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Fibre Broadband on Vodafone IE

Vodafone Fibre Broadband from only €35 per month

Ireland's best fibre optic broadband. Only available online

  • 12 month
  • Best price
  • Award

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For this address we only have our base offers . You can improve the research inserting your broadband ID or Phone number.

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Get unlimited home fibre broadband - perfect for Netflix, gaming and streaming

Vodafone broadband package deals

Only available when you buy online!

Vodafone fibre optic broadband

Switch to Vodafone Broadband today from €35 per month for the first 12 months when you buy online. Terms apply.

  • Unlimited broadband downloads

  • The best download speeds available at your address

  • Free installation*

  • 12 month contracts

Offers for new Vodafone Home customers. See terms and conditions or our out of bundle charges
(*) Depending on geographic location

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Check which fibre broadband package is available to your home

Switch to fibre optic broadband today!

Speed, reliability and zero buffering are everything when it comes to home fibre broadband in Ireland.

Our Fibre Broadband package is an unlimited home broadband offer. It is ideal for families, professionals and anyone in cities or rural areas who wants blazing fibre broadband internet speeds up to 1Gb.

Do you spend time on YouTube, Twitch or Vimeo? Maybe you or your family prefer Netflix and Spotify? You might even be on SoundCloud a lot. For many families it is all of the above! 

Whatever your broadband needs, we have you covered. Our fibre optic broadband packages are great for:

  • streaming movies fast on Netflix

  • Watching videos on YouTube

  • downloading music and other multimedia files

  • Uploading large files in milliseconds

  • Family and other multi-device usage


Prefer to talk with someone?

Give us a call to order on 1800 927 168

What's so different about Fibre Broadband?

Lightning Fast Speed

Speeds of up to 1,000 megabits a second so you need never worry about slow internet again. Gigabit speed is the ultimate online experience

A new kind of internet

Fibre optic cable to the home (FTTH) or the nearest exchange (FTTC). Both fibre-to-the-home and fibre-to-the-cabinet are a massive upgrade on standard broadband

Never miss a moment

Broadband reliability and high performance at last. Our residential connections and unrivaled network bring multi-device reliability and unlimited usage in your area

Free Modem

Our Gigabox modem offers faster download and upload speeds, extended range in your home and a smart Wi-Fi solution with the new Gigabox app

Our great home Fibre Broadband wins awards

Our great Home Broadband wins awards

We’re thrilled to have won a number of awards already this year, including Switcher Best Broadband Provider 2021 and Switcher Best Value Broadband Provider 2021. Join our award-winning broadband today.

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Switcher Best Broadband Provider Winners Crest 2021
Switcher Best Value Broadband Provider Winners Crest 2021
Switcher Best Broadband Technical Support Winners Crest 2021
Switcher Best Customer Service Winners Crest 2021

Download and stream with the fastest broadband available

With speeds up to 1000Mbps, our fibre broadband lets you download in seconds and stream instantly. 

The graphic indicates how fast you could download or stream a high definition movie with our 1000Mbps and 100Mbps connection speeds.

 34 seconds at 1000Mbps

 5 minutes and 43 seconds at 100Mbps

Check your broadband availability

Why not add TV?

Enjoy more than 80 channels plus Premium add-ons like Sky Sports, Premier Sports, BT Sport or Sky Cinema.

Find out more

NEW Gigabox modem and app

Experience Wi-Fi in your home like never before with the brand new Vodafone Gigabox modem. The Gigabox is Ireland’s most powerful residential modem, supporting our Fibre Broadband speeds of up to 1000Mbps. With the extended range enabled by the modem, fibre optic braodband customers will enjoy a better signal throughout their home. The new Vodafone Gigabox App is a smart Wi-Fi solution that allows you to take control of your Wi-Fi through your mobile.

Painless and simple set up

Pick the time that suits you

Make an installation appointment that suits you. Give us more than three days notice and we can even do a fibre broadband pre-installation check to make sure we don't waste your time.

Quick and easy installation

Our engineer will set you up in hours. It helps if you think about where you want the modem to go. And if you're not there yourself make sure someone over 18 who knows what you want is home. 

A service you can rely on

We want to make installation as painless as possible. Our engineer will have everything you need to get going. Our aim is to get it right there and then so you can focus on the important stuff.

Frequently asked questions

What is Fibre Broadband?

Fibre Broadband is the brand name for Vodafone's award winning fibre (sometimes spelt "fiber") optic broadband service. We deliver lightning fast broadband to homes and businesses using our fibre optic cable network.

Who provides the best fibre optic broadband in Ireland?

There are different fibre broadband providers in Ireland, although not every provider is available to every residential and business address. We believe that our Fibre Broadband solution is the best because of:

  • our network availability
  • the price
  • multi-device reliability when streaming Netflix and other multimedia
  • painless set up and
  • speed 

How does Fibre Optic Broadband Work?

Fibre optic broadband involves the use of underground fibre optic cables. The broadband connection extends either completely or partly to residential and commercial property via this underground cable network. Fibre optic cables are significantly faster than older copper wire technology.

When considering fibre optic broadband, there are different types depending on whether the fibre optic cabling can be extended completely to your property or not. 

When the fibre optic cabling can be extended fully to the property, this is called a fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) connection. Sometimes you might read or hear the terms 'fibre-to-the-premises' (FTTP) and 'fibre-to-the-building' (FTTB). These terms all mean the same thing. Fibre-to-the-home connections are the most reliable and fast broadband connections available in Ireland.

For various reasons, sometimes it is not feasible to extend fibre optic cabling all the way to a property. What is usually possible in these cases is a fibre-to-the-cabinet (or FTTC) connection. Fibre-to-the-cabinet connections are very common throughout Ireland, both in cities and rural areas. With fibre-to-the-cabinet connections, fibre optic cables deliver the broadband service to the nearest 'cabinet' or exchange. Copper wiring then completes the service from the cabinet or exchange to the property.

Copper cabling is an older technology. Fibre-to-the-cabinet connections are therefore not as fast as fibre-to-the-home connections. That said, significant broadband speed can still be enjoyed. This is especially true if the property is located close to the cabinet.


How is Fibre Broadband different from ‘normal’ broadband?

When internet service providers talk about standard broadband or even just 'broadband', sometimes they are referring to broadband based on copper cable.

This type of broadband is an older technology. It makes use of the infrastructure which was already in place for telephone lines and it is sometimes referred to as an ADSL broadband connection or 'ADSL internet'. 

Fibre broadband is fundamentally different. Instead of copper cabling, fibre optic cabling is used to make either part or all of the broadband connection.


How is fibre broadband better than standard broadband?

There are a number of ways that fibre optic broadband is superior to standard broadband.

Firstly, there is speed. Fibre broadband is much faster.

Fibre broadband is also more reliable: broadband delivered through phone lines can be affected by radio 'interference' from household boilers or heaters as well as electronic devices like mobile phones and televisions. The interference can cause the connection to slow down or cut out intermittently. With fibre broadband there is no such interference.

Finally, traditional broadband services pool bandwidth. In other words, if people using the same exchange as you are streaming movies or downloading lots of files this will impact your broadband speed. In contrast, fibre-to-the-home connections mean that you are not sharing your internet bandwidth with anyone else.


How fast is fibre broadband?

Ireland has infrastrure enabling speeds up to 1GB (often called a 'Gigabit' or 'Gigabit speed'). This equates to 1,000Mbps and it can be achieved with fibre-to-the-home connections.

Other fibre optic broadband connections such as fibre-to-the-cabinet are usually more than fast enough for families and households with multidevice streaming needs.


Can I get fibre broadband where I live?

Fibre Broadband is available in most areas. But we do need you to go to our broadband availability checker first so that we can see if Fibre Broadband is available where you live.

Once we have confirmed Fibre Broadband is available where you live, you will be taken through our online checkout. You will need the following information to complete the online checkout:

  • You will need your IBAN banking number

  • If you already have broadband with another provider, we will also need

    • your UAN - the 8 digit code on your current broadband bills
    • The CRN number which is also often on your broadband bills
    • If your type of broadband does not have a CRN number, then we will need your landline number instead

I do not have a landline. Can I get fibre broadband?

Fibre optic broadband is not reliant on the property having an active landline. You can therefore get Fibre Broadband even if you do not have a phone.

How can I get Fibre Broadband?

As a first step, we need you to go to our broadband availability checker so that we can see if fibre optic broadband is available where you live.

Once we have confirmed we can supply Fibre Broadband where you live, you will be taken through to our online checkout. You will need the following information to complete the online checkout:

  • You will need your IBAN banking number

  • If you already have broadband with another provider, we will also need

    • your UAN - the 8 digit code on your current broadband bills
    • The CRN number which is also often on your broadband bills
    • If your type of broadband does not have a CRN number, then we will need your landline number instead

Get answers to all your broadband questions

Use our broadband support hub to check our frequently asked questions or chat with an agent.

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