How mobile is Mobile Broadband? 

How mobile is Mobile Broadband? 

Summary: Learn exactly how mobile Mobile Broadband can be in keeping your business connected from anywhere.

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With work increasingly being something we do rather than somewhere we go, being able to stay connected has never been more important.

But what is the solution if work requires you to move from place to place, or if you can’t get access to reliable fixed-line broadband service? Sure, you can ‘hotspot’ a connection from your phone or piggyback on someone else’s Wi-Fi network, but what if there was a better solution?

Mobile Broadband is a service that piggybacks on the same data network smartphones connect to but is delivered in a manner more like a fixed-line service. And because it’s based on mobile technology, it’s possible to connect to it anywhere a smartphone can pick up a data signal.

Connect From Anywhere

“Mobile Broadband works like a fixed-line product in that it uses a modem which is delivered to the customer and which they plug into any power point on their premises. It connects to the same mobile data network usually used by mobile phones but has some crucial advantages,” said Jennifer Hickey, Mobile Broadband Proposition Manager for Vodafone.

“The first is that, unlike a smartphone, a Mobile Broadband modem broadcasts internet connectivity using Wi-Fi wherever it’s plugged in. Because this works like any other Wi-Fi network, it means more than one device can connect at the same time. You can run an entire office off it.”

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Working from home and need to make a business-critical video call? Plugin your Mobile Broadband modem to a power socket and off you go. Using a serviced office space and don’t want to install permanent infrastructure? Again, plug it in when you need it and take it with you when you leave.

While a single smartphone can broadcast a ‘hotspot’ to allow another device to connect to the internet through its built-in modem, there are limitations to what this will allow. Connecting like this typically drains a phone’s batteries quickly and secondly, if a voice call comes in while a data connection is active, the connection will drop. 

Not an ideal solution for anyone trying to run a business. In contrast, a dedicated Mobile Broadband connection operates independently and stands on its own.

Simple Solution

“While we do offer dongles that will allow people to connect laptops to the internet, those are really for people who are on the move non-stop. But if you’re in a location where it’s not convenient to get a fixed-line solution or where one isn’t available, then Mobile Broadband is the product for you,” said Hickey.

“It’s an extremely simple system to use. It’s literally a modem that has one cable and a plug. You plug it in, insert a SIM card and you’re good to go. Using the network is the same as connecting to any other Wi-Fi network. You just select the network on your device and put in the password provided.”

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The system works anywhere it’s possible to connect so it’s easy to test the strength of a signal in a prospective location by using a smartphone.

“There are a few apps you can download that will measure the strength of the 4G or 5G network in your location, so you can check exactly what download and upload speeds you’ll get access to before opting for a Mobile Broadband device,” said Hickey.

In addition to offering more stability, Mobile Broadband is a fixed-cost offering with two possible modems available to Vodafone customers under a 12-month contract. The first is 4G capable and can be used in any location where a 4G data signal is available. It is included in the cost of the Mobile Broadband package while the second modem carries a fee of €81.27 ex VAT. 

Hickey added: “If a customer is in an area that has access to a 5G data signal - something that can be tested with a smartphone - then they can use this 5G modem to take advantage of faster download speeds and the ability to connect more devices at the same time.”

From Broadband to Business Apps, learn more about the products and solutions to help you reimagine your business.

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