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Vodafone Secure Net

Protecting you and your family

Secure Net protects you and your family from harmful internet content and malware when on the Vodafone mobile network. It works across all devices and is simple to set up and use, giving you peace of mind while browsing.

Protect your family

Parental controls lets you control and restrict access for your child.

Protect your data

Secure Net helps protects your devices data from viruses.

Prevent virus & attacks

We'll warn you against visiting websites that offer harmful files to download.

Manage your internet

Secure Net lets you manage the amount of time your children spend on the Internet.

Simple pricing

RED, RED Extra, RED Super, RED Super Extra, RED Connect, RED Connect Super Free for the first 12 months €0.99 per month thereafter
Other bill pay and PAYG plans Free for the first 3 months €0.99 per month thereafter

There's no installation required and all platforms and browsers are covered.

Manage all your device security online from a single site.

Works on any device
Secure Net works on any device on the Vodafone mobile network – smartphone, tablet, or mobile broadband hotspot.

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