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Broadband Voice

What is Broadband Voice?

Broadband Voice is a technology which enables Vodafone to provide the customers voice service over their fixed broadband/internet. You will no longer use your normal landline when making / receiving calls.

You are required to plug your phone directly into your modem.

How do I set up Broadband Voice?

Below are a few simple steps to help you set up your Vodafone Broadband Voice services.

1. Once active the voice LED light on your modem will flash green. If the voice LED light is flashing red/amber you will need to restart your modem and wait 5 minutes until the light turns green.

2. To use your voice service, you will need to unplug your phone cable from your telephone socket and place the cable into the 'Phone 1' slot at the back of your Vodafone Broadband modem.

3. If this requires you to move your phone, then we would recommend that you use a cordless (DECT) handset.

4. If you ordered voicemail as part of your services, you can access this feature by dialling 171. By now you will have received you voicemail PIN by text. For security reasons you will need to reset your PIN when you first access your voicemail.

5. To set up any additional call services, for example call answering or outgoing call barring, please visit My Vodafone at Home and choose the Voice Services option. Please note, you will need your Customer Number, CRN or Landline Number to register - these details can be found at the top of your latest bill. 

I'm having trouble with my Broadband Voice

Having trouble with your Broadband Voice?

Why not try chat to our Virtual Assistant - Tobi. She can help up with the issues you are having.

What type of Broadband do I need to avail of the Broadband Voice service?

You must have “Fibre” or “Lightspeed” broadband to avail of Broadband Voice

How does Broadband Voice benefit me?

Broadband voice has a number key benefits:

  1. Call Twinning – this allows you to enable calls received on your landline to also receive on your mobile at same time (diverts can cost 25c per divert).
  2. Quicker & easier switching / connecting process – Once BB is active voice will activate there after.
  3. Improved customer care - Vodafone have more control in the event of an outage or service issue as Vodafone now own the broadband voice product.
  4. 24 Hour/ 7 Day Quality Monitoring of calls.

What will happen to my existing landline number if I move to Broadband Voice?

You can keep your current landline number if you move to Broadband Voice.

Will my existing landline services be impacted if I move to Broadband Voice?

Broadband Voice service does not support existing line dependent services such as, but not limited to;

  1. Some monitored alarm or panic/assistance button/service 
  2. Fax Line 
  3. Sky Box pre 2008 
  4. Any service that relies on the use of an analogue modem connection (dial up equipment)

How will my Broadband Voice services be impacted during outages?

Services will be unavailable during electricity or broadband service outages as the voice service is provided through the Broadband, the same as  other fixed providers in Ireland

What type of handset will I require for Broadband Voice?

You will require a DECT (cordless phone) phone that can be connected into the “phone1” port in the back of the fibre modem

What Call Management Services can a I get on my Broadband Voice service?

The following Call Management Services are available on Broadband Voice.

  1. Call Forwarding
  2. Call Twinning
  3. Call Barring
  4. Voicemail

To access these services, please register for Vodafone At Home Self-Care using your Customer Account Number then choose the Voice Services option in Vodafone At Home Services.

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