We have made big changes

We’ve improved how you access your bill and made it simpler for you to navigate. With our new and improved bill layout you can do all your account management from one place.

Here’s some important information you need to know.

A new digital experience, more control in your hands

Improved Billing

We’ve improved how you access your bill and made it simpler for you to navigate.

New Bill Look
Bills will now be stored online; you can easily access them whenever you need. You will receive a ‘Bill Ready’ notification via email or SMS when your bill is available.

A Digital First Experience
All your billing documents, including statements, monthly invoices, credit notes and once-off charge invoices, can be accessed online, available to view for up to 12 months. This way we can provide you with a digital first experience while also helping you process your bills in a more eco-friendly way.

One Invoice
All mobile subscribers will be on one consolidated invoice at customer level.
A statement report will be available to access online and view your balance.

Download a bill example here

New Enhanced Security

We’ve also made some changes to your account.

New Security PIN
You will be provided with a new security PIN and Customer Number. This new customer number is required to access your bill online via the My Vodafone portal.

New Account Access
We have a new tiered system for account access. It allows you to apply restricted access to identified employees for specific functionalities on your account.

Please see below for details on our new roles.

Simplified digital experience

A Simplified Digital Experience

We’ve improved your digital experience. With My Vodafone, you will have access to a one stop shop for placing orders and service requests so you can do more online without needing to contact our service team.

Features include:

  • Bulk order functionality
  • Digital solution for care journeys
  • View latest stock and inventory
  • Access 24/7, 365
  • Trace request status, receive notifications on orders placed and status change
  • Advance search feature to view previous orders placed in the past

We need you to re-register

You will receive a new customer number. Once you have received your new customer number you will need to re-register on the My Vodafone online portal.
Re-registering is simple and is only needed once. Follow our 4 simple steps to register. 
Access our My Vodafone Portal
Select Register > Enter email address (this must be the login option on the contact) > Select send
Set up your account with new details
6 Digit token sent via email
(token is valid for 15 minutes)
Enter code > Select Next
Create new password
Create new password > confirm the password > Agree to T&Cs >
Select continue
Login to My Vodafone
Start making the most of our new and enhanced platform

Discover more about our new roles



Primary contact has all admin rights available, only one Chooser allowed per account
Sub Chooser

Sub Chooser

Same access rights as Chooser.
You can select multiple Sub Choosers on an account
Billing Admin

Billing Admin

Access to billing information, invoices, reporting and payment flows on account
Hardware Admin

Hardware Admin

Access for ordering handsets, sim cards and accessories. No access to billing

Log in to your My Vodafone account now
to access your billing analytics

Under the Billing section click on “Billing Analytics”. This will bring you directly into ECA (Enterprise Cost Analytics) where you will be able to
access your Dashboards and Reports for all of your customer accounts.

Video 1 - ECA Billing and Analytics Tool - Introduction

Video 2 - ECA Reports introduction

Video 3 - ECA Invoice

Video 4 - ECA Usage

Video 5 - ECA Services

Video 6 - ECA Saved Reports

Video 7 - ECA Hierarchy

Frequently asked questions

How will my billing change?

Your bill will now contain charges for the specific bill period only, e.g. July period only. There will be no outstanding balance or payment history with your new monthly bill.  However a dynamic statement is available online through your My Vodafone account.

How can I view my bill?

Once you have reregistered, by logging into the My Vodafone portal you will have access to all your billing documents.

When will I recieve my bill?

Bills will be issued a little later than usual, between 5-7 days. Payment terms will extend to reflect this. You will receive a notification to log-in to My Vodafone when your bill is ready to securely view and download. 

Will I lose service?

No, you will not lose any service on your devices during this process 

How will I know when I can order again?

You will receive a confirmation notification either via email or SMS to confirm that the migration has successfully been completed on your account

How do I pay my bill?

There are no changes to how you will pay your bill and no changes to your bank account details.

Will I be informed/reminded when the limited activity will begin and end?

Yes, you will receive an email reminding you of the start date when activities are limited and an email when your update is complete, and activities may resume as normal.

How do I update to the new bill format as I have an automated bill processing system? 

To update your automated bill processing system, download the new bill format and update/recreate your script/code to process the new bill. Thoroughly test your new bill processing script/code before deploying it to your live system. Once you receive your new bill after the designated bill date, check that the bill has been correctly processed by the new script/code.

How do I re-register to the My Vodafone online portal?

Look out for the instructions and re-registration link that we will email to you after we have successfully migrated your account to the new system.

How will I know if my account changes are successful? What happens if they are unsuccessful?

We will notify you by email whether your account migration has been successful/unsuccessful and outline the steps to be followed in each case.

Will I need my old customer number for anything?

Yes, you may need your old customer number to access any billing history from prior to the migration event via the old system.
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