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Complaint escalation

At Vodafone, we are passionate about customer service.

Our top priority is always customer satisfaction. If you feel that we’ve fallen short of this, then we want to know about it. We’ll work with you to put things right and we will always try to use your feedback to improve things where we can.

We are committed to addressing all complaints fully and fairly and in a reasonable timeframe.

Customer advocacy and complaint escalation

If you have a query then our customer service teams are the best positioned to help you. You can contact them through any preferred channel here.

However, if you believe your query has not been resolved to your satisfaction, please ask to be referred to a manager or team leader. A Vodafone team leader/manager may be available to speak to you immediately or you can request a call back within 24 hours. (Please indicate a time that suits you.)

If, after speaking to one of our team leaders or managers, you still feel that we have not dealt with your complaint appropriately or you wish to appeal a decision, please ask for a complaints reference number.

You can then use this reference number to submit a complaints/appeal form on the link below. This will be reviewed by our Customer Advocacy department who will then contact you.

Click here to submit a complaint through our online complaints form.

Please note that all complaints requiring compensation, whether a re-imbursement or a settlement payment, are made on an individual per case basis and applied as usage credit on a customer’s invoice.


Process for online purchase disputes

Vodafone will always endeavour to resolve your complaint to your full satisfaction through our Customer Service channels. However, in the instance of complaints which only relate to an online purchase, which you have attempted to resolve via our Customer Service channels and still have not achieved an adequate resolution to your complaint, you may access the EU Online Dispute Resolution Platform.

This platform facilitates the online resolution of contractual disputes between EU consumers and traders over purchases made online.

• You can access the platform at this link here
• A consumer can then complete the online complaint form and submit it. The relevant Vodafone email address for this is
• Following this, an Irish Alternative Dispute Resolution entity will be designated to manage the resolution of the complaint between Vodafone and you, the consumer.

Click here to submit a complaint through our online complaints form

Vodafone Ireland disconnection policy

Vodafone issues its bills once a month, with the payment due date printed on the bills. Bills for mobile and fixed services that are not paid within the credit period, and are still due after the expiry date, will be liable for disconnection without further notice.
Where amounts are in dispute, Vodafone will progress the dispute in adherence to its Code of Practice. Where the undisputed amount is paid, Vodafone will not disconnect. Upon resolution of the dispute, any amount deemed due by Vodafone will become payable immediately, where it is outside the credit terms of the original bill.
Code of Practice - Read more about our Code of Practice for Customer Care here.


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