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I'm having trouble with my modem

Having trouble with your broadband modem? Check here for solutions to some common problems.

The power lights are off

If your modem is plugged in and the power switch (usually at the back of the modem) is turned on, try turning the modem off and on again.

The LAN 10/100M light won't turn on

Check that the LAN cable is connected to the modem’s LAN 10/100 port, and make sure your computer network card is working properly. Not sure what cable or port this is? Check the setup instructions that came with your modem.

The DSL light won't turn on

Check that the DSL port is connected to the telephone socket using a standard telephone cable. Make sure the telephone socket is connected to the correct installation of ADSL Micro filters.

Still not working?

Why not try chat to our Virtual Assistant - Tobi

I can’t send email since moving to Vodafone broadband

If you use desktop email - like Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, or Thunderbird – you might find you can’t send mail after switching to Vodafone broadband (either home or mobile broadband). 

Don’t worry! A simple change of settings will sort things out.Can you browse the web and receive mail, but can’t send mail?

You need to change your email outgoing mail (SMTP) server to

Who do I contact if I am having technical difficulties?

If you're having technical difficulties, why not chat to our Virtual Assistant TOBi

You can contact our technical support team for any queries:

Call 1907 from your Vodafone mobile (normal charges apply), or Callsave 1850 99 51 33 from your landline or any other operator.


The guides on our forum may answer your technical questions as well.

Why is my broadband slower in the evenings?

Many subscribers share network connections: this is called a planning ratio. There are planning ratios on all Vodafone At Home broadband packages, which let us manage our networks efficiently and effectively.
Your download speed varies depending on the volume of traffic on your network when you're logged on. However, slow speed can happen for a number of reasons:

  • A large number of people are sharing the available bandwidth with you
  • The website you're does not have enough capacity for the number of visitors it is receiving
  • The performance of your computer and wireless network may be slow
  • The quality and length of your telephone line from the local telephone exchange may be slowing down your connection

You can get uncongested service, if you upgrade - free of charge - to our Enhanced Broadband (you must be in an exchange that allows this). We continue to roll out Enhanced Broadband over the country, allowing more exchanges and more uncongested service.

Why has my modem stopped working?

Can't get your modem to work?

First try checking through our Device Guides to see if your issue is covered there.

Further possibilities

It could be that there is some maintenance or upgrades being carried out on our network – to find out, give us a call on 1907.

You can also try chat to our Virtual Assistant TOBi for help.

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