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Vodafone TV PLAY and Set Top Box features

Vodafone TV PLAY Welcome Guide

If you are a new Vodafone TV Play customer this Welcome Guide will bring you up to speed on everything you need to know to get started.

What is Restart TV?

Vodafone TV offers a feature called 'Restart TV'. Now you can restart your favourite Live TV shows.  Simply press the 'OK' button wherever you see the icon (restart) icon to start from the beginning.

Restart TV is subject to content licenses agreements. Certain shows may not be supported.


What is Google Assistant?

Google Assistant allows you to control your TV using your voice. Your set-top box comes with a built-in microphone that can capture your voice commands.

To activate Google Assistant, you can simply say "Hey Google" or "OK Google" out loud. 

Your remote control must be paired via Bluetooth for the microphone to work. To pair the remote to the TV box via Bluetooth, hold the Number 3 DEF icon (Number 3/DEF) button and the Yellow button (Yellow) button for 5 seconds.

Alternatively, if you prefer using the remote control, it has a microphone icon (Microphone) button for voice input. Pressing that button will let you start talking to Google Assistant.

Once activated, you can ask Google Assistant to do various things, such as:

Movies and TV shows: "Play ‘Stranger Things’ on Netflix "

Apps: "Open YouTube."

Search: "Search for dramas." "Find sci-fi movies."

Playback: "Pause." "Stop." "Resume."


How do I use the Google Play Store?

To access the Google Play Store and download Apps, you must sign in using your Google credentials. There are two ways to sign in -

  • During the installation process on the TV screen using your remote
  • Visiting the Google Play store app in the Apps menu on VTV


Once you sign into your Google account you can download Apps from the ‘Google Play Store’ app on your TV.

Downloading Apps

  1. From the “Apps” section select the Google Play Store app.
  2.  Browse or search for the app you want to download
        • To browse: move up or down to view different categories.
        • To search: At the top of the screen, select search


3. Select the app or game you want to download

4. To install the app or complete your purchase, follow the on-screen instructions.

If you have trouble with a purchase, you should try a different payment method, like a credit card or PayPal.

Please note, some apps may have licencing restrictions, for example Channel 4 & BBC do not allow downloads in Ireland.

Need more help? Please visit the Google Play Help Centre.


What can I do on My TV Zone?

“My TV Zone” is in the “Apps” section of the Menu. On this app you can manage your NOW TV subscriptions, register devices for the Vodafone TV App, and order or remove additional TV boxes.

In this area, you can:

  1. ​Activate their NOW Membership Pass.
  2. Purchase and cancel NOW TV subscriptions (standalone passes only)
  3. Purchase additional multi-room devices which will be added to your Vodafone bill. If you have multiple TV boxes, they will appear here.

In this area, you can manage your mobile devices or tablets that are linked to your TV account.


How do I use my own TV sound instead of the TV speaker?

Go to > Settings > System Settings > Device Preference > Display and Sound > Audio Processing > Output to HDMI

What is the Bluetooth Audio Player App?

If you have a Bluetooth device, you can connect to your Vodafone TV PLAY via Bluetooth.

Remote Control

How do I pair my remote control with my TV?

The remote control supports commands via Bluetooth and Infrared. To pair the remote to the TV box via Bluetooth, hold the 3def-icon (Number 3/DEF) button and the yellow button icon (Yellow Button) button for five seconds. Your remote must be paired via Bluetooth to use all Google Assistant features with the microphone button.

If you didn’t choose to pair your remote during the First Time Install process, you can easily do so in the Settings section. Pair your remote anytime: 

Settings > System Settings > Remotes and accessories > Add remote control.


Main menu and TV guide

How do I access the main menu?

Press the home button icon (Home) button or 'left' arrow on your Vodafone remote control to access the menu. The menu allows you to access all your favourite content as well as search and settings.

How do I access the TV guide?

The EPG button icon (EPG - Electronic Programme Guide) button on the remote control will bring you to the TV Guide. You can also access the TV Guide from the ‘On Now’ tab in the main menu.

What is Energy Saving Mode?

The energy saving mode allows the Vodafone TV PLAY box to consume less energy when placed in standby mode. In order to maximise energy savings, some functionalities, such as the Google Assistant, or music playback via a Bluetooth connection, are turned off, making it impossible to use them when the device is in energy saving mode.

If you want to use these features with the television turned off, you must deactivate the energy saving mode. To enable or disable energy saving mode, go to “Settings > System Settings > Device Preferences > Energy Saving” and select “the desired option.


Can I pause live TV?

Yes. Press the Play/Pause button and then press it again when you are ready to continue watching. Pause of a live TV programme is set for 90 minutes.

Can I rewind live TV?

Yes, if you want to go back to see something again, press Rewind. You can rewind back to the point at which you started watching the programme.

What are Live TV filters?

This shows live previews of what’s on across all channels, on one screen.

7 Day Catch Up

What is 7 Day Catch Up?

7 Day Catch Up allows you to watch programmes you've missed over the past 7 days (content rights permitting).

Press the Home button icon (Home) button and scroll across to access ‘Catch Up’ TV.

There are 4 categories here; ‘View All’, ‘Resume Viewing’, ‘Most Popular’ and ‘Channels’. Press 'OK' on the remote to see the programmes in each category.


Why aren't some programmes available on 7 Day Catch Up?

7 Day Catch Up is subject to content licence agreements and certain shows may not be supported, which means they cannot be included in our 7 Day Catch Up.

Discover Section

What is the discover section and how do I get it?

In the ‘Discover' section, you can access specifically selected programmes that are ‘worth watching’ or view ‘what’s worth recording’ in the next six days. Press the 'Menu' button and scroll across to access the 'Discover' section.

Restart TV

What is Restart TV?

When you see the Restart icon(Restart) icon beside a live TV channel or beside the name of a programme on the TV Guide, press 'OK' and you will be brought back to the start of the TV programme of your choice.

Restart TV is subject to content licence agreements. Certain shows may not be supported.


Can I record a restarted programme?

In some cases, you will be able to record a restarted programme. However, certain shows may not be support due to content licensing agreements.

Can I pause a restarted programme?

Yes. You will be able to pause a restarted programme where content rights allow.

Please note that you may not pause the programme for a duration any longer than the programme length. This is due to content licenses agreements.


Why is there a set viewing period on a restart programme?

Once a programme has completed live transmission it is no longer considered a restart item.

This is due to content licence agreements.

However, some of these programmes may be included in our 7 Day Catch Up service.



How do I record a show or series?

Press the Record button icon (Record) button to instantly start or schedule a recording where content rights allow.

You can easily schedule recordings of programmes and series through the TV Guide whenever you want. Simply select the programme in the TV guide and click the Record button icon (Record) button.

To access your recordings, go to the main menu by clicking on the Home button icon (Home) button. Then scroll down to "My TV" until you reach the "Recordings" section.   

In your recordings you will find all the series and programs recorded. By clicking on each series, you will enter the catalogue of episodes available for that same series. 

Note: Recordings are automatically deleted after 30 days by contractual obligation. 


Why won’t some channels let me record shows?

We’ve switched to cloud recording instead of recording content on the TV box, and due to content licensing agreements, you can’t record certain shows on the cloud.

However, we have all the key Irish players (RTE Player, Virgin Player, TG4 Player) on our TV box for a seamless experience across the live TV and streaming world. 

We also have 7 Day Catch Up to ensure that you don't miss any of your favourite shows.

To find your favourite shows at any time, head to the ‘Apps’ section or the TV Guide to find:

  • RTÉ Player (channel 150)
  • Virgin Media Player (channel 170)
  • TG4 Player (channel 180)

How does cloud recording work?

Vodafone TV PLAY offers you a cloud recorder capable of recording up to 500 hours of content. You can access your recorded content up to 90 days. 

After that, the content will be automatically deleted from our cloud.


What channels don’t let me record shows?

  1. RTÉ One
  2. RTÉ 2
  3. RTÉ + 1
  4. RTÉ 2 + 1
  5. Channel 4
  6. E4
  7. E4 Extra
  8. BBC One
  9. BBC Two
  10. BBC Four
  11. BBC 2 NI
  12. More4
  13. Film 4
  14. Sky Sci-Fi
  15. RTÉ News
  16. BBC News
  17. Sky News
  18. CNN
  19. Sky Sports Racing
  20. RTÉ Jr
  21. CBBC
  22. Cbeebies
  23. MTV Music
  24. 4Music
  25. The Box Music
  26. Magic
  27. Kerrang
  28. Kiss

How do I search for my favourite TV show?

When in the Home button icon (Home) menu, scroll up to the search icon.

Type the name of the programme you want to watch using the arrows on your remotecontrol.


Can I transfer my existing recordings from the old TV product to the new TV product?

No, you will not be able to carry over recordings to Vodafone TV PLAY.


How do I get to Settings?

Press the Home button icon (Home) button and scroll to the top right to access 'Settings'.

Here you can configure settings for ‘User Profiles,’ ‘Subtitles,’ ‘Audio Output,’ ‘Parental Controls’ and more.


What’s the parental PIN?

The initial PIN is "1111".

To configure parental locks, go to "Menu > Settings > Parental Control". 

If you choose to deactivate the PIN code, all purchase operations and content are unprotected.


How do I reset the parental PIN?

If you wish to change this PIN go to 'Settings'. Parental settings are only applied to the individual set-top box. To apply a PIN to multiroom boxes, you will need to repeat the above step on all individual boxes.


How do I get subtitles?

You can manage Accessibility options in Settings, such as Audio Language, Default Language and Audio Description.  

To turn on Subtitles: “Settings > System Settings > Device Preference > Accessibility > Captions”.


Useful Information on Vodafone Play TV Features 

Why can't I use Catch Up, Restart and Record for some programmes?

Some content providers restrict their programmes to be available for Catch Up, Restart and Record on both the Vodafone TV Box and on the Vodafone TV App.

If trying to fast forward, rewind or pause a restricted programme, a message will appear in the top right of the screen that says:

Due to content provider restriction, Fast Forward/Skip back/Play/Pause feature is not available.


If trying to record a programme that is restricted by the content provider, this message will appear:

Not possible to record this event.


To see the top channels rights summarised, see below:


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