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I received a high bill - why?

Check out this YouTube video to find out all you need to know about your bill. Also, we have answered some of your questions below.

  1. View your 'Quick Breakdown' - On page 1 of your bill, you will see your ‘Quick Breakdown' which gives all the details and costs of your plan as well as any extra add ons you may have. It also includes the total cost of any charges outside of your plan and add ons.

  2. View 'Call Details' - The next section of your bill is ‘Call Details’, which gives an individual breakdown of every call, text or data connection you’ve made throughout the month. If you’ve travelled outside the EU, made international calls, or used a lot of data, there may be some charges shown here.


Can you explain the charges on my bill?

Service charges - cover the monthly fees for your price plans and any Add Ons you buy. Service charges also cover other items such as mobiles you have bought or Vodafone Stay Mobile Insurance.

Usage charges - are the totals of all your calls, messages and data outside of your inclusive minutes and Add Ons.

Inclusive minutes - are the minutes that are included in your monthly price plan.

Change your Price plan & add ons when you sign into My Vodafone.


Why are there different dates for my service and usage charges?

We charge for your price plan in advance, but we can't do this for your calls, messages and data. So your service charges are for the month coming up and your usage charges are for the month just gone.


I don't recognise these numbers?

If you have used a Vodafone service it may appear as a number that you don't know. For example:

  1. 087 2292222 - Vodafone's mobile internet number
  2. 00353 87 699989 or 00353 87 699959 - these are the numbers for Vodafone's message centre. They appear when you send texts while abroad
  3. 51745 - this is Vodafone's Information Services number. You may see this number on your bill if you're subscribed to Vodafone Text Alerts.


How much are call charges on Vodafone bill pay price plans?

The best way to check your price plan and find out how much you’re being charged is to register your account on My Vodafone.

My Vodafone allows you to view details of your bills and to check or change your current price planLogin to My Vodafone to check your price plan and call rates now. Alternatively, you can find out more about current plans or Vodafone legacy plans in the shop section of our site.


Why is my first bill greater than my stated monthly charge?

The reason for this is that the first bill includes charges from when you joined, along with charges for one month in advance. All bills thereafter are charged for one month in advance and they should match up to the price you're expecting.


Why is my mobile bill higher than normal?

There are a few reasons why your bill may be higher than you expect:

  • A promotional offer may have ended
  • You may have ordered a new phone or accessories in the past month
  • Calls made abroad are often charged at a higher rate and may not be seen until your next bill
  • Increased usage may have meant you exceeded your allowance and received charges
  • You may have changed your price plan part way through the month. Manage your price plan & add ons


What period does my bill cover?

The dates of your charges will be clearly shown on your paper or e-bill. Line rental is usually paid in advance for the next month; whereas call charges are from the previous month. There may be times where calls go back further than a month but have only just reached your account. This is usually for calls made while you were abroad.


When does my monthly allowances refresh?

You can start using your new monthly allowance from the first day of your bill cycle - this is either the 7th, 14th, 21st or last day of the month, depending on when you joined Vodafone.


I’ve changed my monthly add ons - when will they activate?

Any changes you make to your plan or add ons come into effect from the start of your new bill cycle.

How do I remove a network lock from my phone?

You can unlock your phone by using our unlock code form. There are certain criteria that you must meet in order to be eligible to receive an unlock code, these are called out at the top of the page when you choose what type of customer you are.

Once you’ve filled out the form, the table below will advise how quickly you can expect to hear back.

Apple 3 Days
Alcatel 4 Days
Doro 7 Days
Nokia 7 Days
Huawei 7 Days
LG 7 Days
Blackberry 7 Days
Sony 7 Days
ZTE 7 Days
HTC 12 Days
Samsung 12 Days

How do I activate my new SIM card?

1. Dial 1907

If you're a Bill pay customer, you can activate your own SIM card by dialling 1907 from another phone and follow these steps. You will need your new sim card number and Self Service PIN to complete this task.

  1. Choose Option 1 for Mobile Services.
  2. Choose Option 3 for SIM Activation.
  3. Then Option 1 for SIM Activation.
  4. Enter your SIM Number and Self Service PIN.

2. Text 50005

Alternatively, if you have upgraded, you can text SIM followed by the below details to 50005. Your new SIM will be active within 1 hour.

  • Name
  • Number
  • New SIM card number
  • Old SIM card number OR 3 of your most frequently dialled numbers

When will I be eligible to upgrade my phone?

The best way to find out if you’re eligible for an upgrade is to check the ‘My Plan’ section in the My Vodafone App. If you’re not currently eligible for a standard upgrade, this section will tell you when your next upgrade date will be. Alternatively, check out our Upgrade Anytime offer if you’d like to get hold of a new handset without needing to wait.

The My Vodafone App is available in both iTunes and the Google Play Store.

I'm unable to browse certain sites on my phone, what can I do?

To protect our younger customers from accessing sites which may not be appropriate, we use a content filtering system to restrict these sites from being displayed (This may be shown in the address bar as: '').

As a Bill pay customer, you can change the content filtering settings at any time, through your My Vodafone account. Just log in and click 'Manage my details' and you can set your 'Content Access Profile' there.

My caller ID doesn't work?

For instructions on how to switch on your Caller ID, visit our Device Guides. Choose your device, go to 'Basic Use' and then 'Making Calls' and there is an instruction there called 'Turn your own caller identification on or off'.

If it still doesn’t work, then contact one of our agents on our Community for help.

How do I reset my Voicemail greeting?

To reset your Voicemail greeting, you will need to get in contact with one of our agents on our Community.

Your bill explained

Online Billing Explained

How do I opt into paperless billing?

To switch to paperless billing, simply log into My Vodafone and opt into paperless billing via the ‘choose how you receive your bill’ link.


Where can I view my bill online?

You can view your bill online via:

  1. My Vodafone App - iPhone customers can download from the iTunes Store and Android users from the Play Store. Login using your mobile number and password. Click the menu button on the left of the App home page and select ‘My bill’. Click ‘view bill summary’ and enter your pin. If you don’t know your pin please read this article.
  2. My Vodafone online - Login into your My Vodafone account using your mobile number and password. Select ‘My usage & bills’ and from the left hand navigation click ‘View my bill’ and enter your pin. If you don’t know your pin please read this article.


How will I know my online bill is ready so I can check it?

When your latest bill is available online, we will send you a notification text and email. Please ensure you have a valid email address recorded in your personal details on My Vodafone. You can check your email address here.


Can I print my bill?

Yes. To print your bill, follow these simple steps:

  • Login to My Vodafone
  • Select a bill and click View - you'll need the latest version of Adobe Reader
  • Roll over the bottom of the PDF bill to display more options
  • Click on the printer icon
  • Choose which pages you want to print and click Ok
  • Save a copy of your bill to your desktop and you can print it later

Please make sure that you have a printer setup and connected to your computer before you print your Vodafone bill.


How many bills are available to view on My Vodafone?

Bill pay customers can access their last 12 bills and 6 months of call details on My Vodafone.


Can I see my monthly call details online?

Login to My Vodafone to see your last 6 month's call details. You can also download a PDF version and print it later.

To view your call details go to ‘My usage & bills’ and select the bill you want to see call details for or ‘view usage since my last bill’.


What browsers can I analyse my bill in?

The following browsers are supported:

  • Firefox 26 and above
  • Chrome 31 and above
  • Safari 5-7
  • Internet Explorer 8-11

Cancellation & Final Bills Explained

Why have I received a bill after cancelling my phone?

This may be due to calls made since your previous bill was calculated which have only just reached our billing system. It may also include charges (or credits) against line rental which is paid a month in advance.


Can you explain my final bill?

When you cancel your Vodafone contract your last bill (called a 'termination bill') will cover all costs up to the day you leave Vodafone (line rental, calls, texts, data costs etc).

If you would like a copy of your final bill sent by post, please contact our chat team.

Roaming, Data & Out Of Bundle Bill Charges

How are roaming charges applied to my bill?

It depends. When you use your phone abroad your usage won't appear immediately on your account. In order for us to bill for roaming directly after you return home, we rely on foreign operators to send us details of calls made or data used on their network. This means that your roaming charges might not appear until a later bill. To avoid any shocking bills we recommend planning ahead - check out your roaming costs before you leave.


How much does it cost to use data on my phone?

When you sign up to one of our Vodafone Red Connect plans, a data allowance is automatically included so you can enjoy surfing the internet and using you favourite apps worry free while at home and in the EU. If you go over your allocated data allowance you will be charged out of plan charges. Find out more about data usage.


I have data charges on my phone bill at strange times?

Sometimes apps can run in the background on your phone to check for updates at certain intervals. e.g. facebook, twitter, email etc. Also, some apps constantly run in the background and reset around midnight. All this data usage will appear on your bill as one connection with a time stamp of around midnight.


What charges are not included in my monthly allowance?

To help you keep on top of your monthly charges please note these services are not included in your allowance. International calls and texts will only be included in your monthly allowance if your plan covers them or you have purchased an add on.

How and when can I receive my bill

Can I check my bill online?

Yes. You can view your bill via My Vodafone. When your latest bill is available online, we will send you a notification text and email. Please ensure you have a valid email address recorded in your personal details on My Vodafone. You can check your email address here.


Can I receive my bill by email?

Yes. We can send your bill to you by email in a password-protected file. Simply log into My Vodafone and select this option via the ‘choose how you receive your bill’ link.


When will the email with the PDF copy of my bill arrive?

You should receive your bill towards the end of the first week following your bill day. For example, if your bill day is Day 14 you should receive your bill before Day 21.


If I sign up to Email my bill will I still receive a paper bill?

Paper bills will no longer be posted.


Can I get a paper bill?

Yes. However, paperless billing is the preferred option. With paperless billing you have access to all of the same information that you receive in a paper bill as well as additional benefits:

  • Detailed analysis
  • Call details
  • Less paper waste
  • Account control
  • Names on bills not just numbers

Please note e-Bills are also valid for tax and accounts.

If you still wish to opt out of paperless billing, simply log into My Vodafone and select the option ‘Receive your bill by post’.


Can I download a copy of my bill in PDF Format?

Yes, whether or not you are registered for email my bill, you can download a copy of your bill in PDF format, from within the Analyse my Bills screens. Select the Bills tab and then click on the bill that you wish to view. Click the Download button to download a PDF copy of your bill.


Can I view or analyse bills that are more than 12 months old?

No, bills are only available for analysis or download for the previous 12 months.


I’ve mistakenly deleted the validation email with the link it in. What should I do now?

Check your deleted items folder to see if the email is still there. If so, click on the link within it. Otherwise, you will need to cancel the email my bill service and re-register so that a new link is sent to you.


How does emailing bill work with Red All In?

Each individual member of a Red All In Group is be able to sign up to receive their bills by email and can view analysis on their spend and usage under Analyse my Bill.

Other Billing FAQs

Can I carry over my remaining minutes to the next month?

No, unfortunately you won't be able to transfer any unused minutes, texts or data to the next month.


What does outside the scope of VAT mean?

There are two reasons why a transaction might be considered ‘Outside the Scope of VAT’;

  1. It is a charitable donation, which means it is not subject to any VAT.
  2. It is a transaction for which VAT has already been applied by the originating ‘Charge to Bill’ (C2B) Service Provider.

Paying Your Bill

How can I set up direct debit payments?

Setting up your direct debit is now easier than ever – just a few clicks and your done

How can I set up my direct debit?

There are 3 quick and easy ways you can set up payment by direct debit.

  1. Log into My Vodafone and enter in your International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and Bank Identifier Code (BIC).
  2. Call into your bank with your Vodafone customer number (its on the top of your bill – you can print a copy of your bill from here.)
  3. Call us on 1800 22 55 88, making sure you have your International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and Bank Identifier Code (BIC) to hand.

What benefits do I get?

Paying by direct debit provides benefits other payment methods can’t give, including:

  • Your payment is automatic – no need to go out of your way to pay your bill
  • Your payment is scheduled – so you know exactly when the payment will come out 
  • You can set up a direct debit against your credit card by calling 1850 22 55 88 
  • You can choose to see your bill online once you set up your direct debit – your bills are automatically stored  in your MyVodafone account and you can see the names of the people you called in the unbilled calls information.

How can I pay my mobile phone bill?

The quickest and easiest way to make a payment is Online:

It's quick and painless to set up Direct Debit via My Vodafone. To set-up Direct Debit online please login and complete the DD mandate form. Alternatively, you can make one-off payments (€5 or more) with your Credit or Debit card. Register your card and save time in the future!

If you have never accessed My Vodafone you can quickly register for My Vodafone here.

Other payment options:

PayPoint - Bring your Vodafone bill to any outlet where there is a PayPoint brand. The retailer will scan the bill into a payment terminal and issue a receipt. To use this service you must pay by cash only.

Post Office - Pay your bill by cash, debit card or cheque / postal order / bank draft (credit card not accepted). Retain your receipt for future reference.

By Post - Send a cheque / postal order / bank draft made payable to Vodafone Ltd. with your customer number on the back to Vodafone, PO Box 42, Clonakilty, Co. Cork.

Bank giro credit transfer - Complete the bank giro credit transfer form at the bottom of your Vodafone Account Statement and present it, along with the amount to be paid off your bill at any Bank / Building Society.

Banking Services - Bank of Ireland customers can register for 365 Online and use the 'Quick Transfer' to pay your bill. If you're with AIB you can set-up Internet banking and pay your Vodafone bill using 'Transfers & Payments'. Learn more about BOI Quick Transfer and AIB Transfer & Payments.

By Phone - Call our automated phone service on 1907 and follow these instructions to make a payment:

  1. Select 1 for ‘Mobile & Mobile Broadband Services’ then
  2. Select 1 for Billing, Price Plans & Make a payment then
  3. Select 2 for Make a payment

Note: when checking your online balance for receipt of payment, it can take up to 5 working days for payment to clear. Direct Debit customers will see the date of payment printed on your Vodafone bill.

Can I change my direct debit details online?

Yes, login to your account using your mobile number, password and self service PIN and you can then edit your payment method.

I'm having trouble paying my bill online

If you are having problems making a payment online you can call our automated phone service on 1907 to pay by Credit or Debit Card. When you dial please follow these steps:

  1. Select 1 for ‘Mobile & Mobile Broadband Services’ then
  2. Select 1 for Billing, Price Plans & Make a payment then
  3. Select 2 for Make a payment

My account has been barred - how can I make a payment?

To reactivate your account, you need to clear any outstanding balance on your Vodafone account. Call us on 1907 and follow these steps

  1. Choose Option 1 for Mobile
  2. Followed by Option 1 for billing and payments
  3. Followed by option 2 to pay with credit or debit card. 

Your service will be reactivated within 4 hours.

How do I know when my payment has been received?

The easiest way to check if your payment has been applied to your account is online:

Log into My Vodafone and within the ‘Usage & bills’ section check ‘your balance due’ to see if you payment has been applied. If you pay by Direct Debit you can see what date payment will be collected on your bill. If you have never accessed My Vodafone you can quickly register for My Vodafone here.

Please remember that any payment can take up to 5 working days to show on your account.

You can also dial 1907 to hear your outstanding balance via our automated phone service. Select option 1 to hear your balance.

How do I clear my balance after my account is closed?

The easiest way to pay if your account is now closed is by post. Send a cheque to the address below with a covering letter giving your name, address, a contact number and your old account number explaining the situation.


  • make your cheque payable to Vodafone Ireland Limited. followed by your full account number (on the front of the cheque).
  • send the cheque and Giro slip from your bill to us - don't post cash.
  • send it to Vodafone, PO Box 42, Clonakilty, Co. Cork.
  • allow 7 - 10 working days for the cheque to clear.

I got a text regarding my credit card payment

The reason you have received this text message is because a credit card payment you made has been returned unpaid. If you have changed your card or received a replacement one you will need to update your card details. If everything is correct on your account there may be a problem with your credit card. You should contact your credit card company for more information.

Can I change my payment due date?

Definitely. Your payment due date is linked to your billing date, which you can change to suit you. Note: the total for your next bill will either be higher or lower than your regular total, depending on which payment due date you select.

Contact our customer care team to update your payment details.

Manage you account

Transferring Ownership of a Mobile Phone Account

It's easy to transfer the ownership of your phone. The account will be successfully transferred once the below downloadable form is fully completed by the existing Vodafone customer and the new customer.

Download the application form

To ensure we process your request quickly and efficiently we advise customer to download the application form (PDF, 404 Kb) and scan it to the below address:

Email us the application form

Business Customers please use - (Please quote Transfer of ownership in the subject bar)

Personal customers please use - (Please quote transfer of ownership in the subject bar)

Things to note

Please note that direct Debit is a mandatory requirement and must be filled out by the new customer in order for the transfer to be completed and there is no carry over of unused inclusive minutes or texts.

For legacy tariffs that are no longer available you will be required to select a new tariff.

For further information, full details on all our post pay tariffs can be found here and details of all our add ons can be found here.

Can I be sure that my details will be safe on My Vodafone?

Vodafone recognises that its customers are increasingly concerned about how companies protect personal information from misuse and abuse and about privacy in general. Vodafone is constantly reviewing and enhancing its technical, physical and managerial procedures and rules to protect your personal data from unauthorised access, accidental loss and/or destruction.

We use industry standard secure sockets layer (SSL) technology, for example, encrypt sensitive information such as your credit card and other financial information.

Please be aware that communications over the Internet, such as emails/web mails, are not secure unless they have been encrypted. Your communications may route through a number of countries before being delivered - this is the nature of the World Wide Web/Internet.

Vodafone cannot accept responsibility for any unauthorised access or loss of personal information that is beyond our control.

How do I change my online billing details?

Changing your online password

To change your password or self-service password, you just need to click here and log in using your My Vodafone credentials.

Changing your online billing email address

Login to your My Vodafone account and

  • select My usage & bills
  • from the left hand navigation select Choose how you receive your bill
  • update your preferred billing method and click Submit
  • tick the email notification box and enter your new email address. Then click Submit

Update your billing notifications

Can I view my account online if it has been disconnected?

Once you have disconnected your Vodafone number(s) you will no longer be able to log in or view bill details.

If you need past account information or access to your final bill, please contact customer services.

How can I keep track of my allowances used?

The easiest way to keep track of your allowances are below

Through our app

You can check your usage through the My Vodafone app:


You can register for an online account to view your unbilled calls and see the minutes, text and data you have used throughout the month.

If you already have a My Vodafone account you can sign in to see what you've left to spend.

How do I register for online billing?

Simply follow the link below.

To register for online billing, you will need:

  • your mobile phone - make sure it is switched on
  • your mobile phone number
  • your self service PIN - the last 4 digits of your account number, unless you've changed it

Register for online billing

How do I change my self service PIN?

You can change your self-service PIN online - it must consist of 4 numbers (no letters). You will need this PIN to access certain services on My Vodafone.

I want to change my price plan

As long as you are not within your tariff lock in period, bill pay customers can change their plan once a month via this website. Click here to change your Bill Pay plan.

See our bill pay plans to figure out your best option

Am I eligible to upgrade my phone?

The best way to find out if you’re eligible for an upgrade is to check the ‘My Plan’ section in the My Vodafone App. If you’re not currently eligible for a standard upgrade, this section will tell you when your next upgrade date will be. Alternatively, check out our Upgrade Anytime offer if you’d like to get hold of a new handset without needing to wait.

The My Vodafone App is available in both iTunes and the Google Play Store.

RED Connect

What is RED Connect?

RED Connect is our suite of Bill Pay plans. With RED Connect plans you can stay connected at home and abroad. You can use your plan in Europe just like you would at home with access to unlimited calls and texts home and within the country you're visiting plus your home data and international allowance in 32 European destinations.

It's also free to receive calls and texts when you are travelling in Europe helping you stay connected with friends and family.  This means you can use maps to explore, discover things to do, and post selfies worry free, without the endless search for WiFi.

How do I join a RED Connect plan?

The easiest way to sign up for a RED Connect plan is online:

If you are new to Vodafone please visit our RED Connect page, where you can see all the details of our current plans.

If you are an existing Vodafone customer and wish to sign up to a RED Connect plan please log into My Vodafone and select your plan. If you have never accessed My Vodafone you can quickly register for My Vodafone here. If you’d like to speak to someone about our Red Connect plan please please drop into a store or visit our support page for further contact us options.

What is included when I roam on a RED Connect plan?

With RED Connect you get access to unlimited calls and texts home and within the country you're visiting plus your home data and international allowance in 32 European destinations.

Plus best value roaming rates when you travel outside Europe at €2.99 a day in USA or Canada and €4.99 a day in exciting Rest of the World destinations.

What are the European countries that I can roam in with no charge with RED Connect?

You can roam for free with RED Connect in the following European countries: UK & Northern Ireland

Albania Estonia Latvia Romania
Austria Finland Lithuania Slovakia
Belgium France Luxembourg Slovenia
Bulgaria Germany Malta Spain
Croatia Greece Netherlands Sweden
Cyprus Hungary Norway Switzerland
Czech Republic  Iceland Poland Turkey
Denmark Italy Portugal  

How do I set-up and activate my Entertainment pack?

You can get an Entertainment pack by either signing up to a RED Connect or a RED Connect Super plan, or by buying a RED Connect add-on by free-texting EXTRA to 50221.

You'll receive a text with a link to choose and activate either Spotify Premium or Sky Sports Mobile TV. Simply complete the sign up form and start enjoying RED Extra today!

Will I be charged to receive calls & texts when I'm travelling in Europe with RED Connect?

No, it's completely free to receive any calls and texts when you're abroad

What happens if I need more data with RED Connect?

No need to worry! You can purchase an instant add-on at home or abroad if you need more. To purcahse you can sign into My Vodafone and or text.

Instant 1GB data bundle €8.00 - Text MOREDATA to 50226.
Instant 3GB data bundle €15.00  - Text MOREDATA3 to 50226

You'll pay our standard out of bundle rates if you choose not to buy an additional bundle.

How will I know if my monthly data allowance is running low on RED Connect?

You can see your data usage with the My Vodafone app. A real time SMS notification will be sent to informing you when you reach 80% and 100% of your allowance.


Am I eligible to upgrade my phone?

How to upgrade your phone

You can see if you’re eligible anytime by clicking here and logging in using your My Vodafone credentials. If you’re eligible, you can upgrade online and we’ll deliver your new phone right to your door.

I’m not eligible yet – when will I be?

With Upgrade Anytime, if you have completed at least 3 months of your contract you can upgrade before your contract is up. Visit our Upgrade Anytime page to see more.

On Bill Pay, you can see if you’re eligible anytime on My Vodafone.

Vodafone RED

Can I still move to RED?

Vodafone RED is a legacy plan and customers cannot move on these plans anymore. You can find out more about our current plans on our RED Connect page.

Is there a cost for changing tariff?

If you are still within your lock in period and moving down a tariff they will be charged a trade down fee. There is no charge for moving up in tariff.

If I leave Vodafone while on RED, will there be term charges?

If you choose to port off the Vodafone network or migrate over to Pay as you go while still in contract, you will pay the remainder of their months in contract in term charges.

Where can I get my remaining add-on balances?

You can view your remaining add on balances online by logging into either:

  1. My Vodafone and visiting the ‘Price plan & add ons’ > ‘manage my extras’ page. If you have not registered for My Vodafone you can quickly register for My Vodafone here.
  2. The My Vodafone app and visiting the ‘My Plan’ section. If you do not have the Vodafone App you can download it here.

Alternatively you can text the words my balance to 50226. You will receive a text with the balance of all remaining allowances included in your price plan: minutes, texts and data. PAYG customers can see their credit balance on screen by dialling *174# from their phone.

What is the length of the contract with RED?

The contract length for RED Essentials, RED and RED Super is 24 months.  You can also select a RED 30 day contract.

Can I purchase insurance with RED?

Yes, you can purchase our standard device insurance with RED. Click here to go to our insurance webpage.

Am I contracted to add ons with Vodafone RED?

You are only contracted to the monthly tariff and not the add-ons. These can be ended or changed once a month.

Can I use Skype, P2P or Tethering with Vodafone RED?

Skype or Peer 2 Peer

Unless your T&C’s state that usage of such services is not permitted, our network does not actively prevent their use. However as these services are based on third party apps over which we have no control, we cannot always guarantee that these services will work end to end.


If you are a Bill Pay customer, you can use your phone for tethering as part of the data bundle you have with your price plan. All customers are advised to download a data monitoring app so you can monitor your data usage.

Upgrade Anytime

What will the cost of a new handset be on Upgrade Anytime?

Handset pricing will depend on how much the customer has completed in their contract and the type of plan customer is on. Please ask in store for details.

Can I move to a price plan of lower value while signed up for Upgrade Anytime?

No. Customers must remain on a price plan of equal or higher value.

Can I avail of the Trade-In service as part of Upgrade Anytime?

Yes, normal Ts & Cs apply.

How does Trade-In work?

Bring your old phone to a Vodafone store and we will give you credit for its value. The value of your phone can be put towards your monthly phone bill, the latest accessories, phones or PAYG top-up credit. Go in store to see how much your phone is worth.

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