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Vodafone apps

My Vodafone app

What is the my Vodafone app?

The My Vodafone app puts control in your hands. Keep track of your account with a view of your remaining calls, texts and data balance as well as a view of your usage history. Pay as you go customers can check their credit, purchase add ons and manage their top up offer all in one place. While Bill pay customers can check their previous bills, monitor their current bill cost and purchase add ons all in just a few taps. We’ve also got webtexts and live chat to give you the support you need, when you need it.

To access the app using your iPhone or Android phone do the following:

  1. Open the app
  2. Enter your mobile number & My Vodafone password
  3. Wait for app to load your details

Downloading any app from the Internet will use a small amount of data from your bundle but once this is completed you can use it for free on the Vodafone network. If you experience any difficulties using the app please connect with our live chat team by clicking the Chat button on this screen or by calling 1907 and we’ll do our best to help you out. 



Who can get the My Vodafone app?    

Anyone with an iPhone or Android smartphone can get the My Vodafone App.

Download the app FREE from iTunes or the Google Play Store.

Bill pay and Pay as you go customers can use the app to see their account details and usageinformation. If you’re a corporate or business customer you may not be able to access all features in the app.


How much does the My Vodafone app cost?

This handy little app is free to download.

Get it now from the Google Play Store or iTunes. Remember, downloading any app from the Internet will use a small amount of data from your bundle.

Check to see if your Android phone supports the app before you download. More details are available on the Google Play Store. 

When it is downloaded you can use the My Vodafone app for free as, once you are connected to the Vodafone network and in the Republic of Ireland, you will not be charged for any data it uses.


Are my details up to date on the My Vodafone app?

Bill pay data information is available in real time, while calls and minutes will be updated between 24 and 48 hours. If you've been abroad and roaming with your phone, any transactions such as calls or texts may take longer to appear on your bill and usage details.

To see the date for your latest information tap My Usage > Current Bill Cost > under the red “Current Bill Cost” title you will see the information ‘accurate as of’ date, here you will also be able to see when your usage allowance details is due to update.

Pay as you go usage details contains a date stamp so that you know when it was last reset, all information should update every 20 minutes, except a top up which may take up to 24 hours to show. Remaining allowances information should update every 20 minutes but can take up to 24 hours update, tap the dial on the homescreen for more information on reset time and expiry dates.


I can't use the My Vodafone app on my Samsung J3 Android version 5.1.1. What should I do?

To ensure you can continue to use the My Vodafone App, your Google Play Services need to be up-to-date. If you are using a Samsung J3 2016 device with Android version 5.1.1 and have not updated your Google Play Services, you may not be able to access the app. Please read below to find out how to resolve this.

To check your device model go to:

  1. Settings
  2. About Device

To check your Android version go to:

  1. Settings
  2. About Device
  3. Software info

If you have this device and Android version you will need to update your Google Play Services using the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings in your phone
  2. Select Apps
  3. Go to Google Play Services
  4. View “App details in store” 
  5. Select the update if available

I'm having trouble with the My Vodafone app, what should I do?

Don't panic, we've got some helpful tips to get the My Vodafone app back up and running.

  1. The app won't work on my smartphone - The My Vodafone app works with all iPhone models and a number of Android phones. If you are having trouble downloading, please contact either itunes or the Google Play Store.
  2. I’m having trouble logging in - Before you can use the app you need to register for a My Vodafone account. Double check that you’re using the right number and password. If you've forgotten your password you can make a new one here.
  3. Every time I login there's a 'Try again' message - If you are using the app in the evening there can be lots of other users trying to access the system. Sometimes it can take time to collect all your account information and this can cause the app to time out. If you press the 'Try again' button it will attempt to log you in again so you can view your latest usage.
  4. Can I see the data I have used? - If you have a data add on you will be able to monitor your usage and see how much you have left. Both Billpay and Pay as you Go customers can view their remaining allowance from the home screen. Learn more about our value data plans.
  5. Why do some features bring me out of the app? - Some features like Top up or Twitter are not yet supported in the app so they will open up a new Interent browser.
  6. It is asking for my Self Service PIN? - If you are a ‘non-key’ customer, e.g. on a corporate account, you may be asked for your Self-Service Pin (SSP), this is usually the last 4 digits of your account number found on your bills but if you are an Enterprise customer you may have to ask your manager for this.

Vodafone Message+

Can I use Message+ on any phone?

No. To use Message+ you must be a Vodafone customer and have a phone running on the Android operating system version 2.3 or newer.

Do my friends need to have Vodafone Message+ to use it?

No. You can send an SMS or MMS to any of your contacts using Vodafone Message+. If your contact also has Vodafone Message+ then you will also be able to chat.

How much does it cost to use Message+?

Sending an SMS or MMS using Vodafone Message+ costs the same as a normal message in your price plan. Using chat to send messages, photos and other files is classified as data and you will be charged as per your current price plan.

How much data does Message+ use?

An average chat message of around 3-5 lines of text uses a tiny amount of data or around 2kb. Sharing photos, videos and other files depends on the size of the file.

Find out more about data usage.


Can I use Vodafone Message+ on Wi-Fi?

Yes. Connect your phone to Wi-Fi and Vodafone Message+ will automatically use it to send your chat messages and share files.

Why are my messages sent as chat and sometimes as SMS?

To make sure your messages always reach your contact, Vodafone Message+ works out the best way to send your Message based on the availability of you and your contact.

SMS or MMS will be sent if your contact doesn’t have the Vodafone Message+ app, or if one of your contacts does not have a data connection. You can also switch from chat to SMS by tapping ‘chat’ in the bottom right hand corner of your message composer should you want to.


Can I see if my message has been delivered on Message+?

Yes. When you send a message by SMS you’ll always see a notification that it’s been sent and delivered. When using chat, you will also receive a notification that it’s been sent and delivered and additionally see when your messages have been read.

How do I set Vodafone Message+ as my default messaging app?

Go to your address book, click on a contact and press on the new message option. A pop up will request which application you want to use for this action. Select ‘Vodafone Message+’ and check the ‘always’ option. You can also make Vodafone Message+ your main messaging application on your homescreen.

Secure Net

What is Secure Net and how much does it cost?

What is Secure Net?

Vodafone Secure Net helps protect your mobile device against threats from viruses, dangerous files and harmful websites when you’re using the Vodafone mobile network. Secure Net also allows you to link another mobile number under your settings page, eg: your child’s mobile which you may apply parental controls too if relevant.

Secure Net is simple to use and helps keep your mobile device safe and operational. Please note, Secure Net doesn't work when you’re non-Vodafone connections such as WiFi.

What does Secure Net do?

With Secure Net activated, if you try to download a harmful or unsafe file Vodafone will block the download and alert you via SMS. If you try to access an unsafe website, we’ll direct you to a warning page where you can choose to continue to the website or navigate elsewhere.Secure Net helps keep your mobile device safe from viruses, dangerous files and harmful websites when you're using the Vodafone network.

If you link another mobile number to yours, you can set parental controls for that number as child safe browsing, quiet time and app notification.

How much does Secure Net cost?

For customers on RED, RED Extra, RED Super and RED Super Extra Secure Net is free for the first 12 months. Customers may opt out of the service without penalty any time they like.Secure Net is free of charge for the first 3 months then €0.99 per month thereafter.

You may only avail of the free trial period once so if you opt out of Secure Net after the free trial period ends and then opt back in again you will be charged €0.99 per month straight away.

If you pay for Secure Net, you’ll be clearly informed when you sign up either by SMS or on the web. Also your family members may have to pay for the service if they wish to be protected.

How do I get Secure Net?

Secure Net is only available to Vodafone customers. You can opt in by texting SECURENET to 50193. Or you can log on to and follow the activation instructions.

We’ll check your tariff and inform you of the cost, and when it’s ready to activate. Once we’ve activated your Secure Net, we’ll let you know straight away via SMS.

When you receive the SMS notification that Secure Net is available on your account you will need to re-start your handset to activate the security protection.

Can I use Secure Net if I'm not a Vodafone customer?

Secure Net is only available for Vodafone customers. Please check for more information on pricing.


Will Secure Net limit my internet performance?

Will Secure Net limit my data speed or affect my browsing experience?

Secure Net should not limit your data speed. We’ll display a Secure Net icon on the top left corner of your browser so you have easy access to your settings page, but this icon has been designed not to interrupt your browsing experience.

Will Secure Net interfere with any of the apps installed on my mobile device like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc?

No, Secure Net should not interfere with any of your apps or impact your mobile device in any way. However, if you have ‘child safe browsing’ turned on, this may impact your child’s number to provide a better protection. For example, blocking ‘Social Network and Communications’ will mean the Facebook website, for example, may not be accessible any longer from their device.


How do I use Secure Net?

Do I have to install Secure Net or change my mobile device settings to use it?

No, Secure Net is a network-based security service, so there’s no need to install anything or change your device settings. You can start using Secure Net in a few simple steps and we’ll let you know as soon as it’s activated.

Does Secure Net work with all mobile devices and operating systems?

Yes. Secure Net is available online with no need to install any software, so you can access and use it on all device types and operating systems, protection is effective as long as you’re connected over the Vodafone network.

Does Secure Net work over WiFi?

No, Secure Net only works using the Vodafone mobile network. If you use your mobile device over other networks or WiFi, even with Secure Net activated, you won’t be protected. You can still change the settings from everywhere even over wifi, but the protection applies to a connection on the Vodafone mobile network only

How will Secure Net notify me of security threats?

With Secure Net activated, if you try to download a harmful or unsafe file we’ll block the download and alert you via SMS. If you try to access an unsafe website, we’ll direct you to a warning page where you can choose to continue to the website or navigate elsewhere.

Does Secure Net work when I’m roaming?

If you roam using a non-Vodafonenetwork or WiFi, Secure Net won’t work.

How does Apple iCloud+ Private Relay feature impact the Secure Net service?

Private Relay is a privacy feature that comes together with the Apple iCloud+ subscription service. Private Relay can be turned on/off per internet network including mobile (e.g. 4G mobile internet) or wi-fi (i.e. fixed line internet connection) networks.

Vodafone Secure Net helps you browse safely and protects you and your family from harmful website and malicious or inappropriate content. If you have Private Relay activated on your Vodafone mobile internet or Vodafone fixed line (your home wi-fi) networks, Secure Net is unable to find sites or files which may harm your device. To allow Secure Net to work properly and keep protecting you on these networks, Private Relay should be turned off on IOS devices using your respective Vodafone mobile internet or home Wi-Fi networks which have an active Secure Net subscription . We advise that you review your subscription as required and adjust your preferences accordingly.

These settings can be changed on your iOS devices by:

  • For wi-fi network: Settings > Wi-Fi > select your home wi-fi network
  • For mobile network: Settings > Mobile Data > Mobile Data Options

When using Secure Net iOS app, and if the Private Relay is active on your Vodafone mobile internet or Vodafone fixed line (your home wi-fi) networks, you will see a notification on the Secure Net dashboard in the app. The notification will disappear once you've adjusted the settings on your iOS device, as specified above.


What does Secure Net do?

Does Secure Net protect me from everything when I’m using the Vodafone network?

For the Service to work your device must be switched on, with your SIM inserted and you must be connected to the Vodafone Mobile Network. You will not be protected by the Service:

  • If you use any APN other than the following:
  • If you use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • If you are not on the Vodafone Mobile Network (e.g. WiFi)
  • If you select an alternative (non Vodafone) roaming provider
  • If you roam on a Vodafone 4G network
  • If you access any https connection e.g. a website or URL prefixed by https
  • If you use Smartphone data compression services e.g. Opera Max
  • If you use browsers that can compress and/or encrypt traffic except Opera Mini (the Vodafone version), Nokia Xpress, Microsoft BOS and Google Chrome.
  • If you use a proxy service
  • If you use some email protocols e.g. IMAP (HTTP, POP3 and SMTP are supported)

Does Secure Net monitor my data traffic to see which web sites I’m visiting?

No, Secure Net only uses the web address you enter to warn you if the website is harmful. To identify the threats that have been prevented, we only collect the stats that are displayed in the reporting section on your settings page.

How does the Secure Net safe website list work?

If you trust a website and think it’s secure, you can add it to your safe website list within your Secure Net account. This will allow you to access this website without us checking it and warning you. Please keep in mind that adding a website – for example - to your safe website list will also make extended URLs – such as – accessible.

You can remove the website from your safe website list at any time

How does the Secure Net unsafe website list work?

If you don’t trust a website and think it’s unsafe, you can add it to your unsafe website list within your Secure Net account. This will block your access to this website.

Please keep in mind that adding a website – for example – to your unsafe website list will also block extended URLs such as


Family Features of Secure Net

How can I link another number to enable parental control features?

You can link another number by following a few simple steps through ‘Add a device’ button on your settings page. Once you fill the details for the number you’d like to link to yours, you will receive an SMS which you must forward to the device you wish to add to your Secure net. The owner of this device must accept Terms & Conditions and acknowledge they understand their security settings will be controlled by you. After this person accepts the Terms & Conditionss, you’ll be notified and can start setting up the security and parental control settings for that number.

What features are available to apply to other numbers in my account? What are the benefits?

If you add your family members’ number under your Secure Net settings page, you will be able to control the security features for that number from one single place. Harmful website and anti-virus protection features, as well as additional parental control features, will be available for this number. Parental control features include as follows:

  • Child safe browsing: You can block certain categories of websites for your child (eg: adult, violence etc.). This feature will prevent the access content that may damage your child’s psychology and health considering their age
  • Quiet time: You can restrict mobile internet access of your child a) during scheduled times (eg: school time, every week day from 08:00-16:00) or b) start a timer and restrict access for a specific time (eg: 1 hour during dinner). This feature enables you to spend quality time with your child without getting distracted of the technology
  • App notification: You’ll be notified of any new apps that your child has downloaded. This feature will make you aware of the apps your child uses

Feature of child safe browsing

What is child safe browsing?

Child safe browsing is a feature enabling you to block access to certain categories of websites for your child. Please see question 22 for more details of the categories.

What categories are available for child safe browsing?

There are 12 categories you can choose from: Adult (over 18), Violence, Racism, Sex Education, Malicious sites/identity theft, Chat, Social Network and Communications, Games, Dating, Classifieds, Shopping, Webmail. Please note that blocking a category will also affect any apps related to that category. For example, blocking ‘Social Network and Communications’ will make Facebook website not accessible anymore and prevent Facebook (if downloaded) from working correctly.

What does child profile mean for child safe browsing?

To make it easier for you, we’ve set up different profiles to assign to your child that you can choose from including ‘school-aged’, ‘pre-teen’, ‘teenage’ and ‘custom’ and ‘none’. Each profile has pre-set categories assigned to them for blocking and once you select one of them, these categories will be shown to you to be automatically blocked. However, you can add or delete more categories from the pre-set list if you wish to and this will be saved as ‘custom’.

Will the number that I’ve added as child or spouse be able to disable any protection features that I’ve set up for them?

You can add a number in two different types of roles in your Secure Net

  1. Child role: If you add a number as ‘child’, this person will have no control over their settings and you can control all their security features. A child can only view their settings on the Secure Net portal.
  2. Spouse/Shared: If you add a number as ‘spouse/shared’, you can control this person’s settings in your settings page. However, they will have the full control over their settings page, as well and they can change the rules you’ve set for them.

How will I get notifications for my child/spouse?

If you have already turned on the related protection features, you’ll be notified by us through an SMS in case of your child/spouse downloading a new app. For other incidents, you can go to the reporting page of this person and view the events like blocked content visit, file download with viruses and visiting an unsafe website.

Will my child/spouse get any notifications?

Your child/spouse will be notified if they attempt to download an unsafe file by an SMS. They will be redirected to a warning page if they wish to visit a blocked content or URL, as well as visiting a harmful website (anti-phishing). As we’re transparent in our service, your child/spouse will be notified by an SMS in the first event before they download an app that the administrator will be notified. They can also view their security events on their Secure Net settings page.

How can I control my childs settings?

You can easily go to your child’s account that you’ve already added in your settings page. Once you open the settings for your child, you can adjust their settings as you wish.

How can I unlink my child’s/spouse’s account?

You can deactivate your child’s or spouse’s Secure Net at any time by contacting`Vodafone Customer Services or visiting your nearest Vodafone store.

As soon as you unlink Secure Net from your child’s or spouse’s mobile device, all parental restrictions will be automatically removed. However, their device will be still secure from viruses, dangerous files and harmful websites as long as they have Secure Net active.


What is "Quiet Time"?

Quiet time is a feature that allows you to manage mobile data access of your child during set times. There are two different quiet times available:

  1. Timer: You can start the timer that restricts mobile internet access of your child for your chosen period of time, eg: one hour (dinner time)
  2. Scheduler: You can schedule pre-set times to restrict mobile internet access of your child

What is “App Notification”?

If you turn on app notification for a number you’ve added in your Secure Net, you’ll be notified by an SMS if this person downloads a new app. For example, if your child downloads an inappropriate app (rated as mature), you’ll be notified.

Please note: you will only receive this notification if your child downloads an app to an Apple device. This feature does not work with Android or other mobile operating systems.


How do I deactivate Secure Net?

You can deactivate Secure Net on your account at any time by texting REMOVE to 50193 or by visiting the Secure Net settings page and following the deactivation instructions.

We will notify you via SMS when Secure Net has been deactivated.  When Secure Net has
been deactivated you should no longer see the security icon in your web browser.


Why has my mobile internet access been blocked by Secure Net?

Your administrator may have activated ‘Quiet time’ for your number.
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