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Roaming on Vodafone IE

Business roaming support | Vodafone Ireland

Corporate shared roaming bundles

What countries are excluded on corporate shared roaming bundles?

Here's a list of countries which are excluded from corporate shared roaming bundles. Data usage in these countries will incur a charge of €5.00 ex. VAT per MB.

Angola Greenland Libya New Caledonia
Belize Guam Malawi Sao Tome and Principe
Cameroon Guinea Maldives Senegal
Cape Verde Iceland Maritime Mali Seychelles
Cook Islands International Airspace Maritime Timor Leste
Cuba International Waters Mauritania Togo
Djibouti, Republic Of Iraq Mauritius Tunisia
Gambia Lebanon Namibia Uganda

No service countries

Due to economic sanctions, we do not offer any service in the below countries:

Syria North Sudan
North Korea
Crimea and Sevastopol

Business roaming rates

What are the roaming rates?

Our standard roaming plan gives you one simple anytime rate in each of our roaming zones. You'll pay these rates if you're not opted into a roaming plan, or if the country you're travelling to isn't covered by a roaming plan. 

In Europe you can use your data, calls and texts just like you would at home for no extra cost. It applies automatically so you don’t need to do anything.


Europe Select Countries
USA & Canada
Data Select
Rest of World
Making calls No extra cost Home rate +5c  ex VAT per min €1.14 ex VAT  €1.64  ex VAT €1.64 ex VAT
Receiving calls FREE 1c per min €1.14 ex VAT €1.64 ex VAT €1.64 ex VAT 
Sending a text No extra cost Home rate + 1c per text 24c ex VAT 24c ex VAT 24c ex VAT
Data No extra cost Home rate + 5c MB €5.00 MB €0.20 MB €5.00 MB



In which countries do European rates apply?

Austria Lithuania Guernsey Ceuta
Belgium Luxembourg Isle of Man Melilla
Bulgaria Malta Jersey Vatican State
Croatia Netherlands Switzerland Desirade
Cyprus Poland Finland (Aland Islands only) French West Indies
Czech Republic Portugal Gibraltar Bonaire
Denmark Romania French Guyana Curacao
Estonia Slovakia Guadeloupe Saba
Finland Slovenia Martinique Saint Barthelemy
France Spain Saint Martin Saint Eustatius 
Germany Sweden Reunion  Saint Kitts and Nevis
Greece United Kingdom Mayotte Saint Maarten
Hungary Iceland Azores Suriname
Italy Liechtenstein Madeira  
Latvia Norway Canary Islands  

In which countries do Select Countries rates apply?

Albania Kosovo
San Marino

In which countries do Data Select rates apply?

Bosnia-Herzegovina Macedonia

In which countries do Rest of the World rates apply?

Afghanistan Dominica,  Libya Samoa
Algeria Dominican Republic Macau Sao Tome & Principe
American Samoa Ecuador Madagascar Satellite
Andorra Egypt Malawi Saudi Arabia
Angola El Salvador Malaysia Senegal
Anguilla Equatorial Guinea Maldives Seychelles
Antigua & Barbuda Eritrea Mali Sierra Leone
Argentina Ethiopia Mauritania Singapore
Armenia, Republic of Falkland Islands, Malvinas Mauritius Solomon Islands
Aruba Faroe Islands Mexico Somalia
Australia Fiji Micronesia, Federated states South Africa
Azerbaijan, Republic of French Polynesia Moldova, Republic of South Sudan
Bahamas Gabon Mongolia Sri Lanka
Bahrain, Kingdom of Gambia Montserrat Sudan
Bangladesh Georgia Morocco Swaziland
Barbados Georgia (Abkhazia) Mozambique Syria
Belarus Ghana Myanmar Taiwan
Belize Greenland Namibia Tajikistan
Benin Grenada Nauru Tanzania
Bermuda Guam Nepal Thailand
Bhutan Guatemala New Caledonia Timor l'Este
Bolivia Guinea New Zealand Togo
Botswana Guinea-Bissau Nicaragua Tonga
Brazil Guyana Niger Trinidad & Tobago
Brunei Darussalam Haiti Nigeria Tunisia
Burkina Faso Honduras Norfolk Island Turkey
Burundi Hong Kong Northern Mariana Islands Turkmenistan
Cambodia,  India Oman, Sultanate of Turks & Caicos Islands
Cameroon Indonesia Pakistan Uganda
Cape Verde Iran Palau, Republic of Ukraine
Cayman Islands Iraq Palestine, State of United Arab Emirates
Central African Republic Israel Panama, Republic of Uruguay
Chad Jamaica Papua New Guinea Uzbekistan
Chile Japan Paraguay Vanuatu
China, Peoples Republic Jordan Peru Venezuela
Colombia Kazakhstan Philippines Vietnam
Comoros Kenya Puerto Rico Virgin Islands, British
Congo Korea, Republic of Qatar Virgin Islands, US
Congo, Dem Republic of Kuwait Russia Yemen
Cook Islands Kyrgyzstan Rwanda, Republic of Zambia
Costa Rica Lao  Saint Kitts and Nevis Zimbabwe
Cote d'Ivoire Lebanon Saint Lucia  
Cuba Lesotho Saint Pierre et Miquelon
Djibouti, Republic of Liberia St Vincent & Grenadines

Legacy roaming offers

What are the Passport Mobile Internet rates?


  Select Countries Rest of the World
 Daily cost €1.63 ex VAT €4.06 ex VAT
 Daily allowance 50 MB 10 MB
 Additional usage €0.20 MB ex VAT €3.00 MB ex VAT

Terms and conditions apply


In which countries do the Passport Mobile Internet - Select Countries rates apply?

Albania Montenegro
Bosnia-Herzegovina Serbia
Macedonia Turkey

In which countries do the Passport Mobile Internet - Rest of the World rates apply?

Argentina Egypt Jamaica Russian Federation
Australia Guadeloupe Japan Saudi Arabia
Bahrain Hong Kong Kenya Singapore
Belarus Iceland Kuwait South Africa
Bermuda India Malaysia Sri Lanka
Brazil Indonesia Mexico Thailand
Canada Israel New Zealand Ukraine
China   Pakistan United Arab Emirates
Colombia   Philippines USA

What are the Vodafone Connect Abroad rates?

  Select Countries Rest of the World
 Daily cost €8.00 ex VAT €15.00 ex VAT
 Daily allowance 500 MB 100 MB
 Monthly cost €45.00 ex VAT €45.00 ex VAT
 Monthly allowance 1 GB
200 MB*
 Additional usage €0.20 MB ex VAT €5.00 MB ex VAT

*Please note the Vodafone Connect Abroad bundles can be used both in Europe and in the Rest of the World zone

Terms and conditions apply


In which countries do the Vodafone Connect Abroad - Select Countries rates apply?

Albania Monaco
Belarus Serbia

In which countries do the Vodafone Connect Abroad - Rest of the World rates apply?

Argentina Egypt Kenya
Saudi Arabia
Australia Guadeloupe Kuwait
Bahrain Hong Kong Malaysia
South Africa
Bermuda Iceland Mexico
Sri Lanka
Brazil India New Zealand
Canada Indonesia Pakistan
China Israel Philippines
Colombia Jamaica Russian Federation
United Arab Emirates
  Japan   USA

Costs and billing

How much does it cost to use my phone abroad?

First you need to know where you are going and then you can check the costs.


Will data roaming spend be included in my spend cap?

Yes, all of your data roaming spend is included in your spend cap.

For example; if you are on a data roaming price plan the rental for this plan, along with any spend you accumulate should you use outside your bundle, is all included in the spend accumulated towards the cap. This means that, when we send you a spend notification, the amount represents your total spend on data roaming to date in that monthly billing period. This means there should be no surprises on your bill at the end of the month.


What if I'm already on an offer with roaming in Europe at no extra cost like RED Business?

You can continue to use your plan in Europe just like you would at home, with access to unlimited calls and texts back to Ireland and within the country you’re visiting, as well as your home data and international allowance in 32 European destinations.

It's also free to receive calls and texts from home when you are travelling in Europe, helping you stay connected with friends and family.

Plus, you get access to our best value roaming rates when you travel outside of Europe, at €2.43 a day in USA or Canada and €4.06 a day in Rest of the World destinations.


Roaming with Mobile Broadband

Can I use my modem abroad?

Yes, you can use your broadband modem when you travel, on any networks that support Mobile Broadband. Check these rates to see what you pay when you use your modem abroad in Europe and the rest of the world. To sign up for a data roaming plan, give us a call on 1800 22 55 88.

Can Mobile Broadband users receive spend cap notifications?

Yes, you will receive the data roaming spend cap notifications to the SMS inbox which was installed with your Mobile Broadband software. It may not flash up on screen so you should make sure to check it proactively before you reach your limit.

Using data abroad

Can I use my phone at sea and in flight?

While we cannot guarantee coverage when you're travelling at sea, customers may be able to pick up some maritime service providers. Some airlines now allow passengers to use their mobiles during flights.

When available

  • Making and receiving a call will cost €2.99 per minute.
  • Sending a text costs 70c and receiving a text is free.
  • Mobile internet and mobile broadband costs €6.15 per MB

All pricing is quoted including VAT


What are data roaming spend caps?

We have introduced spend caps and spend notifications for data roaming so it's easier for you to control costs when you access email or the internet from abroad.

For bill customers there are two monthly spend caps. The standard spend cap is €50 (ex. VAT). There is also a roaming upper spend cap. The €50 (ex. VAT) spend cap equates to about 10MB of data usage, enough to view about 200 emails or 80 web pages.

Find out more about data spend caps.


How do data spend caps work?

When you use data abroad, you will now receive a text message - well before you reach your monthly spend cap - telling you how much you've spent on data roaming so far in the month. When you reach the spend cap, you will receive another text notifying you of this.

The text message will be sent to your mobile phone inbox, or to the SMS inbox on your mobile broadband dashboard or tablet device.


How do I receive spend cap notifications?

Roaming spend cap notifications will be sent by text message to your phone, tablet or Mobile Broadband device.

Mobile Broadband customers will need to check the SMS inbox that was installed with your Vodafone software to view the notification.


How much can I spend before data roaming spend caps are applied?

For bill pay customers there are two monthly spend caps. The standard spend cap is €50 (ex. VAT) and equates to about 10MB of data usage, enough to view about 200 emails or 80 web pages. There is also a roaming upper spend cap.

Initially you will receive the €50 (ex. VAT) spend cap notification and if you continue to use past this spend cap you'll then receive the upper spend cap message. This spend cap will apply to your billing period if you are a bill pay customer.


What happens when I reach my data spend cap?

When you reach the spend cap, you will be barred from roaming, unless you have already chosen to extend past the cap. You can choose to extend past the cap at any time and instructions will be included in your notification messages.

If you choose not to extend past the cap you will remain barred for the remainder of the billing period.


Will data spend caps be applied outside of the EU?

Yes. We have implemented the spend caps and notifications across the board for simplicity and to give you a consistent user experience. So, regardless of where you travel outside of the Republic of Ireland the relevant spend cap will be applied to your account for data roaming usage.

Can I use my phone if I'm barred from data roaming?

Yes you can. You can still use your phone to make and receive calls and to send and receive text messages. And if you are using a modem you will still be able to send and receive text messages.
Need help?

Simply phone 1907

If you need support from abroad call +353 1203 7210

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