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Broadband on Vodafone IE

Vodafone Fibre Broadband

From just €40 /month
No thereafter price

+ FREE set up

Check to see what speeds you can get


For this address we only have our base offers . You can improve the research inserting your broadband ID or Phone number.

You can also start a callback here.

Interested in Business Broadband?

We can see this eircode is at a business address. Would you like to learn more about business broadband?

 Existing customer looking to change to our new plans?
Talk to us on live chat or call 1800 805 014

Woman using Vodafone Fibre Broadband on laptop

Woman using Vodafone Fibre Broadband on laptop

No need to switch every 12 months

We’re doing things differently. At Vodafone, the price won’t double after your contract ends. So say goodbye to having to shop around for broadband.

No thereafter pricing

Value in the short-term and long-term

Fair pricing for new & existing customers

Free broadband installation, activation, & set up

Fast and reliable home broadband at a brilliant price
Vodafone Wi-Fi calling
Free Wi-Fi Calling on your Vodafone mobile
Free installation when you switch to Vodafone online


For the best broadband experience

Combining our three innovations Super Wi-Fi, Secure Net & Always Connected into the ultimate connectivity bundle. Add to your broadband package for only €10/month and get;

Super coverage

Connect in every corner of your home with Vodafone Super Wi-Fi; our smart Wi-Fi extension solution that gets rid of coverage blackspots.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max

Online protection

Network based digital protection & parental controls with Vodafone Secure Net to help keep you and your family safe online.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max

Reliable connectivity

Always Connected; an automatic network back-up for your Vodafone Broadband so you can keep streaming and working online as normal, without interruptions.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max

How to get GigaHome?

Check to see what speeds you can get above and then add GigaHome to your broadband package just before you get to the basket.

Join Ireland’s largest home fibre broadband provider

Winner of four awares in 2023

Broadband awards 2023
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Prefer to talk with someone?

Use chat or give us a call to order on 1800 805 014

Chat opening hours: Mon-Fri 8am to 8pm; Weekends 10am to 6pm

Frequently asked questions

How do I get the best broadband deal available to me?

Find our best broadband deals and bundles online. You can check what services are available in your area by entering your Eircode or address into our address checker. Depending on your location we have broadband offers that can bring superfast download speeds of up to 100Mbps, 500Mbps, 1000Mbps and even 2000Mbps Gigabit to your home.


Do I really get unlimited downloads?

Unlimited means that you don't have to worry about using too much internet. If you are working, surfing the net, playing games with friends on the internet or watching your favourite shows, our superfast broadband bundles can cover anything you need.


How long is the broadband contract?

12 months. Yes, you can get online with our unlimited fibre broadband packages with just a 12-month contract. And you can bundle with Vodafone TV to unlock a world of entertainment on the same term.


What is in a broadband bundle?

Looking to bundle and save? We put you in control of your broadband package with the latest technology add-ons available from as little as €5pm.

Super Wi-Fi offers a supercharged Wi-Fi connection to every corner of your home while Always Connected brings the power of our mobile & broadband networks together to keep you and your family online and connected.

You can also get Secure Net at Home for €2.99pm, which protects you and your family on all devices that are connected to our broadband network.


Can I get Vodafone broadband without a phone line?

Yes, you can get broadband on it's own if you wish. Should you wish to stay in touch with friends and family you can add Broadband Voice to call Irish landlines for only €5 per month with our broadband deals.  Our online address checker is the quickest way to see if Irelands best broadband is available in your area.


How do I change/upgrade my existing Vodafone Broadband plan?

If you are an existing customer and are interested in changing plan, connect with one of our agents by clicking the Chat button on this screen or by calling 1907 and we will talk you through your options. 


How are Vodafone doing things differently?

At Vodafone we understand that when new customers seem to get all the best deals, and your bill almost doubles at the end of your contract, it can often feel like your loyalty isn’t valued. 

So, we’re doing things differently for our customers, by removing ‘thereafter’ pricing. 

This means, with Vodafone, broadband customers will no longer experience a jump in their monthly price once their minimum contract term ends (often called a ‘thereafter price’). This gives customers value in the long-term as well as the short-term, so you don’t need to shop around for broadband every year! 

Our new plans are also available for both new and re-contracting customers, so everyone gets the same price. Afterall, it’s only fair.


Use our broadband support hub to check our frequently asked questions or chat with an agent.

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