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Sky Sports Mobile TV

What is Sky Sports Mobile TV and how do I get it?

What is Sky Sports Mobile TV?

Sky Sports Mobile TV is a range of mobile services and applications enables subscribers to get the latest sports news, views and video in the palm of their hands. 

You can experience every thrilling sporting moment on the move with Sky Sports Mobile TV live on your smartphone (Android and iOS) from just €6.99 per month with no lock-in contract.


How do I get Sky Sports Mobile TV?

If you are a bill pay customer you can sign up for Sky Sports Mobile TV by texting SKY to 50221. You will then receive an SMS with instructions to follow


You can also sign up to a RED Connect plan and choose the Sky Sports Mobile TV as your extra service. Once you change your plan, you will then receive an SMS with instructions to follow.You can download the app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store depending on your device. The app is not available on Blackberry or Windows devices.


What if I already have a Sky Sports Mobile TV account?

If you already have an account with Sky Sports, you will need to cancel your subscription with them and then subscribe again through the link sent to you by Vodafone.

How much data does Sky Sports Mobile TV use?

Sky Sports Mobile TV streams at a max of 400kb/s, roughly 180MB data usage per hour. e.g. 3GB would be approx. 1000mins or 8/9 full matches.

As per usual, we would recommend using WiFi where possible to make sure you don't go over your data allowance.

I'm a mobile broadband customer, can I get Sky Sports Mobile TV?

No. Sky Sports Mobile TV Content Add ons are only available to be used for phones.

How do I cancel Sky Sports Mobile TV?

Every month you will receive an SMS with a link to cancel, 5 days before your subscription is renewed.

I'm having issues with Sky Sports Mobile TV

I forgot my password

If you forget your password then just follow the instructions on the Sky Sports Mobile TV app under 'reset password'. Or you can go to the Sky webite to reset or recover your details.

General Problems

Most issues with the Sky Sports Mobile TV service that can’t be fixed by logging out and back into the service, can be fixed by reinstalling Sky Sports Mobile TV. If problems persist beyond these, contact Vodafone customer care on 1907 (Bill Pay) or 1747 (Pay As You Go).

Where and what devices can I use Sky Sports Mobile TV on?

Can I use Sky Sports Mobile TV abroad?

Sky Sports Mobile TV is only available to use within Ireland and cannot be used when roaming in foreign countries.


Can I use Sky Sports Mobile TV on other devices?

No. Sky Sports Mobile TV is only available on your Android or iPhone smartphone.

Spotify Premium

What is Spotify Premium and how do I get it?

What is Spotify Premium?

Spotify is a music service that allows you to discover, manage and share all of your music, all of the time. Spotify Premium gives you instant access to millions of songs on all your devices with no ad’s. Just hit play to stream anything you like from the Spotify library, or sync all your playlists and listen to your favourite music when you’re offline.

How do I get Spotify Premium?

We have a number of options. Bill Pay customers can sign up to a Red Connect plan or purchase the monthly add on. Spotify premium comes with extra data for all customers.  To sign up to a Red Connect plan click here, to buy the add on text SPOTIFY to 50221.Simply go to from your mobile device’s browser to download the app.Once you have signed up for the Spotify add-on or the joined a RED Connect plan, you will be sent a text to go to 

Difference between Spotify and Spotify Premium?

Spotify premium allows users to access all the music in the Spotify catalogue without having to listen to advertisements.  Premium users also have access to creating playlists in offline mode so that they are not using their data allowance or require an internet connection.  It can be used on numerous devices and has higher quality sound (higher bit-rate up to 320kbps)

How much data does Spotify use?

Downloading playlists over 3G or 4G can use up a lot of data, so we encourage customers to set up their playlists over WiFi.  Syncing one track is approx 3 MB, 5 minutes of streaming music when not in offline mode is approx 3MB.

Where and what devices can I use Spotify Premium?

Can I use Spotify abroad?

Yes. With Spotify Premium, you have unlimited enjoyment of Spotify, without ads, in any country.If you want to minimise cost when you go away, you can download and store music in Spotify before you go – including your playlists, and use the app in offline mode.


Can I use Spotify on another device?

Yes. Spotify Premium can be accessed on tablets, PCs, Macs and Connect TVs. Simply download the app and log in with your Spotify details. Only one device at a time can stream content. When you log in, you’ll be prompted to make that the main device.

What if I’m already a Spotify Premium customer?

RED Connect plans

You can still avail of our offers, and you do not need to create a new account.  When you sign up to one of our Red Connect plans, cancel your Spotify subscription and on the date the subscription expires, use the link you received in the Vodafone SMS to sign up.


Spotify Add-on

If you buy the add on, cancel your subscription and then sign up via or text SPOTIFY to 50221 to get the link.  You will not lose your playlists once you have cancelled your subscription, it will revert to the free service until you sign up via our website.

I’m having problems with my Spotify Premium

General Issues

Most issues with the Spotify service that can’t be fixed by logging out and back into the service, can be fixed by reinstalling Spotify –


Credit card is still being charged

If you already have a premium account with Spotify, signing up through Vodafone will not automatically replace that account.  You must cancel your subscription with Spotify and sign up through the Vodafone website.


Other problems

Other problems can be fixed by browsing Spotify FAQ’s – The Spotify community can also be very helpful for specific queries –

How do I activate my Spotify Premium?

Already have a Spotify account?

Click on the activation link to bring you through to the Vodafone entertainment portal and click “Get Spotify Premium” and accept the terms and conditions.Next you will need to link your Spotify account or, if you haven’t used Spotify previously, create a Spotify account. 
If you already have a Spotify account you can use your existing log in details. If you’re already a Premium subscriber, cancel your existing subscription and re-activate through Vodafone once your current subscription expires.


Don't have a Spotify account?

If you haven’t used Spotify previously, you will need to create an account using an email address and password of your choice. Download the app to your smartphone and login to begin enjoying Spotify Premium. 

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