delivery company granted an air carrier certification, which clears it to make commercial deliveries in the United States.

Should AI be used to catch shoplifters?

New artificial intelligence software is being used to monitor the body language of shoppers for signs that they are planning to shoplift - but should it be used? 

Europe makes new rules for AI

There's a crisis of trust in social media and the EU wants to make sure artificial intelligence doesn't go the same way. It's unveiled ethics guidelines before AI becomes embedded in society.

Job hunting? Get ready to chat to an AI bot

Artificial Intelligence is poised to revolutionise the workplace and now businesses of all sizes are now embracing the technology for recruiting and managing their staff.

Are smaller cities the Smartest?

Talk about urban transformation and you think of high-rise mega-cities like Shanghai, Dubai or Hong Kong. But the cities at the forefront of this revolution are often the unexpected.

How 5G will make daily life better

5G is not just about super-fast speeds. Next generation networks will create a ripple of developments that will change daily life.

How VR is transforming HR

More companies are using virtual reality to recruit and train staff, giving employers new ways to deliver training and foster empathy at work.

So how do you insure a driverless car?

The transport revolution raises big questions for insurers.  Technology giants and automakers are investing billions. But who'll pay when a crash happens?

5G and the future of farming

5G is ideal for transmitting information from remote sensors and drones, tools that are being tested by farmers. 5G is also helping to automate farming.

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