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Registration & Login Help

I've forgotten my My Vodafone username

If you have forgotten your username, first of all, please make sure that you have registered for My Vodafone.

If you have, then try one of the below as your username:

  1. Your mobile number
  2. The email address you used to register

If neither of these worked, then please contact us and we'll help you. 

I've forgotten my My Vodafone password

No problem. You can reset your My Vodafone password anytime by clicking here.

Make sure you have your phone on hand to receive a verification security code.

Why did I receive a text with a verification pin?

Should I be concerned?

Did you receive a text message telling you about a "verification code"  and that you should "continue the Forgotten Password process on our website", but you never started the Forgotten Password process for My Vodafone? If so, there's no need for concern.

What is this message?

This text message is part of the process for people to sign in to My Vodafone when they can't remember what their password is. We text them out a verification code, which they need to enter on the website, and then they change their password and have access to My Vodafone.

Can I delete this message?

If you didn't start this Forgot your Password process, but received the text message, then most likely someone accidentally typed in your phone number instead of their own. Regardless, as long as you have your phone, there's no risk of someone being able to sign in to your My Vodafone account, because they would need that verification code to do so. So go ahead and just delete the text message. That verification code will soon expire. And your My Vodafone password will remain unchanged

What is a security code?

The security code, or OTAC (Over The Air Code), is a text message we send you to check that you have the phone you are registering. It is one of the things we do to to stop anyone else registering your phone.

Remember: this code will expire within 15 minutes of being sent to your phone. If it expires you can send yourself another security code.

I haven't received the My Vodafone security code?

If you don't have the security code to hand or it's expired, you just need to re-enter your phone number, where indicated.

If you're registering a data-card for your Tablet device or USB modem (mobile broadband), you need to have the device installed to access the security code as a text message from the Vodafone dashboard on your computer.

How long is the security code valid for?

You should get the text message almost immediately, it is valid for 15 minutes from sending.

If the code expires, you will need to ask for a new one.

Are all my personal details secure?

We make it a critical priority to make your details secure.
We use industry standard secure sockets layer (SSL) technology and encrypt sensitive information such as your credit card and other financial information.

Please be aware that communications over the Internet, such as emails/webmails, are not secure unless they have been encrypted.

What are marketing preferences?

This tells us how to send you details of our specical offers, discounts and new services.

Update your contact options on My Vodafone.

What is my Self Service Password?

Your self service PIN is the last 4 digits of your customer number, unless you've changed it. You can find your customer number on any of your Vodafone bills.

If you don't know your customer number or have access to a previous bill, you can use the Forgot your PIN link to send it to your mobile.

If you're on a business account and not the account contact you won't be able to use this service. You should contact your Vodafone account manager for more information.

How do I change my Self Service Password?

Change your self-service PIN online - it must consist of 4 numbers (no letters). You will need this PIN to access certain services on My Vodafone.

I can't login to My Vodafone - what should I do?

There could be a few reasons why you can't access your pay as you go My Vodafone account. Read through the list of common problems and you should be back on track quickly:

My Vodafone is down for maintenance

During scheduled maintenance you won't be able to access My Vodafone services. We try to keep all downtime to off peak hours so that it doesn't impact your online experience.

Forgot your password?

Make sure that you are entering the correct password and that CAPS locks is turned off. If you enter the incorrect password 5 times your My Vodafone account will be locked for 24 hours.

You can always reset your password if you've forgotten it.

Have you topped up?

If you haven't topped up within 6 months your My Vodafone account will become inactive and you'll see an error message. Simply top up your mobile and you can access your account again.

Your account is locked

When you enter the incorrect password 5 times your account will be locked to protect you from potential fraud. You can try login again after 24 hours or contact a customer care representative on 1747 to lift the block on your account.

Your account is barred

If you've requested a bar on your account or your account has been suspended by Vodafone, you won't be able to sign in to My Vodafone. You should contact our customer care team on 1747 to restore your services.

Upgrading your phone or price plan

When you upgrade your phone or change your price plan you may have to wait 24 hours before you can access your account.

I can't register for My Vodafone - what should I do?

Don't panic, we've got some tips that will help you set up your online account

Switching networks to Vodafone

If you've just moved from another network your number might not be recognised on our systems. Make sure you're Vodafone SIM card has been activated and is working by making a call or sending a text message.

If you're returning to Vodafone then you will need to wait 24 hours for your details to register on our systems

New SIM card

When you join Vodafone you'll get a new SIM card for your device. Make sure it has been activated by making a call or sending a text message.

Alreday have an account?

If you already set up a Vodafone account and have forgotten your password, you can always get a password by following the steps outlined.

Trouble with your password?

When you set up a new account you will be asked to create a password. It must contain certain characters in order to keep your personal information safe. You'll be asked to enter it twice to make sure there are no mistakes. Remember - passwords are case sensitive so turn off CAPS locks.

My Vodafone App

What is the my Vodafone app?

The My Vodafone app puts control in your hands. Keep track of your account with a view of your remaining calls, texts and data balance as well as a view of your usage history. Pay as you go customers can check their credit, purchase add ons and manage their top up offer all in one place. While Billpay customers can check their previous bills, monitor their current bill cost and purchase add ons all in just a few taps. We’ve also got webtexts and live chat to give you the support you need, when you need it.

To access the app using your iPhone or Android phone do the following:

  1. Open the app
  2. Enter your mobile number & My Vodafone password.
  3. Wait for app to load your details.

Downloading any app from the Internet will use a small amount of data from your bundle but once this is completed you can use it for free on the Vodafone network. If you experience any difficulties using the app please get in touch on live chat or by calling 1907 and we’ll do our best to help you out. 


Who can get the My Vodafone app?    

Anyone with an iPhone or Android smartphone can get the My Vodafone App.

Download the app FREE from iTunes or the Google Play Store.

Bill pay and Pay as you go customers can use the app to see their account details and usageinformation. If you’re a corporate or business customer you may not be able to access all features in the app.

How much does the My Vodafone app cost?

This handy little app is free to download.

Get it now from the Google Play Store or iTunes. Remember, downloading any app from the Internet will use a small amount of data from your bundle, allowance or pay as you go credit. 

Check to see if your Android phone supports the app before you download. More details are available on the Google Play Store. 

Are my details up to date on the My Vodafone app?

Bill pay data information is available in real time, while calls and minutes will be updated between 24 and 48 hours. If you've been abroad and roaming with your phone, any transactions such as calls or texts may take longer to appear on your bill and usage details.

To see the date for your latest information tap My Usage > Current Bill Cost > under the red “Current Bill Cost” title you will see the information ‘accurate as of’ date, here you will also be able to see when your usage allowance details is due to update.

Pay as you go usage details contains a date stamp so that you know when it was last reset, all information should update every 20 minutes, except a top up which may take up to 24 hours to show. Remaining allowances information should update every 20 minutes but can take up to 24 hours update, tap the dial on the homescreen for more information on reset time and expiry dates.

I'm having trouble with the My Vodafone app, what should I do?

Don't panic, we've got some helpful tips to get the My Vodafone app back up and running.

  1. The app won't work on my smartphone - The My Vodafone app works with all iPhone models and a number of Android phones. If you are having trouble downloading, please contact either itunes or the Google Play Store.
  2. I’m having trouble logging in - Before you can use the app you need to register for a My Vodafone account. Double check that you’re using the right number and password. If you've forgotten your password you can make a new one here.
  3. Every time I login there's a 'Try again' message - If you are using the app in the evening there can be lots of other users trying to access the system. Sometimes it can take time to collect all your account information and this can cause the app to time out. If you press the 'Try again' button it will attempt to log you in again so you can view your latest usage.
  4. How long does it take for Cherry Points to update - When you top up it can take up to one hour for your new Cherry Points to be added.
  5. Can I see the data I have used? - If you have a data add on you will be able to monitor your usage and see how much you have left. Both Billpay and Pay as you Go customers can view their remaining allowance from the home screen. Learn more about our value data plans.
  6. Why do some features bring me out of the app? - Some features like Top Up or Twitter are not yet supported in the app so they will open up a new Interent browser.
  7. It is asking for my Self Service Password? - If you are a ‘non-key’ customer, e.g. on a corporate account, you may be asked for your Self-Service Pin (SSP), this is usually the last 4 digits of your account number found on your bills but if you are an Enterprise customer you may have to ask your manager for this.

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