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What is Vodafone HomeView?

Vodafone Home

View is a video monitoring solution for Vodafone at Home broadband customers. It allows you to monitor your home or office by using LiveView or by receiving instant text and email alerts based on motion detected by the camera.

Once you register for your HomeView online account you will be able to set up, manage and access LiveView & recorded videos. You can also access your HomeView account using a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

What is included with Vodafone HomeView?

Vodafone HomeView offers a number of security features to help protect your home:

  • Augmented home alarm, great for when you're away for extended periods
  • Significantly cheaper home monitoring system
  • Easy to install and easy to manage
  • Cloud based storage and management
  • Optimised for Smartphone’s and tablets
  • High quality full colour video with audio storage and streaming
  • Real time access from anywhere in the world
  • Alerting: movement sensors in the camera instantly email snapshots, and/or SMS, when motion is detected

Get more information on Vodafone HomeView, including how to order online.

What do I need before I can order Vodafone HomeView?

Before you can purchase Vodafone HomeView make sure to check the following:

  • You must have a Vodafone At Home account.
  • You must sign up to a new 12 month home broadband contract.
  • HomeView will only work while your broadband is powered on.

How do I activate Vodafone HomeView?

Each HomeView pack will contain 1 camera (with wall mounting), 1 DSL cable, 1 power cable and a quick starter guide. You will need to follow the quick start guide to set up Vodafone HomeView. Below are the key steps to help you get started:

  • Connect the camera to your broadband router.
  • The camera must always be plugged in using the power cable.
  • Register your camera at As part of the registration process you will be instructed how to link the connect your camera to the WiFi. This will give you the flexibility to position the camera in a suitable location.
  • You should then position the camera to face the area the wish to monitor.
  • Finally, you can set up the motion detection settings for the camera online using 'Camera Manager'. This allows you to set the motion sensitivity, the motion detection schedule and alerts.

I can't set up my HomeView camera - what should I do?

If you're having trouble with Vodafone HomeView call 1907, option 2, from technical support.

Do I have to sign a contract to get HomeView?

When you order HomeView you will automatically be renewing your Vodafone At Home contract for another 12 months.

Learn more about Vodafone HomeView terms & conditions

How to set up my HomeView camera?

All set up instructions are contained in a simple to follow guide that comes with your HomeView pack. You just need to follow the 4 easy steps and your camera will be ready to use in any location you desire. If you have tried these steps and it's still not working you can call 1907, option 2, to speak with our technical support team.

Can I get HomeView if I don't have broadband?

No, you must have Vodafone At Home broadband in order to purchase HomeView. HomeView will not support broadband provided by other operators.

Can I get HomeView if I have broadband with another provder?

No. Vodafone HomeView will only work if you have Vodafone At Home broadband.

Will LiveView & alerts work if my modem is switched off?

No. HomeView alerts and LiveView will only work when your home broadband is switched on and working. Alerts and LiveView will commence once your broadband is back on as it automatically connects back to your WiFi.

Can I customise my HomeView alerts?

This could be due to the motion detection sensitivity settings. Motion detection sensitivity is the level of difference between the current image and the previous image. Login to your HomeView account and click 'Camera Manager' and then click on 'Motion detection setup'. Here you can adjust the camera motion detection sensitivity.

If you get too many detections move the slider towards larger movements, if you get too few move the slider towards small movements. The best procedure to setup motion sensitivity is having someone walk in front of the camera while adjusting the settings until your feel you are getting the required results.

Why is Vodafone LiveView breaking up and slow?

It is possible that your broadband speed while away from home is too slow for LiveView. This will not impact your alerts or recordings but you can return the product within 14 days with no quibble and receive a full refund (see HomeView terms & conditions).

Why is my Vodafone HomeView camera blinking red?

This can occur when there is a connection failure. Check if your WiFi network is working on your computer. The Vodaofne HomeView may be out of WiFi range. Try to test monitor closer to your broadband router or use the network cable. Try to power your Vodafone HomeView off for ten seconds and power it on again.

How can I view previous HomeView recordings?

Login to your Vodafone HomeView account. Click on 'Video Archive' and then select the camera from the 'Camera List'. Now select the year and month you want to view, and then choose the hour. This will show you all the events that occurred during this time.

I'm getting an error when adding a second HomeView camera?

It could be due to one of the following:

  • Camera is unknown to us (you can only connect a Vodafone HomeView camera)
  • Your account isn't set up for multiple cameras - call 1907, option 2, to speak with our tech support team

How can I watch HomeView live images on my smartphone?

Go to on your mobile internet browser. Enter your username and password. Click the OK button to login to your Vodafone HomeView account. Now select a camera from the list to view the live picture.

Why is there a delay on the LiveView video stream?

HomeView is a cloud based solution, using internet based servers for storing and processing video from your camera. This sometimes gives up to 60 seconds delay on the video, when live viewing your camera

How far from my router can I put my HomeView camera?

WiFi networks have limited range. Depending on obstructions and interference in the surrounding area the WiFi range can vary. We recommend that you place your Vodafone HomeView camera at a max distance of 20 meters from your broadband router. If camera needs to be placed outside your router’s WiFi range you can use a WiFi extender or connect the camera via a network cable.

Why can't I create a HomeView account on my smartphone?

The HomeView registration process is not supported on smartphones; you need to use a computer to create the account. After creating your account all other functionality will be available on your smartphone.

Why do I get "server not found" error message?

Firewall policies used on some secure corporate networks can impact the performance of Vodafone HomeView. This sometimes results in a “Server not found” error message. If you get this error try to refresh the web pages in your browser, if the problem persists contact your network administrator for further assistance.

How do I remove a HomeView camera from my account?

To remove a HomeView camera from your account just log in to your account, go to camera manager and click on the delete button.

How do I reset my HomeView camera?

There is a reset button located on the right side of the camera. This button reverts the camera back to its original settings and may be required from time to time if the camera is not functioning correctly.

While powered on, press and hold for 2 seconds with a paper clip or similar until the LED blinks once.

Can I upgrade / downgrade my HomeView account?

You can upgrade from HomeView to HomeView Plus. If you do decide to upgrade, you are then required to re-contract your broadband for an extra 12 months.

You can downgrade to HomeView from HomeView Plus. You will need to cancel the camera that you do not wish to use from your HomeView account.

How do I cancel Vodafone HomeView?

To request a cancellation of HomeView call 1907 and choose option 2.

Are there charges if I cancel Vodafone HomeView?

No. There are no termination charges directly related to HomeView. However, when you sign up to HomeView you are agreeing to extend your broadband contract for another 12 months. So, if you cancel HomeView only, there are no termination charges. However if you are canceling your broadband as well you will be liable for termination charges if you are within contract for your Broadband service.

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