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Data Spend Caps on Vodafone IE

Data Spend Caps

Control your costs when you're abroad

We've introduced data roaming spend caps and notifications to help you manage your data roaming when abroad.

How much are spend caps set at?

The standard spend cap is €60 (€61.50 for pay as you go customers). For bill pay customers there is also a roaming upper spend cap set at €360.

How do they work?

We'll text you when you reach about 75% of the spend cap limit letting you know how much you have spent. If you then reach the spend cap limit we'll send you another text letting you know that we have capped your data usage.

Can I exceed these spend caps?

  • To exceed the €60 spend cap (€61.50 for pay as you go customers) : text PASS CAP to 50193.
  • To exceed the €360 upper limit spend cap (bill pay only) : text PASS UPPER LIMIT  + your PIN to 50193. Your PIN is the last 4 digits of your customer number. If you extend the upper limit spend cap, we will continue to charge you according to your price plan for data usage beyond the cap.

How do spend caps work with RED Roaming?

When you sign up to RED Roaming, you get 200MB of data a day included. Any extra data you use will contribute to the spend cap and notification. €1.35 of each daily access fee incurred is contributed towards the €60 spend cap (€61.50 for pay as you go customers).

Opting in and out of spend caps

You're automatically opted in to data spend caps and notifications. You can opt out at any time, but we don't recommend it as they're in place for your benefit—to avoid high data charges when you're abroad. If you choose to opt out of the spend caps, your roaming plan will not be affected.

How to opt out

  • To opt out of the €60 spend cap (€61.50 for pay as you go customers): text NO EU CAP to 50193.
  • To opt out of the €360 spend cap (for bill pay customers only ): text NO UPPER LIMIT + your PIN to 50193. The PIN is the last 4 digits of your customer number.
  • To opt out of the spend cap notifications: text NO NOTIFY to 50193.

How to opt back in

  • To opt back in to the €60 spend cap: text YES EU CAP to 50193.
  • To opt back in to the €360 spend cap (for bill pay customers): text YES UPPER LIMIT to 50193.
  • To opt back in to the spend cap notifications: text YES NOTIFY to 50193.
Data spend caps and notifications include VAT and are applied to your monthly billing period. Beyond the €360 spend cap, no further spend caps or notifications will be available. Data roaming spend caps terms and conditions apply.

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