• Vodafone Business UC with RingCentral
  • Interactive Voice
  • Direct Routing with Microsoft Teams
  • SIP Voice Services
  • Vodafone Business UC with RingCentral:
    Making communication easy

    Flexibility for Modern Businesses:
    In today's world, flexibility is crucial. Vodafone Business Unified Communications (UC) with RingCentral provides a flexible, complete communication and collaboration platform that empowers businesses to stay in control and boost efficiency.

    Key Features:

    • Enterprise-grade calling: Seamless, high-quality calling ensures effective communication. 
    • HD video & audio conferencing: Host virtual meetings with high-definition video and audio.
    • Real-time messaging & file sharing: Instant messaging and secure file sharing keep teams connected.
    • Comprehensive analytics: Gain valuable insights to optimise performance.

    Business Benefits:

    • Seamless connectivity: Strong communication with clients and employees, regardless of location.
    • Secure access: Work securely on desktop or mobile from anywhere.
    • Flexible options: Tailor features, pricing, and licenses to fit your needs. Integrate with your CRM or preferred collaboration app, such as Microsoft Teams.
    • Enhanced productivity: Improve productivity and adapt quickly to changing business needs.

    Ready to Transform? Call 1800 855 696 to speak with a Vodafone Business agent.

    Key benefits of Vodafone Business UC with RingCentral

    computer and landline desk set up

    Single, cloud-based solution

    Vodafone Business UC with RingCentral includes video, phone, messaging, and analytics. Our intuitive design makes it easy for your people to remain productive while working anywhere, any time, and on any internet-enabled device.

    Cost management

    Streamline your operations and get one single bill for your communication tools. Vodafone Business UC with RingCentral eliminates the need for separate services and allows your business to focus on the bigger priorities.

    Scalable solution

    Deliver a reliable and secure communications experience with high-level SLAs while managing all your services through a single, centralised self-service portal. Easily adapt and scale at your own pace.

    Why choose Vodafone Business for Unified Communications?

    Single, trusted partner

    Vodafone's wider portfolio can be used to get the most out of your UC solution, with interoperable solutions in Cloud, 5G, and IoT helping your business to reach its full potential with a single, trusted supplier.

    Award-winning partnership

    RingCentral's unified comms platform is trusted by millions of users and businesses all around the world, being named as a Gartner UCaaS Magic Quadrant Leader for nine years running.

    24/7 support

    We provide tailored business support, including order and account management, billing, and customer services. Our professional and managed services teams get to know your business and recommend the right solutions for your challenges and ambitions.

    Woman in wheelchair using laptop

    Start your unified communications journey
    for a flexible and efficient work environment.

    To learn more about Vodafone Business UC with RingCentral,
    speak to your Vodafone Account Manager or request a call back.

    1800 383 830

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    Frequently asked questions

    If you're interested in the Vodafone Business UC with RingCentral but have more questions, call us at 1800 383 830

    What businesses can use Unified Communications?

    Vodafone Business UC with RingCentral is available to both new and existing Vodafone Business customers. It is designed to meet the needs of any type of organisation in any industry.

    What technology does my company need to use for Unified Communications?

    To use Unified Communications, all you need is an internet-enabled device, so that you can connect to our cloud-based platform.

    How secure is Unified Communications?

    Vodafone Business UC uses RingCentral’s core Message Video Phone™ technology, which is trusted by thousands of business users across the globe. With multiple layers of built-in enterprise-grade security – compliant with local and international data security and data processing regulations, European data centres and 99.99% service uptime guaranteed – our solution provides one of the most advanced, secure, and intuitive communications solutions on the market.

    What voice and video quality can I expect?

    By using trusted methods to convert audio and video to IP technology, we will make sure your calls and video travel smoothly over the internet. Your audio and video calls will be in high definition (HD), meaning that you’ll be able to see and hear every important detail, retaining connection in the most challenging network connectivity via mobile data or limited fixed connections.

    Do I need Vodafone Business Broadband to use this service?

    Although we recommend using Vodafone Business Broadband for the best user experience, you may also use another network provider.
  • Vodafone Interactive Voice:
    Transforming your customer
    experience through intelligent voice technology

    As digitisation continues to evolve at pace, businesses are seeking innovative solutions with intelligent voice technology to deliver national and international voice communication services with greater speed andflexibility.

    When your business delivers services either globally or locally, it is important to ensure a seamless customer experience and that no customer gets left behind, wherever they are.

    However, to provide a flexible and hassle-free experience for your employees, while keeping them connected with all your customers, your business has to find ways to always be within reach.

    Vodafone Interactive Voice: The Intelligent Way to Connect with Customers

    Vodafone Interactive Voice makes it easier than ever for your customers to reach you.

    Buy an 0818 or 1800 number from Vodafone Business and with a simple, self-serve portal, you can build call flows to ensure your customers are routed to the right department first time, wherever they’re calling from.

    Calls can be routed to a mobile, call centre solution, on-premises telephone system or cloud voice solution.

    With detailed, historical calling reports also available, you benefit from the right insights to help you continually deliver an even better customer experience.

    Key benefits of Interactive Voice

    Seamless customer experience

    Buy a local 0818 or 1800 number from Vodafone Business and customised call flows mean you can route incoming calls to the right department or mobile device, wherever they’re calling from.

    Hassle-free management

    Buy, manage, and route your inbound numbers with Vodafone Business. Historical calling reports help you make the right decisions to improve your operations and customer experience.

    Worry-free deployment
    Hosted in the cloud, your service is ready to go and grow when you are, without needing to invest Capex upfront. In-built resilience and redundancy means you can always count on a consistent experience.

    Man on phonecall using wired earbuds

    Why choose Vodafone Business for Inbound Voice?


    Benefit from a 99.999% service availability guarantee for the delivery of calls thanks to our fully resilient network, which ensures less congestion and a higher level of service.

    Expert support

    Improve your business communications with Interactive Voice Response structures and prompts, recordings, agent scripts, and more provided by our expert team.

    Stay in control

    Access and adjust your call plans as you prefer, even on the go, with our intuitive management tools and monitor performance with our easy-to-use reporting tools.

    Make it easy for your customers to
    reach you wherever they are.

    To learn more about Vodafone Interactive Voice,
    speak to your Vodafone Account Manager or request a call back.

    1800 855 696

    Want us to call you?

  • Direct Routing with Microsoft Teams: Unlock the benefits of seamless external communication to and from Teams

    The transition to a largely remote workforce has seen more and more people use their mobiles and make telephone calls over the internet for work. This has contributed to Microsoft Teams being the go-to enterprise collaboration platform, with 115 million daily active users as of October 2020.

    What’s more, the physical office is in a state of flux and an on-site phone set-up is being used far less or not at all. Now is an opportunity for businesses to save money and loosen the constraints of a traditional phone system to truly embrace flexible working.

    With businesses under increasing pressure to cut costs, using Microsoft Teams as a phone system has the potential to unify communication systems and allow organisations to get even more from their Microsoft investment, while offering much more flexibility for the future.

    Vodafone Direct Routing and the Power of Microsoft Teams
    Phone System

    Vodafone Direct Routing with Microsoft Teams is a unified communications service that integrates the telephone network with Microsoft’s Office 365 environment in a single, secure cloud-based system.

    Vodafone Business delivers direct routing to Microsoft Teams’ cloud-based platform to enable external calling to and from Microsoft applications on any device, essentially empowering the platform to act as a fully-fledged phone system.


    Key benefits of Direct Routing with Microsoft Teams

    Boost productivity

    Simplify and enhance the experience for your employees by joining up all their internal and external communications, so they can stay productive and responsive to colleagues and customers wherever they are.

    Reliably secure

    Get peace of mind with a solution that has been designed with security and reliability in mind to offer high levels of call protection and availability.

    Simple management

    Make managing your voice services even easier, while reducing costs and gaining the agility to rapidly adapt to changing demands, with a cloud-based service that can flex and scale as your needs change.

    Woman working on laptop in conference room

    Why choose Vodafone Business for Direct Routing with Microsoft Teams?

    Superior voice experience

    By leveraging the Vodafone network, our Microsoft Teams voice experience is built with enterprise-class performance firmly in mind, following Microsoft best practice and ensuring the level of call performance and availability you can rely on.

    Trusted partner

    All the convenience of a trusted partner who can fully support your digital transformation, with an extensive range of best-in class voice, connectivity, cloud and security services.

    Fully accredited

    Rely on a fully accredited carrier with a rich heritage and experience in the delivery of Microsoft Unified Communications solutions.

    Discover how your business can
    unlock these benefits 

    To get started with Direct Routing with Microsoft Teams, speak to your Vodafone Account Manager or request a call back.

    1800 855 696

    Want us to call you?

  • SIP Voice Services: Simplify your fixed voice and data services, gaining greater control and cost savings at the same time

    As more and more businesses pay closer attention to their long-term transformation and continuity plans, the benefits of bringing together their voice and data networks to deliver new efficiencies, greater flexibility and value for money become increasingly relevant.

    What is SIP Voice Services?

    SIP Voice Services, also known as SIP trunking, is a technology that lets businesses make and receive phone calls over the Internet. It works by using a protocol called Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) to set up, manage, and end voice calls. Instead of relying on traditional phone lines, SIP Voice Services transmits calls using an internet connection, offering features like lower costs, advanced call functionalities, and clearer audio quality.  This makes it a cost-effective and feature-rich alternative to traditional phone systems for businesses.

    SIP Voice Service offers a robust, reliable way forward to solve these challenges. It enables your data, voice, and video calls to be delivered over your IP network, instead of physical ISDN or POTS telephone lines. With SIP at the heart of Unified Communications, you’re ready to explore the best that communications technology has to offer, today and tomorrow.

    Vodafone Global and National SIP Voice Services provide a highly dependable, enterprise-grade replacement for traditional voice services that consolidates them into one centrally-managed service.

    They are delivered either over dedicated data circuits, via internet or cloud-to-cloud. These choices allow for growth and resilience in connecting your business communications or call-centre environment, regardless of whether they are on-site or in the cloud.

    In addition, Vodafone Business also provide inbound connectivity terminating on your LAN network, resulting in an efficient and cheaper way of handling all your inbound requirements, be it voice or internet access for your business.


    Key benefits of SIP Voice Services

    Value for money

    Value for money: Running voice over Vodafone SIP Voice Services means you avoid costly telephone lines to handle your calls and reduce your operational overheads by managing your voice and data networks centrally.

    Connected teams

    Benefit from high quality, reliable calling across your business. Our leading IP network technology guarantees consistent, dependable voice across our footprint, backed-up by our network to make sure you’ll have maximum uptime.

    Greater control

    Scale your service as your business expands, or boost capacity if you need to meet a sudden increase in demand. You’ll also have access to reporting dashboards through our online portal, bringing you new levels of insight to help inform your decisions.

    Why choose Vodafone Business for SIP Voice Services?

    Global scale

    We operate one of the largest, most resilient voice and data networks globally. Vodafone’s Global SIP solution is currently available in 20+ countries, where you’re covered by a single global contract, backed by a multilingual support desk.

    Uninterrupted business

    We know how important it is to avoid downtime. You’ll experience no interruption to your existing service during deployment, and we’ll carry out end-to-end testing prior to delivery and proactively monitor your service afterwards to ensure a smooth transition.

    Trusted partner

    All the convenience of a single, trusted partner who can fully support your digital transformation, with an extensive range of best-in class voice, connectivity, cloud, and security services.

    Powered by 100% renewable energy

    Switch to a flexible, reliable and cost-effective voice service today.

    Contact your Vodafone account manager or request a call back to learn more about SIP Voice Services.

    1800 855 696

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