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Best coverage available

Our commitment to continuous testing and improvement means that with Vodafone you'll get the best coverage available. We are committed to maintaining our position as one of the lowest dropped call operators in Europe. Vodafone is currently Ireland’s leading network:

  • More than 99% population coverage for Voice, Data and Text
  • More than 90% 4G coverage in every county
  • Recently awarded Best for Voice and Best for Data in a national benchmark exercise
  • The widest HD voice coverage footprint in the market
  • Always innovating - first to bring new technologies to the Irish market e.g. Sure Signal, 4G+, HD Voice


4G data expansion

We are also continuing to expand our Data network to bring customers 4G data wherever they currently have voice today. Our customers enjoy the widest 4G coverage and now even faster with 4G+. With HD voice, our customers were among the first to experience the clearest call quality in Ireland.

Awards for network 

As part of independent testing by the international benchmarking company, P3, Vodafone has been awarded

  • Best in Test for Voice
  • Best in Test for Data
  • Best Network in Test. 


Vodafone roaming has a customer guide available giving all the relevant information for customers while roaming. This guide can be obtained through our retail agents or from our Customer Service Representative. Our roaming guide complies with the GSM Europe code of conduct, giving details of roaming with all our roaming partners for various call scenarios, charging units, peak and off-peak. In addition to this information our Customer Service Representative will be happy to answer your enquiries on roaming.

Enquiries on charges for roaming may involve us contacting our roaming partners for further information. Where we cannot resolve your enquiry in the initial contact we will, where it is within our control, resolve your enquiry within five working days. When we have to contact our roaming partners we will keep you informed of progress.

International Roaming - Find out how much roaming to your destination will cost here

Network Interface Publications 

In compliance with the European Communities (Radio Equipment and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment) Regulations (S.I. 240 of 2001) and in accordance with Article 4.2 of the Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (R&TTE) Directive, public telecommunications network operators are required to publish accurate and adequate technical specifications about their interfaces. The information supplied must be sufficiently detailed to allow the design of telecommunications terminal equipment capable of using all services provided through the corresponding interfaces. To fulfil this obligation, the Network Interface Publication (Microsoft Word document, 160KB) contains the relevant information necessary to specify Vodafone's various radio network interfaces. The structure of the document has been informed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute guidelines for describing radio access interfaces (ETSI EG 201 838).
Notwithstanding this investment, you may experience temporary or intermittent coverage or connectivity problems on our network. For example, congestion can lead to dropped calls or network busy messages. Network outages can also occur for various reasons such as systems failures, storm damage, or third party damage to infrastructure.
Our customer care teams will assist you in identifying the reason for a network problem and, where it is within our control, arrange to rectify the problem. Our Vodafone Network Crew is our team dedicated to managing and resolving network-related queries where they happen. Where the reason for the problem cannot be identified on the initial call, we will commit to letting you know the reason for the problem and our proposed resolution within five working days of your initial call.

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