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  • Secure Connected Enterprise: Protect your data wherever you are with best-of-breed cybersecurity and network connectivity.

    Enterprise networking and security are facing a perfect storm. The transition to remote work and the emergence of a cloud-first culture are having a major impact on both enterprise network security. Networking patterns have changed, and organisations need to deploy new services and cater for new requirements faster than ever before.

    In 2019, Gartner identified Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) as a new enterprise network security category. SASE unlocks the agility and flexibility needed in this new environment and provides the security stack to ensure employees and contractors can access systems securely from anywhere.

    Your users and devices are everywhere, so your enterprise network security needs to be everywhere, as well.

    Vodafone Secure Connected Enterprise brings world-leading network connectivity together with best-of-breed cybersecurity and managed threat detection to protect your data wherever the location.

    In creating a solution tailored to your specific organisational requirements, we ensure that solid enterprise network security is embedded into every layer of your infrastructure, so that you can work with total peace of mind.

    Whether you need SASE, SSE, ZTE or another security framework, we are uniquely placed to design, build and manage the end-to-end service as a technology partner, offering an orchestrated approach to satisfy your demands for today and the future.

    Key benefits of Secure Connected Enterprise

    Total confidence

    Easily adapt to change and stay fit for the future with secure access to cloud-based apps and services. Unlock secure access to cloud-based apps and services to help your teams stay agile and more productive.

    Security everywhere

    Get consistent, reliable data protection regardless of location, application or environment. Extend the security to where data really is and reduce the risk of malicious access.


    Remove network and security friction by combining these services together, without compromising on functionality. Give your people the freedom and confidence to do their best work, by reducing hurdles, wherever they are.

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    Why choose Vodafone for Security?

    Borderless confidence

    Network security is at the heart of our business. Our global network keeps your business operating securely at speed across global markets, every hour of every day, throughout the year.
    Best-of-breed services

    We combine our trusted, always-on network connectivity, market-leading SD WAN solutions and best-of-breed services from a wide portfolio of enterprise security leaders.
    Flexibility without compromise

    Vodafone Secure Connected Enterprise can be tailored to your unique needs, offering additional flexibility, enhanced capabilities and greater value.  Get your service fully integrated and managed, co-managed, or you can manage it in-house.

    Securely connect your business
    with borderless confidence.

    Contact your Vodafone Business Account Manager or request
    a call back to learn more about Secure Connected Enterprise.

    1800 855 696

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  • Vodafone Secure Device Manager: Secure and manage your devices from anywhere, so your data and applications are always safe

    The future of work looks set to be more flexible, more hybrid, and less location dependent.

    Remote working looks set to stay and the popularity of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies continues to rise, with an increasing dependence and adoption of cloud-based applications

    However, this is also bringing new challenges to IT teams required to mitigate evolving security risks, manage diverse employee remote working needs and respond to an influx of support requests.

    Despite the increased challenges managing and supporting a dispersed workforce, the new working reality presents new opportunities to reimagine how you, and your users, really want to work in the long term.

    It’s time for a new approach to device management that lets your IT team do more.

    With Vodafone Secure Device Manager (VSDM), you can achieve all this, while remotely managing and securing your device environment with confidence.

    Vodafone Secure Device Manager is a comprehensive solution, tailor-made for an era where data access via smartphones and tablets is paramount, while you can effortlessly manage and protect these devices with an intuitive console.

    In a world where increasing numbers of people are using smartphones and tablets to access their company’s data, it is more important than ever to keep the data on these smart devices secure. This is where a Secure Device Manager plays a crucial role.

    Key benefits of Secure Device Manager

    Enhanced security and compliance

    In a rapidly digitising landscape, ensure the protection of both corporate and employee-liable smart devices from anywhere. Benefit from a solution that is versatile enough to support major smartphone platforms, including iOS and Android.

    Customisable Control

    Maintain full visibility and control over your estate and easier management. Assign custom roles for selective administrator access, empowering certain team members with greater control.

    Scalable solution

    Vodafone Secure Device Manager is a scalable solution that supports businesses of all sizes, from ten devices to essentially unlimited.

    Woman chatting with colleague while scrolling on smartphone

    Why choose Vodafone for Security?

    Unparalleled Security

    At Vodafone, your security isn't just a priority, it's a promise. Harness the most robust security protocols in the market, ensuring that every piece of data is protected.
    Dedicated Support

    All the expert technical support you need to hand, from an online care portal to dedicated support with rapid response times.
    Tailored Strategy

    We will work with you to understand your mobility requirements and provide advice on ensuring your mobile device fleet is secure, and your employees get the most out of their device.

    Step into a world where security isn’t
    just a feature, but a guarantee.

    To get started with Vodafone Secure Device Manager,
    speak to your Vodafone Account Manage

    1800 855 696

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  • Managed Security: Access enterprise-grade cybersecurity that protects your business against rapidly evolving threats

    Cybersecurity has never been more complicated. Thanks to an increase in homeworking and accelerated digitalisation, there is a whole host of new vulnerabilities for businesses to contend with.

    Organisations are now looking for more sophisticated managed security and detection capabilities. Although they typically have protection against known threats, it’s becoming difficult to deal with new and emerging cyberattacks.

    Beyond technology investment, successful cybersecurity is based on a considered approach. One that gives access to the right people, implementation of the right processes and use of the right technology.

    However, with talent shortages, a reactive approach, and limited resources, it can be a struggle to build a successful cybersecurity operation in-house.

    Vodafone’s Managed Security services can help in providing, the expert people, robust processes, and advanced technology to run mature cybersecurity operations.

    We complement your in-house resources with a dedicated team of highly trained cybersecurity professionals, so that you can focus on what matters the most to your business.

    We also simplify your organisational security by bringing together the very best security professionals to offer key insights and managed security solutions.

    Why Vodafone for Managed Security?

    One relationship

    Access the expertise of our in-house cybersecurity teams and industry-leading cybersecurity partners to open your business up to a range of specialist capabilities, all integrated into a single relationship.

    Trusted partner

    Make the right cybersecurity decisions for your business with our leading cybersecurity capability, all underpinned by our deep network expertise, which is trusted by businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to large enterprises.

    Future ready

    Stay ahead of evolving cybersecurity threats with our 24x7 real-time security monitoring, analysis and reporting, and our continued investment into threat intelligence and security solutions.

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    Key benefits of a Managed Security service

    Save resources

    Free up your time and resources with access to specialist security skills, so you can focus on what matters most to your business.
    Peace of mind

    Benefit from comprehensive and constant monitoring across all your systems, with security around the clock protecting your organisation.
    Continuously evolve

    Stay ahead of ever evolving cybersecurity threats with threat intelligence and faster, automated detection and response, resulting in more effective risk quantification and remediation.

    Protect your business against
    rapidly evolving threats 24/7.

    Contact your Vodafone Business Account Manager or request a call back
    to learn more about Managed Security Services.

    1800 855 696

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  • Colocation: A secure, cost-effective and resilient space for your IT infrastructure

    As your business evolves, you need flexibility to cope with the constant growth in applications and data. But predicting future needs is difficult, and running your own data centre estate can also be expensive and complex. With compliance, security and resilience to think about, it’s a constant drain on IT staff’s time and budgets.

    Cloud is already an important enabler for enterprise IT delivery, but organisations are still hesitant to move their existing on-premises infrastructures, whether it be for security or compliance issues or due to workloads that don’t suit virtualised platforms.

    Thankfully, there is a middle-ground option: a Colocation strategy helps companies to locate servers in third-party data centres where they can realise the cloud-like benefits of lower costs and improved security while they plan their next steps.

    Vodafone Colocation services allow you to move your essential infrastructure into purpose-built data centres, conveniently located across the world with the highest levels of security, resilience, flexibility and network performance.

    Benefit from reduced costs, greater efficiency, high availability and unmatched connectivity options, all in a secure and stable IT environment you can trust, flexible enough to suit your specific needs.

    Vodafone's Colocation services give your business greater security, higher resilience and increased network performance and capacity than could cost effectively be provided in-house.

    Why choose Vodafone for Colocation?

    Market leading

    We keep your data safe with market-leading security and compliance as standard. We provide the highest levels of security and disaster recovery planning.

    Future ready

    Vodafone Business only utilises data centre facilities of a certain standard, and we ensure that these data centres are correctly administered and maintained. Future space and power requirements are also taken into account, which ensures you are protected via future proofing.


    Benefit from Vodafone Business SLAs relating to power, cooling and humidity, which in turn ensures your infrastructure is kept running at all times.

    Man working on large touchscreen board

    Key benefits of Colocation services

    Resource allocation

    Free up your time to focus on IT innovation, not IT operation. Make your organisation a cloud-ready business and ease the challenge of integration between legacy infrastructure and new hybrid environments.

    Financial certainty

    Move away from a significant Capex investment to a more manageable, predictable Opex model, re-purposing the savings into the areas of your business that need it the most.

    Cloud strategy

    Whether you are planning and starting your journey to the cloud, or if you are already transitioning to a cloud solution, Colocation is a key enabler. Colocation can offer you a solid platform from which to start your journey.

    Switch to a secure and resilient
    IT environment you can trust.

    Contact your Vodafone Business Account Manager or request
    a call back to learn more about Colocation services.

    1800 855 696

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