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Networking and Connectivity on Vodafone IE

Networking and Connectivity

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  • Software Defined Wide Area Network
  • Managed Local Area Network
  • Dedicated Internet Access
  • Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network
  • Mobile Private Networks
  • Empowering Secure Growth with Advanced 
Network Solutions

    More businesses are making the move to cloud-based technology and using Unified Communications, Dig Data and IoT. This means that more businesses now need a faster, more reliable, and flexible network connection that propels them forward.

    With a global increase in malware, as well as more businesses moving to a hybrid work approach, there is a need for better visibility and control of the applications being used across your network. However, it can be difficult to find a network solution to keep your business secure and reach its full potential.

    This is where Vodafone Business can help.

    Vodafone SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network) is a game-changing, all-in-one network technology that allows you to manage and scale your connectivity the way you want it through a single interface. With flexible network connectivity and optimised resource allocation across your organisation, you can supercharge your productivity, innovation, and growth.

    Having one experienced provider that can handle end-to-end service delivery and management, means spending less time managing multiple suppliers and more time on the things that matter most to your business.

    Vodafone SD-WAN offers the ultimate evolution of your network.

    Key benefits of SD-WAN

    shipping container being lowered on to ground

    Remove the complexity

    Vodafone SD-WAN provides you with a single, comprehensive view of your entire network infrastructure. Gain real-time insights into your network demands, allowing you to proactively resolve issues before they affect your business.

    cars on motorway at night

    your business

    You can update your security rules effortlessly across all devices and locations, making sure your network will remain secure. Rapid threat detection and response keep your valuable data safe, allowing you to focus on your business.

    road maintenance worker

    is money

    Vodafone SD-Wan recognises the value of both time and money. By giving you user-control over your network, you can optimise resource allocation, saving valuable time and reducing unnecessary expenses.

    aerial city view


    Businesses must adapt quickly to changing customer demands, and Vodafone SD-WAN allows you to do just that. Easily change your network bandwidth to match your evolving business and application needs.

    Why choose Vodafone for SD-WAN?


    Work with an experienced provider that can handle end-to-end service delivery and management while you have day-to-day network control. Vodafone SD-WAN is a single, centralised network solution with easy set-up and simple management.

    Peace of mind

    Vodafone is continually recognised as a “Leader” for network services by both Gartner and Forrester. With over 30 years’ experience in delivering WAN services, Vodafone has a local presence, global scale, and extensive service delivery experience.

    Tailored innovation

    Vodafone’s range of innovation across network security, hosted unified communications, cloud services and web services means we can help you to define a network solution that solves your specific business problems at a pace that suits your organisation.

    Three steps to SD-WAN success

    1. Innovation workshop and assessment
    An in-depth session led by our SD-WAN experts, with interactive presentations, innovative live demos, and guided discussions. This includes a one-to-one consultation to learn of your business priorities and assess how Vodafone SD-WAN can work for you.

    2. Demo and Proof of Concept
    A personalised demonstration allowing you to identify the SD-WAN capabilities and functionality your business and team needs while incurring zero operational risk or disruption.

    3. Deployment
    All the local, national, and international support you need to go live wherever you are, whatever your goals. Deploy Vodafone SD-WAN at a pace and scale that suits your business, prioritising both security and quality of service.

    Man walking around city with smartphone in hand

    Embrace the power of Vodafone SD-WAN

    To get started on your SD-WAN journey, speak to your Vodafone account manager or request a call back.

    1800 855 696

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  • Managed LAN:  
    Keep your business productive and secure
    with a connection you can rely on, no matter what


    The way we connect with each other has changed. Network demands have never been higher as rising device usage and bandwidth demands increase pressure on networks. Digital-first thinking has become the norm as customers and businesses shift online to stay productive and demand for connectivity hits new peaks.

    To ensure business continuity, your organisation needs a robust and secure connection that can handle growing demands. Additionally, you need clear visibility of access points across your entire network.

    While the value of high-quality connectivity has never been more evident, the potential costs and complexity for organisations to navigate in delivering this connection have never been greater.

    What if there was a simpler, smarter, and more secure way to experience this type of connectivity?

    Introducing Vodafone Managed Local Area Network (LAN), a solution that delivers a smart and secure connectivity experience to support your people and your business.

    Our Managed LAN solution is secure, dependable and backed up by our expertise and partnerships with leading network infrastructure manufacturers. Whether you’re looking to invest in a new LAN or get support for your existing network, we can design, install and manage your equipment and network infrastructure for you. Leaving you free to focus on other strategic IT priorities in your business.

    We take full responsibility for the day-to-day management of your network, meaning that you’ll be fully supported by our expert teams and have access to key reporting tools.

    Why choose Vodafone for Managed LAN?

    Peace of mind

    Monitoring systems will identify an impending failure and alert the right engineers to start work on the solution before anyone notices there’s a problem.

    Single Provider

    Achieve total confidence in dealing with a single trusted partner for all your communications with one consistent service experience.

    Tailored Support

    Every business is different. That’s why we offer tiered support services that can be tailored to fit your needs. Just choose the features that best suit your business.

    Key benefits of Managed LAN

    Secure, reliable access

    Our LAN solutions provide all the equipment and support you need, meaning your users will have reliable and secure access to business systems, from email to SAP, from any device.

    Predictable operating costs

    Your bills will be based on the number of devices or ports used each month, making it easy to control your costs. This also means you can budget for the future should your business needs change.

    Increased IT staff productivity

    We look after the day-to-day running of your LAN, leaving your IT staff to concentrate on future-focused strategic initiatives.

    Warehouse worker pulling trolley full of sealed boxes

    Keep your business productive and secure

    To get started on your Managed LAN journey, speak to your Vodafone account manager
    or request a call back.

    1800 855 696

    Want us to call you?

  • Dedicated Internet Access (DIA):
    Experience a reliable, high-speed internet
    connection just for your business

    Reliable internet is a vital component for every modern business. With the growing demand for cloud-based services, your company’s link to the internet has become even more crucial to its productivity and growth.

    However, sharing this bandwidth with others can slow you down and hinder productivity, sometimes with severe consequences for your operations.

    When you need to go beyond what standard broadband can offer, Vodafone Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) provides the reliability, speed and stable connectivity needed to help move your business into the fast lane.

    With DIA, you’ll never have to share your connection or compete with public web traffic thanks to our uncontended service dedicated to business customers. And with service speeds from 10Mbps to 10Gbps, you can choose the service that suits your needs.

    DIA is ideal if your organisation depends on a reliable connection for business-critical services, whether that’s simply hosting your own website or using your connection for online sales, VoIP (Voice over IP) services, cloud-based applications or large file transfers.

    Key benefits of Dedicated Internet Access?

    Exclusive connection

    Get 100% of the bandwidth you’re paying for, ensuring that your download and upload speeds are the same. Business-critical applications stay connected thanks to 24/7 support and service monitoring.

    Unlimited access

    There are no restrictions on monthly usage or additional charges for large files, making it ideal for hosting your own website, managing email efficiency or supporting business-critical applications.

    Tailored speed

    Choose from 10Mbps, 100Mbps, 1Gbps or 10Gbps bandwidths for a connection speed that suits your business. A ‘burst’ option provides extra bandwidth to meet unexpected peaks in demand, while throttled ports let you prepare for planned growth.

    Why choose Vodafone for Dedicated Internet Access?

    Built for the cloud

    Vodafone’s network is directly connected with some of the largest cloud providers in the world, such as Google, IBM and Microsoft, with 99.999% uptime for quicker access to data and cloud services.

    Performance reporting

    We give you full visibility of how your online assets are performing with a range of reports covering port utilisation, availability and connectivity performance, accessed through a dedicated customer management portal.

    Always-on support

    We offer a dedicated DIA provisioning team to get you up and running, our expert support team on hand 24/7 to help make sure you stay connected and always in control.

    Warehouse worker in hi-vis pushing trolley with filled cardboard boxes

    Discover exclusive internet connection

    To get started on your DIA journey, speak to your Vodafone account manager
    or request a call back.

    1800 855 696

    Want us to call you?

  • Secure and Scalable Connectivity: Empower Your Business with Vodafone IP VPN

    Connectivity is the backbone of any national or global organisation. The ability to connect the largest HQ, the smallest home office, the largest public data centre or the local shop is imperative to the operation of any business, allowing employees to be productive and deliver the optimum performance.

    With the workplace as we know it fundamentally changing, it is more important than ever to choose an IP VPN solution that reflects the changing needs of your business and can support the dynamic environment in which you operate.

    Vodafone Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network (IP-VPN) makes it simple for your employees to connect securely to business applications, in the office, in the field or at home.

    When availability and data privacy are top of your list, Vodafone Business IPVPN is a solid, worry-free network that keeps your information separate from the rest of the world.

    IP-VPN gives you a secure private network using the latest fixed and mobile access technologies, so your business can enjoy cost-effective connectivity, with options for remote and mobile access.

    An assured Quality of Service (QoS) means that you can prioritise business-critical applications, phone calls and video traffic, and the service is scalable to grow and adapt as you need it to.

    Key benefits of IP VPN

    Secure Connection

    Protect your business-critical data from cyber-attacks and security breaches by providing a secure private connectivity across your organization right to where you need it.

    Reliable Performance

    Support bandwidth-hungry applications such as video and livestreams run smoothly even at busy times because our Quality of Service can prioritise time-sensitive and business-critical applications.

    Business Efficiencies

    Take pressure off your IT team with an easy to manage single platform and guaranteed reliably. Save costs by running video, voice and critical apps run over one secure and flexible network.

    Why choose Vodafone for IP-VPN?

    Single Point of Contact

    Our extensive portfolio means that you only need to deal with a single provider for all your communications, with one consistent service experience.

    Always On Support

    We can design, deliver and support your IP-VPN, providing 24/7 proactive monitoring, as well as support, incident and service request management with up to 99.999% site availability SLAs.

    Award-winning services

    We’ve consistently ranked as a “Leader” in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for “Network Services, Global” for the past five years.

    engineer at wind farm

    Get started with IP-VPN

    Speak to your Vodafone account manager

    1800 855 696

    Want us to call you?

  • Mobile Private Networks:
    Unlock new potential for your business without limits on location

    With the drive towards digitisation, businesses are changing the way they operate through intelligent allocation of people and automation of processes, technology and even workspaces to improve operational efficiency.
    People are better connected, systems are simplified and more efficient, and data plays a key role in day-to-day work.

    For many businesses, high-performance devices and applications, such as drones, robots and self-driving vehicles are the norm, but existing connectivity options can often fail to keep pace with industry demands.

    In the era of Industry 4.0, WiFi simply does not meet the performance or security requirements of complex industries, such as Manufacturing, Logistics, Energy or Healthcare.

    Vodafone Mobile Private Networks (MPN) can deliver on these new possibilities for next-generation businesses.

    What is a Mobile Private Network (MPN)?

    A Mobile Private Network (MPN) is a dedicated business network built to cover a specific location using 4G and 5G technology, which gives your business the additional capacity of a more reliable and secure connection designed to support business-critical services, as well as the creation or integration of new applications.

    A MPN can transform the way that your organisation works, offering a more secure, scalable and robust alternative to WiFi with immediate, real-time responsiveness, guaranteed bandwidth and quality of service, along with a local, protected data flow.

    Unlock the limitless potential of your business with Vodafone Mobile Private Networks.

    Key benefits of MPN

    Privacy and Security

    Our MPNs provide you with peace of mind and all the end-user security of a private mobile network, keeping your data safe since it does not leave your site.

    Guaranteed Reliability

    Assured SLAs with guaranteed quality of service and high availability, all in a super-low latency connection, our MPNs deliver the most reliable service, the best performance and minimal downtime in supporting your business-critical use cases.

    Enhanced Efficiency

    MPN empowers connected workers with real-time monitoring, ensuring data-driven decision-making that optimises workforce performance and resource allocation.

    Discover the impact of Mobile Private Networks across industries.

    Read how these Irish businesses have benefitted from MPN.

    Deploying Industry 4.0 with Irish Manufacturing Research

    Vodafone's 5G MPN provided IMR with the communications backbone to reshape the layout of their manufacturing research centre, going beyond their limits with low latency, high bandwidth, and reliability crucial for critical applications. This move from fixed-line networks to 5G wireless offers flexibility and cost-efficiency, ensuring secure connectivity across manufacturing operations via licensed spectrum.

    Learn more.

    Vodafone employee speaking with Paul O'Connell outside the IRFU's Private 5G connected van in France
    Vodafone employee speaking with Paul O'Connell outside the IRFU's Private 5G connected van in France

    Enabling high performance for the IRFU

    The Irish Rugby Football Union (IRFU) teamed up with Vodafone’s cutting-edge 5G MPN technology so the coaches, analysts, and players could get performance feedback in real-time to enable enhanced decision-making. This technology delivers broken down information and organises unstructured data, presented in a clear manner, which helps them understand the performance of the plays and overall team, without delay.

    Learn more.

    Why choose Vodafone for MPN?

    All-in-one solution

    Our team of experts will design and manage end-to-end solutions for your company, leaving you time to focus on your core business needs.

    A trusted network

    We operate the world’s largest fully owned network with built-in security as
    standard and more than 175 million IoT connections globally.

    Award-winning services

    For the ninth consecutive year, we’ve been named a worldwide "Leader" in

    Gartner Magic Quadrant for Managed IoT Connectivity Services.

    Woman looking at smartphone
    Construction workers speaking together with tablet in one person's hand

    Three steps to success

    1. Needs Assessment

    Our experts will work closely with your business to understand its unique requirements. By evaluating your industry, operational needs, and existing systems, we tailor an MPN solution that aligns perfectly with your goals.

    2. Tailored Connectivity

    With MPN, you gain access to a private reserved coverage powered by 4G and 5G technologies. This elevated level of connectivity provides the foundation for secure data flow and high-performance operations. Whether you're tracking assets, utilising robotics, or integrating augmented reality, we'll configure the network to fit your exact needs.

    3. Seamless Integration

    Our dedicated team ensures a smooth integration process. From setting up connected worker systems for efficient communication to establishing real-time control mechanisms for devices, we'll collaborate to make sure your MPN implementation is flawless.

    Connect your business

    Enjoy fast, secure and low-latency connectivity
    while we manage everything end-to-end,
    with 24/7 support.

    1800 855 696

    Want us to call you?

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