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Broadband Speed

13 Best Broadband Speed Test Tools for Ireland in 2020

Luke Bastin 

Vodafone Content Team


When it comes to broadband in the home and in the office, speed is one of the most important things for many people. It can be so frustrating when your favourite shows or movies freeze or buffer every few minutes.

Downloading large files simply is not feasible in many cases. And it is not just movie watchers streaming who suffer: poor broadband connection speeds take the fun out of gaming without a car being raced or a single mission being completed..

Unfortunately, Ireland’s current infrastructure means that broadband speeds vary a lot depending on your internet service provider, where you live, and several other factors.

In many cases, improvements to speed can be made. So what can you do when you want to identify the problems and fix them?

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One of the first steps you can take is to check what your connections speeds actually are. There are many online speed test tools designed to help you do this

But speed test tools have a problem: they all return such different scores!

In many cases, this makes matters more confusing. How do you know which scores to trust? Why they are so different?

The page you are reading right now is designed to show you a number of reliable free third party broadband speed test checkers;

We did the research, so you do not have to. Here they are:

Ireland’s Top Broadband Speed Test Tools

1. Measurement Lab (aka ‘M-Lab’ or ‘MLab’)

Measurement Lab is a global technology organization. It was founded by pioneers in Google, Princeton University’s PlanetLab and other internet stakeholders. It is dedicated to the open measurement of the internet through reliable, independent data.

Measurement Lab provides an open platform for researchers and other interested parties wanting to create and use internet measurement tools. This includes advanced data and around internet speeds and broadband speed in particular.

Recently, Measurement Lab partnered with Google. Google’s search engine now offers a free broadband speed test within online Google search results. The technology behind this testing tool is from MLab.

There is no ‘website’ or page on the internet which the Google version of this lives on. Unlike others in the list on this page, you need to perform a search in Google.

Just search ‘internet speed test’ and you should see this:

a screenshot of the MLabs broadband speed testing tool within Google Search

Hit the blue ‘Run Speed Test’ button and your test will run.

If this does not work, navigate here to open the MLab Speed Tool support documentation.

  • Benefits: This is a completely free test, like all the tools highlighted on this page. It is run by one of the most respected organizations in the world who specialize in internet data. It has Dublin and other Ireland servers which are used in the speed test tool.

  • Feedback: In general this is excellent. There have been some reports that the tool, and in particular the gaming “Stadia” version of its (Network Diagnostic Testing) NDT Tool, can return variable results. For example:

    • “I had a similar problem and my result was around 3-6 mbps even though my connection is of 50mbps. I checked again today and saw that the speed tests align with my actual speed.” (Source)

    • “Now I am getting 40+ mbps results on the stadia speedtest. I am pretty sure that it was an issue on there (sic) end because my internet speed did not show any signs of being around just 3mbps.” (Source)

    • “when I test the connection on their web page it shows 3.6 Mpbs... I then test my connection with OOKLA, and Stadia test which is performed by M Lab, this time on my laptop. Connected through wifi results are: OOKLA - 200, - 300, Stadia - 16. Connected through wired: OOKLA- 320, - 630 (no idea how), and Stadia - 21.” (Source)

    • “My ISP says Stadia internet speed test is not reliable because they don't use multi-thread something-something (sic). But that doesn't help me at all.” (Source)

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2. Speedtest.Net (provided by Ookla)

Ookla is another global leader in broadband performance analysis and intelligence.

It’s broadband speed test tool is one of the world's most respected. Ookla explains on its official website that its testing tool is “the most accurate way to measure internet performance as well as network diagnostics.”The company’s headquarters are situated in Seattle over in the US.  They have additional offices in Memphis, Tennessee and a European office in Dublin, Ireland.

  • Benefits: Like the MLab tool, this is a completely free test, like all the tools highlighted on this page. It is run by one of the most respected organizations in the world who specialize in internet data. It has numerous Dublin servers which can be used by Irish consumers looking to test local speeds as well as broadband connection and download speeds from global sites like Google, YouTube and Netflix..

  • Feedback: The feedback on this tool is very positive and extends to several years. Some extracts are below:

    • the #1 place to check on your internet speed and quality. this site accurately tells you what speeds your actual getting compared to what you are paying for. simple interface and gets the job done. great mobile app too. (Source)

    • It should be noted that for an accurate test, you should run it with a wired (ethernet) connection, not over wifi, which can cause extremely varied results. (Source)

    • It will be accurate only if you have no problems with your ISP. (Source)

    • said i had 20 ping but when i went to play a game it was in actuality 3000ms and unplayable. (Source)

  • Link to the Tool: Instant Access Here

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This broadband speed testing tool is very useful for people in Ireland who need speeds which enable streaming. The service is provided by Netflix, the streaming service. The test is compatible as a broadband speed diagnostic tool with thousands of internet-connected devices.

The tool provides a very fast measurement of your broadband download speed.  There is an option to find “more information” once the test has been run. The extra information includes upload speeds and latency. Finally, there is an app to measure Android and IOS devices.

  • Benefits: for many individuals and families in Ireland, streaming difficulties can be commonplace. This is especially the case in rural areas or at peak times. this speed testing tool is simple to use and it provides accurate broadband streaming speeds.

  • Feedback: This tool has been praised for its ease of use and suitability for Irish consumers looking to test their broadband speeds for streaming video. Some examples of what we found are below:

    • there's no ads and it's super simple to use. (Source)

    • I use so I can see speeds of the data I use. (Source)

    • is showing you how fast your video throttle is, whereas is showing you your speed for everything not video. (Source)

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4. SpeedOf.Me was created at the end of 2011. Website owners claim that their broadband speed test checker was the first HTML5 broadband online speed test tool. HTML5 speed test checkers are preferable to Flash based solutions in many cases because they make use of key technology in the browser. Because they do not rely on other plugin based technologies, download, upload, and latency measurements are more accurate.

The tool has a simple and impressive user interface. has servers in London, Paris, and many others worldwide, but none in Ireland.

  • Benefits: A simple and visually impressive user interface. If you are streaming where there servers are, or accessing sites there, then the tool should provide fairly accurate measurement. However, if you mainly read or access local websites then the lack of Dublin servers may skew the data you see.

  • Feedback: This site has also got impressive online reviews and feedback. Some examples are below:

    • Yeah, it [is] a great web site (sic). (Source)

    • traditional bandwidth tests use Flash and Java to do their testing, [but] SpeedOf.Me does not. Instead, SpeedOf.Me tests bandwidth directly from the browser via HTML5. (Source)

    • Try or They're based on HTML5 and some ISPs deliberately throttle Speedtest. (Source)

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5. TestMy.Net

This broadband speed testing tool was developed in 1996. It has therefore been available and providing broadband speed test services for longer than any of the other tools on this list. The speed checker is very user-friendly and it works in most of the commonly used web browsers.

It is a HTML5 tool and does not require Java plugins to operate. This means that TestMy.Net produces more accurate scores and measurements.

An attractive feature of this tool is its benchmarking data. It is possible to compare the broadband speed results you get with similar users in your vicinity, or other customers using the same internet service provider.

  • Benefits: Good information, no reliance on Flash technology or other plugins, benchmarking data not contained in other tools.

  • Feedback: The ability to benchmark results is something which many consumers across the world really like about this tool. Some examples of the feedback we found are:

    • All the statistics provided by are 100% human-readable, meaning you don't need to compare charts and graphs to understand how your speeds rank. (Source)

    • I was able to see at what percentage faster or slower my bandwidth was than the average user of my service provider as well as the average user in my country. (Source)

    • By far the best Speed Test for PS4, more accurate than (Source)

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6. Bandwidth Place

Bandwidth Place Is a US based website dedicated to broadband information. This includes:

  • News,
  • Broadband availability maps,
  • Lists of broadband and other internet providers,
  • US based internet service providers,
  • Speed test page

The speed test evaluation tool on the site is visually appealing and very easy to use:

  • Benefits: The interface is very impressive and the results populate in an exciting graphic. There is a variety of servers to choose from. The tool can also choose a server automatically based on your location. The tool does not rely on any Java or Flash technology which can impair the accuracy of results.

  • Feedback: Gamers using PS4s have good feedback on this tool. Others using PCs have positive feedback, although some users have experienced inconsistent measurement. Some examples of what we found include:

    • the PS4 browser is outdated on things like java/flash so here's a site you can test your true speeds on. (Source)

    • will give you a good idea at what your pc actually gets for upload/download. (Source)

    • The speed is reported was half that from the other sites. From a forum at, it looks like it is a common complaint. (Source)

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7. Speakeasy Speed Test

Speakeasy is an internet testing tool provided by the US company MegaPath

MegaPath is a Fusion company founded in 1996, and based in California. The company is a telecommunications business focusing on high growth cloud and integrated communications services. The group offers a free broadband speed testing tool.

  • Benefits: The tool has a very simple and attractive graphical interface. The tests are quick. If you are planning to run a series of tests over time, then you can save your broadband speed scores or download them so that you have a record.
  • Feedback: We found a range of praiseworthy comments on this tool. For example:

    • takes about 3.3 seconds to load on average, and the duration of the test runs around 37 seconds, both of which are comparable to most other popular speed tests. (Source)

    • reliable and accurate data when it comes to download and upload speeds. (Source)

    • anyone with an account can keep track of their speeds over time, and across multiple test locations. (Source)

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8. Speed Test

This is a website dedicated to Ireland home broadband services. The site is a comparison site. It helps consumers in Ireland to find and evaluate broadband internet packages. The site includes a range of different providers.

The site also contains a broadband speed checking tool which can be used for free online.

  • Benefits: The site links its speed testing tool to broadband internet deals. This is helpful if you want to switch provider or research broadband packages.

  • Feedback: We found very little feedback on the tool online, but we tested it ourselves and it is user friendly. The dashboard in this tool, and the options available, are a little more complex than some of the other broadband speed test tools.

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9. TechRadar’s Broadband Speed Tool

TechRadar is a UK based IT website with a speed test tool focusing on specific international markets. It has editorial teams in offices within the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and India. The main focus of the website is to give news and independent reviews for technical products such as:

  • phones, 
  • tablets, 
  • laptops,
  • CarTech,
  • gaming solutions.

The site has recently developed and released an online broadband speed testing tool.

  • Benefits: The test is quick and easy. It provides upload speeds, download speeds and ping measurements. There is an advertisement to a UK based deal when the UK edition of the site is utilised for the test but, unlike some other tools, this is very unobtrusive.

  • Feedback: there is comparatively little online feedback for this tool. This is probably because it is relatively new. We tested in ourselves to check upload speed and download speeds. It did a good job and it seems quite simple to use.

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10. DSL Reports Speed Test

DSL Reports is an established website dedicated to internet service provider reviews, news and technical information. Initially, it was a niche website whose aim was to share reviews of small internet service providers. The website was established in 1999 as a neutral information sharing resource in New York.

It has an established and reliable broadband speed testing tool. Like the other tools in this list, it is freely available online.

  • Benefits: The tool is established and highly regarded. It is independent from any internet service providers.
  • Feedback: The site has received high praise across the software community. That said, it is very user friendly for Irish consumers as well. Some of the feedback we found includes:

    • reported to have the most comprehensive package of internet and connection testing tools available. (Source)

    • been coming to this site for years. 101% trusted site. (Source)

    • Really good site. It has a bunch of tools to check the speed of network connectivity. It also has other tools that lets you tweak your computer to get the most optimal network speed. Other features include, line quality tests, VOIP bandwidth tests, user reviews on various broadband services etc. (Source)

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11. Vodafone Broadband Speed Test Checker

Vodafone Ireland has its own speed test tool.

We commissioned this tool with Ookla to provide a number of things:

  • Dublin servers;
  • Reliability;
  • Independent data, and;
  • unrivalled experience in the field of broadband testing.

The tool is simple to use and freely available online.

It provides information on upload speeds, download speeds and ping time.

  • Benefits: This tool offers Irish servers and a freely available local or international broadband speed testing environment.

  • Feedback: Our tool is new and there is therefore little published feedback to date. However, it is built using the same technology as the Ookla testing tool and it is therefore one of the leading broadband speed test checkers available to Irish consumers.

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12. is one of Ireland's leading broadband price comparison websites. It compares internet service providers, quality of service, local availability, as well as price and individual packages.

The information provided is typically very up-to-date and easy to read. on their website they have developed a broadband speed checker.

  • Benefits: The site uses its own Irish servers to perform the test. For local broadband speeds the results are therefore fairly accurate.

  • Feedback: There is relatively little feedback on this tool online. We tested it and found it worthy of inclusion on this list because of its ease of use and applicability to Irish consumers. There is a fair amount of information needed from you before you can run the test. To see you results you will have to supply an email address. It is therefore a little less user friendly and a little more involved than some of the other tools available.

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13. Meter.Net

This company provides both an App and a website. Both tools help people measure their broadband speeds. The developers have been in the internet speed testing space since 2001 and have a good reputation.

  • Benefits: An established and advanced tool, with numerous UK and global servers from which to select. The tool gives comprehensive reporting on broadband speed. Benchmarking information is provided based on the server selected. Multiple servers can be used to simulate ‘real’ experience if desired. Results can also be shared easily via social media, email or just a simple link.

  • Feedback: Feedback was especially positive for the App. For example:

    • It's fast, it is accurate. Doesn't blow a bunch of ads in my face. That makes it really good. (Source)

    • doesn't invade privacy like other speed test apps and immediately does the job without hassle. thank you! (Source)

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Comparison table

Broadband Speed Test Tools in 2019: A Comparison
Speed Test Provider Ireland Servers? Includes Upload and Download Speeds? Includes Ping/Latency? User Friendly?
1. Measurement Lab (‘M-Lab’ / ‘MLab’)
2. (Ookla)
3. (Netflix)
5. TestMy.Net
6. Bandwidth Place
7. SpeakEasy Speed Test
8. Compare Broadband
9. TechRadar
10. DSL Reports
11. Vodafone Speed Test Checker
13. Meter.Net

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As you can see from the list above, there is a wide range of speed testing tools. There are several excellent options which are completely free to use and which return good results. Depending on how you are intending to use your broadband at home, some tools may be more suitable for you. For example, if you intend to stream movies frequently, then Netflix’s Fast tool will be a good tool for you to consult.

On the other hand, if you browse predominantly local static websites then you will want to check out the tools with local servers.

These tools are best used in two specific ways. Firstly, use a range of tools to find patterms rather than relying on speed test results from one tool. If four of the tools on this list are all saying that your upload speeds are slow, for example, then this is a clear pattern you can act on. Secondly, compare results from the same tool over time. You might find that differences occur at specific times of the day or at weekends. Again, this is important information you can track and act on.

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