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Super WiFi on Vodafone IE

Super WiFi Support


Super WiFi Technology


How does Super WiFi work?

Super WiFi provides high-speed wireless coverage throughout the home using innovative mesh technology. Super WiFi extenders connect to your Vodafone Gigabox modem to create a unified WiFi network throughout the house, delivering fast internet and streamed video to every corner of your home.

Each Super WiFi extender is a powerful dual-band concurrent Wi-Fi access point. Built into the device, Super WiFi client steering technology monitors the connection of your mobile devices as they move around your home and steers them to connect to the best Access Point and most suitable WiFi band depending on where you are in your home.


Do I need to switch off the WiFi on my router to use Super WiFi?

No, there’s no need for that. We have updated the software on your router (Gigabox Modem), to make it compatible with the Super WiFi service. This means Super WiFi seamlessly extends your router’s WiFi following the installation of your Super WiFi extender.

How do I update the firmware of my Super WiFi extender?

The firmware of your Super WiFi extender is upgraded automatically by the system, without you needing to take any action. This is typically planned during the night to minimise disruption to your services.

How does WiFi calling work with Super WiFi?

Super WiFi is a smart WiFi extension solution that solves your in-home connectivity problems by delivering reliable WiFi coverage to every corner of the home.

WiFi Calling is a service that allows customers to make calls over any WiFi connection if there’s low network coverage or no mobile signal. 

Super WiFi provides WiFi coverage in every corner of the home and, as Super WiFi supports WiFi Calling, this means you can also make WiFi Calls in every corner of the home. ​

Together, Super WiFi and WiFi Calling provide an even better indoor voice experience​.

More information on WiFi calling





How do I reschedule my engineer appointment?

If you need to reschedule your engineer appointment, you can do this by logging on to My Vodafone and following the instructions below. If you haven't already registered for My Vodafone, you can watch this handy video which will show you how.

Where possible please give two working days’ notice to change your appointment. 

  1. Log on to My Vodafone to view your order
  2. Click 'Reschedule installation'
  3. Select from the available dates / times
  4. Update your contact number if needed
  5. Click the 'Reschedule' button at the bottom of the page and that's it!

You will also receive a call from our appointments team the day before your appointment to confirm, they will be happy to schedule a new date if you are no longer available. 


How much time will it take for the Super WiFi installation?

The Super WiFi installation takes place with the support of our skilled engineers who will minimise the impact on your day.

The duration of the install will depend on how many extenders you need, whether your extenders can be connected to the modem wirelessly or if they need to be wired to the modem, and the WiFi environment.


What happens during the Super WiFi installation?

The engineer will consult with you to understand your current in-home WiFi environment, such as whether there are any known WiFi issues or blackspots within the home. The engineer will then run tests using our WiFi analyser tool to determine where the Super WiFi extender(s) should be installed to give you optimal coverage.

Once you are happy with the proposed extender location, the engineer will proceed to install the Super WiFi extender(s) and run WiFi tests again to demonstrate the improvement in WiFi coverage in your home.


Will the engineer need to run wires throughout my home for Super WiFi?

In some cases, wiring may be required to connect the extender back to the modem.  This is dependent on environmental factors, such as home layout and building materials. The engineer will advise and consult with you on any wiring required.

Does the billpayer need to be present for the Super WiFi installation?

A person over the age of 18 must be present during the installation, though this does not need to be the billpayer.

Please note, however, that Super WiFi comes with an expert install, catered to your home’s specific WiFi needs. As part of this service, our engineer will consult with you to try to understand your current in-home WiFi environment, and work with you to determine where the extender(s) should be installed to give you optimal coverage.

For this reason, we recommend that the person present during the installation can talk to your current in-home WiFi experience and coverage requirements, such as any existing coverage blackspots, any areas/rooms in the home where improved coverage is required etc.



Ordering Additional Extenders


I already have a Super WiFi extender. Can I add another one?

If you would like to add another Super WiFi extender, you can do so by calling 1907.


Cancellation & Equipment Returns


How do I cancel my Super WiFi subscription?

Please contact our customer care team on 1907 and they will assist you. 

How can I return my Super WiFi extenders when I no longer need them?

Once you have cancelled a Super WiFi subscription, a Vodafone agent will call you to organise for the Vodafone equipment to be collected by a courier. Once the appointment is confirmed, a courier will call to your home or work to collect the equipment.

An agent will try to contact you two or three times to arrange this appointment. If these attempts are unsuccessful, you will get a text message informing you of the equipment recovery attempt and advising you to call to make an appointment for collection. If you don’t arrange another collection you will be charged for the unreturned equipment.



Help & Troubleshooting


I have a Super WiFi extender but I’m still having WiFi coverage issues.

Vodafone Super WiFi comes with a custom installation by an engineer. The engineer will advise on where the extender(s) should be installed in order to provide optimal WiFi coverage. Please note that failure to follow the engineer’s recommendation on modem/extender placement may impact the performance of Super WiFi.

If you currently have a Super WiFi extender but are still experiencing WiFi coverage issues, please call 1907. Our WiFi experts have real-time visibility into your in-home WiFi environment, enabling prompt identification and resolution of your WiFi issues.

Due to the size of your home, layout or physical obstructions, it is possible that more than one Super WiFi extender may be required to cover every corner of your home. Our WiFi experts will be able to identify if this is the case and may recommend a further extender to provide enhanced coverage.


What do the lights on my Super WiFi extender mean?

If you require additional support please call 1907.
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