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Broadband & Super Wi-Fi on Vodafone IE

New Vodafone Super Wi-Fi

Enhanced WiFi coverage in every corner of your home

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Connect in every corner of your home

Add Super Wi-Fi to Vodafone Fibre Broadband for just €5 per month*

Super Wi-Fi is a smart Wi-Fi extension solution that solves your in-home connectivity problems by delivering reliable WiFi coverage to every corner of the home.

Super Wi-Fi works together with your Gigabox modem to eliminate blackspots and give customers the best possible WiFi connection, no matter where they are in the house. So now you can work, stream, school and game in every corner of your home.


Coverage without Super Wi-Fi

Coverage with Super Wi-Fi

Benefits of Super Wi-Fi 


Coverage in every corner

Super Wi-Fi provides reliable WiFi coverage to every corner of your home.


Smart WiFi network

Our Super Wi-Fi extenders work with your Gigabox modem, creating an intelligent WiFi network that adjusts automatically to deliver the best connection to each device.


Expert installation

Includes a home audit and custom installation by an expert technician, for a WiFi solution that is hassle-free and tailored to your home.


Expert support

Super Wi-Fi is supported by our team of WiFi experts. Our cloud management platform gives our experts real-time visibility into the in-home WiFi environment, so they can diagnose and resolve your WiFi issues quickly.


Cancel any time

If you are not 100% satisfied with Super Wi-Fi you can cancel at any time.


Supports Wi-Fi Calling

If you have low network coverage or mobile signal at home you can make WiFi calls in every corner of your home for an even better indoor voice experience.

How to get Super Wi-Fi 

Check the broadband speed and availability in your area using our address checker below.
Step 2
Select a broadband package and follow the steps in the checkout.

Step 3
Finally, when prompted add Super Wi-Fi to your order.

For this address we only have our base offers . You can improve the research inserting your broadband ID or Phone number.

You can also start a callback here.

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Frequently asked questions

How does Super Wi-Fi work?

Super Wi-Fi provides enhanced wireless coverage throughout the home using innovative mesh technology. Super Wi-Fi extenders connect to your Vodafone Gigabox modem to create a unified WiFi network throughout your home, delivering reliable coverage to every corner.

Super Wi-Fi connects your device to the strongest WiFi point in your home, meaning you can seamlessly move throughout your home and never lose signal. In addition, Super Wi-Fi can detect electronic interference from other devices and adapt to compensate, giving you the best in-home WiFi experience. 


Is Super Wi-Fi right for you?

    Super Wi-Fi is a perfect solution for your home if:

  • You are experiencing WiFi blackspots or areas of the house where the signal is poor
  • You live in a large home with multiple storeys
  • Your home has an attic conversion or basement – WiFi signal tends to be weak in these locations using a modem alone
  • You live in an apartment building – More Wi-Fi networks tend to overlap and use the same channels; therefore, apartments are especially prone to interference issues.
  • Your home has thick internal walls – WiFi signal can’t permeate thick internal walls and dense surfaces
  • You live in a busy household with multiple people using the internet for high-bandwidth activities such as gaming, streaming, or video calls

Will Super Wi-Fi reach every corner of my home?

Following tests conducted on Super Wi-Fi, our independent engineering partner can attest that the claim of ‘coverage in every corner. Following the installation of a single Super Wi-Fi extender, in homes larger than the average Irish home there was a significant improvement in WiFi coverage. Average home-sized based on CSO average Irish dwelling.

House sample:

House floorplan with graph showing how Vodafone Super WiFi extends connectivity further

Orange = Both 5Ghz and 2.4 GHz

Red = Only 2.4 GHz

White = No Coverage



How does Super Wi-Fi differ from other WiFi extenders?

Standard Wi-Fi extenders take your modem’s Wi-Fi signal and re-broadcast it. This sometimes means that you'll see two network names on your devices - the modem and the extender - and you'll need to switch between them manually as you move between the two. Vodafone Super Wi-Fi pairs your modem and your extenders to create a single, unified network throughout your home. Your devices only see one network name. This means you can move seamlessly from modem to extender signal as you move around the house.

Unlike standalone plug-ins available on the high street, the Super Wi-Fi network is managed by the cloud. This means the extenders connect seamlessly and simply to Vodafone’s Gigabox modem, creating a smart, dynamic network that adjusts automatically to deliver the best possible connection to each type of device, whether it is a mobile, laptop or connected TV. Cloud-based self-learning algorithms mean the network is constantly improving over time, and able to respond to internal and external changes. Not only can it switch between channels to deliver the strongest available signal, but it is also able to detect electronic interference from other devices and adapt to compensate.

Unlike standard Wi-Fi extenders, which you must install yourself, Super Wi-Fi comes with a custom installation by an expert technician. This guarantees that your extenders are installed in the optimal location, and gives you a Wi-Fi solution that is hassle-free and tailored to your home.

While standard Wi-Fi extenders come with an upfront hardware cost, Super Wi-Fi is sold as an add-on to your Broadband that you can cancel anytime. With no commitment, and costing just €5 per month, Super Wi-Fi is a smart Wi-Fi solution that can’t be beaten in value.


What happens during the Super Wi-Fi installation?

Vodafone Super Wi-Fi comes with a custom installation by an expert technician. On the day of your installation, the technician will consult with you to understand your current in-home WiFi environment, such as whether there are any known WiFi issues or blackspots within the home. They will then run tests using our WiFi analyser tool to determine where the Super Wi-Fi extender(s) should be installed to give you optimal coverage. The technician will also advise whether 1 extender is sufficient to give coverage in every corner, or whether additional extenders will be required.

Once you are happy with the proposed extender location, the technician will proceed to install the Super Wi-Fi extender(s) and run WiFi tests again to demonstrate the improvement in WiFi coverage in your home.


Who can get Super Wi-Fi?

Vodafone Super Wi-Fi is available to Vodafone Home customers only, depending on geographical location and service provided.

To find out whether Super Wi-Fi is available to you as a new Vodafone Home customer, please use our address checker and select your chosen Broadband plan. If available, Super Wi-Fi will appear as an add-on in the checkout flow. Alternatively, please use Live Chat to talk to an agent.


I’m an existing Vodafone Broadband customer. Can I get Super Wi-Fi?

Yes, Super W-iFi is available to existing Vodafone Broadband customers.

If you are an existing customer and would like to add Super Wi-Fi, you can do so by talking to one of our agents on Live Chat.

If you are experiencing issues with your Vodafone Broadband or in-home WiFi, please call 1907 to talk to our Technical Support team. Our Tech Support agents will be able to investigate these issues for you and advise whether Super Wi-Fi would be a suitable solution.


Can I buy Super Wi-Fi without Vodafone Broadband?

Super Wi-Fi is exclusive to Vodafone Broadband customers.

Don’t have Vodafone Broadband? Simply purchase Vodafone Broadband online and add Super Wi-Fi at the checkout. 


How many Super Wi-Fi extenders do I need?

In many cases, 1 Super Wi-Fi extender will be enough to deliver reliable WiFi coverage to every corner of your home. However, depending on a number of factors including your home’s size, layout, building materials, or physical obstructions, more than one Super Wi-Fi extender may be required. If, during your custom install, the technician thinks that your home would benefit from more than 1 extender, additional extenders may be added at a cost €5 per additional extender per month.

Why can’t I order more than 1 Super Wi-Fi extender?

During the Super Wi-Fi Expert Install, the engineer will run tests using our WiFi analyser tool to determine where the Super Wi-Fi extender should be installed, and whether additional extenders are required to give you optimal coverage. If the technician thinks that your home would benefit from more than 1 extender, you may choose to add additional extenders at this point, at a cost of €5 per additional extender per month.

What if I have Super Wi-Fi and I’m still not getting the coverage I need?

Vodafone Super Wi-Fi comes with a custom installation by an engineer. Vodafone Super Wi-Fi will deliver you a fast, reliable WiFi signal to every corner of your home.

However, if you’re not happy with your coverage, we will work with you to resolve your issues. This may include:

  • Over-the-phone support from our WiFi Experts - Our Cloud Diagnostics & Management platform gives our WiFi experts visibility into your in-home WiFi environment, enabling prompt identification and resolution of your WiFi issues
  • Installation of additional extenders - Due to the size of your home, layout or physical obstructions, it is possible that more than one Super Wi-Fi extender may be required to cover every corner of your home. Our WiFi experts will be able to identify if this is the case and may recommend a further extender to provide enhanced coverage.

Is Super Wi-Fi tied to my Broadband contract/subject to a 12-month contract?

No. Super W-iFi is an add-on and is independent of your Vodafone Broadband contract. Super Wi-Fi is sold on a one-month rolling contract and can be cancelled any time by calling 1907 – you, therefore, have no commitment. 

How does WiFi calling work with Super Wi-Fi?

WiFi Calling is a service that allows customers to make calls over any WiFi connection if there’s low network coverage or no mobile signal. 

Super Wi-Fi provides WiFi coverage in every corner of the home and, as Super Wi-Fi supports WiFi Calling, this means you can also make WiFi Calls in every corner of the home. ​

Together, Super Wi-Fi and WiFi Calling provide an even better indoor voice experience​

More information on WiFi calling

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