Pay as you go add ons

20GB Data

20GB of 4G data
Text DATA to 50233



Unlimited calls
Text TALK to 50233


5GB Data

5GB of 4G data
Text 5DATA to 50233



400 international minutes
Text 15INTER to 50233


All pay as you go add ons

Add on

Price      Validity

  Text to 50233

5GB Data

€5       28 days


20GB Data

€15      30 days


100 international minutes

€5        28 days


400 international minutes

€15     28 days


100 any network minutes

€5       28 days


Unlimited any network minutes

€15     30 days


Unlimited any network texts

€15     30 days



Eligible countries for international add ons

Albania Cyprus Israel Pakistan Sri Lanka
Anguilla Czech Rep. Italy Palestinian Territory. Occupied Sweden
Antigua and Barbuda Denmark Jamaica Peru Switzerland
Argentina Dominica Japan Philippines Taiwan, Province of China
Armenia Dominican Republic Kuwait Poland Thailand
Australia Egypt Latvia Portugal Trinidad and Tobago
Austria Estonia Lebanon Puerto Rico Turkey
Bahamas Finland Lithuania Romania Turks and Caicos Islands
Bahrain France Luxembourg Russian Federation Ukraine
Bangladesh Georgia Malaysia Saint Kitts and Nevis United Kingdom
Barbados Germany Malta Saint Lucia United States
Belgium Greece Mexico Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Vietnam
Bermuda Grenada Moldova Saudi Arabia Virgin islands. U.S.
Brazil Hong Kong Montenegro Serbia and Montenegro  
Bulgaria Hungary Montserrat Singapore  
Canada Iceland Netherlands Slovakia  
Caman Islands India New Zealand Slovenia  
Chile Indonesia Nigeria South Africa  
China Iran Northern Ireland Landlines
(048 prefix)
South Korea  
Croatia Iraq Norway Spain  

Data roaming

Travelling outside Europe - RED Roaming gives you unlimited calls and texts back to Ireland as well as to numbers in the country you’re visiting, plus 200MB of data from as little as €2.99 a day. You only pay for the days you use abroad and there is no need to opt back out when you get home. To opt-in text RED to 50020.

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