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Mobile Broadband

What is Mobile Broadband?

Mobile broadband allows you to connect your smartphone or laptop wirelessly to the internet, without the need for a fixed landline.

How do you top up a Mobile broadband device and purchase a bundle?

1. In order for you to browse the internet, you need to connect your device to the mobile Wi-Fi device. You can do this through the Wi-Fi/network settings on your device. The Password to connect to the internet is found on the device, inside the back cover.

2. Once the Wi-Fi device is connected to your device go to http://vodafonemobile.wifi. This link will then bring you to the Vodafone dashboard which allows you login to the configuration screen.

3. Login to the configuration screen using the default password “admin”.

4. Once you have logged in select the option “Account”.
5. Here you will be able to view your current balance, top up, account details etc.
6. The Top Up option will allow you to use a voucher or go online to top up as well as purchase any add ons.
7. Once the data bundle is purchased you will have the ability to surf the web. Please Note:  If you do not purchase the data bundle you will be charged at a rate of 19c per megabyte.

How can I check my Mobile Broadband credit and add on balance?

Each time you connect to the internet using your modem, your account balance will appear in a popup window from your modem dashboard.

·       Your main account balance will display in euro and cent

·       Your broadband add on balance will display in MB remaining, along with the expiry date.

You can check your balance at any time by choosing Check balance on your dashboard. The response may take up to 30 seconds to appear.

You can also check your account balance by registering your modem details on My Vodafone.

What Mobile Broadband add ons and top ups are available?

Mobile Broadband Top Up offer

·       Monthly top up offer: €20 every 28 days / 7.5GB monthly allowance 

All you need to do is opt in by texting MBB to 50222 once and then top up by €20. Once opted in and you top up every month by €20, you will receive 7.5GB.

With this top up offer, you will have your allocation straight away and there is no need to worry about your credit being used by mistake.


Mobile Broadband Add Ons

Before you buy an add on, you need to top up your Pay as you go broadband SIM. Once you've topped up go to 'Buy add on' and select from one of the following:

·       Daily add on: €3 per day / 500MB daily allowance*

·       Weekly add on: €10 per week / 2GB weekly allowance

*Valid until midnight the following day.


Buying a broadband data add on

·       In your modem dashboard, go to ‘Buy add on’ and choose a daily, weekly add on.

·       The cost of the add on is taken directly from your Pay as you go credit balance

·       You'll receive a text confirming your purchase

·       Disconnect and restart your internet session for your new add on rate to take effect.

·       If you don't restart your session, you will continue to be charged the default rate of 19c per MB.

You can also buy broadband add ons online at My Vodafone.

Why should I buy an add on or top up offer?

Buying an add on or top up offer lets you get the best value from Pay as you go broadband, so your credit goes a lot further. If you don’t buy an add on or top up offer, you’ll be charged the default rate of 19c per megabyte when you go online. With a top up offer you will have your allocation straight away and there is no need to worry about your credit being used by mistake.

Here’s the difference:

·       If you top up by €20 and don’t buy an add on, you will only get 105MB of data usage before your credit runs out

·       If you use that €20 credit to buy a top up offer, you’ll get 7.5GB of data for 28 days!

Exactly how long are add ons valid?

Add-ons are valid for the following durations...

·       Daily: From time of purchase to midnight the following day.

·       Weekly: From time of purchase to midnight 7 days later.

·       Monthly: From time of purchase to midnight 28 days later.

How to register your Mobile Wi-Fi to receive free credit

To register the device you need to click the following link https://vodafonemobile.wifi and follow the below process in order to get your free credit.

1.     Select the option “Account” and the sub option “Account details”.

2.     Then you select the option to register. This will open a new window and prompt you to enter your mobile number of your device. A password will then be sent to your device via SMS.
3.     This SMS can be located through the SMS option. This option is located on the mobile Wi-Fi dashboard.
4. You must then return to the other window and enter the 4 digit password. Then you must create your own password.
5. You then need to fill in your personal details along with the IMEI of the MiFi device. Please ensure the IMEI is entered correctly to receive correct amount of registration credit. The IMEI is found on both the box and under the cover of the device. Once this is done the registration process is complete. You will then receive your registration credit and you can now purchase the top up data bundle bundle required.

Can I roam with my Mobile Broadband device?

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