Vodafone Graduate Programme 

Help us connect for a better future

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Vodafone Graduate Programme

Our Vodafone graduates dream big and innovate with heart to empower people through technology. Whatever your passion, your talent or your educational background, you can rest assured that the experience you need to build your career is available within one of our seven tailored streams. 

Join us and together we can connect for a better future.

Dare to make a difference

Graduate Cafe

During your 18-month placement, you will experience two rotations within your chosen stream.

Develop professionally and personally alongside some of the best minds in the industry, honing your collaboration skills and functional expertise.




Available streams


Our transition to a Tech Comms Company means that there has never been a more exciting time to join our Technology stream.

As we move more towards focusing on digital engineering and in-house development right across our network and end-to-end services, IT and software engineering is becoming a critical skill in driving us forward.

Whether we are buying in quality solutions, building our own unique customer experiences, or inventing the future of communications.

Business Management

We need to make sure that we analyse the market needs, develop the right products and services, and deliver it to our customers as fast as we can while striving for perfect customer experience and excellent brand recognition.

Get hands-on experience in:

  • Project Management,
  • Process Improvement
  • Business Transformation Programmes
  • Product Introduction
  • Organisation Design

and much more!    


Digital Design  

‘Digital First’ is a key pillar of Vodafone’s strategy. As part of this stream, you will experience first-hand how this is brought to life.

As a Digital Design candidate, you will get exposure to all aspects of this area such as:

  • Supporting the UX/UI teams in the creation of digital-first content
  • Developing creative concepts and design plans for several platforms
  • Leveraging current technologies to enhance the customer shopping experience


At Vodafone our Finance teams are central to decision making throughout the business, whether that’s for our customers or our employees.

Finance isn’t just about the numbers anymore; it’s about applying them with a commercial focus.

Whatever you excel at - whether it's facts and figures, building business cases, management analysis, crafting partnerships or supporting business-critical decisions – our Finance stream covers it all!  



Be part of the Data Revolution with a business that combines the agility and spirit of a start-up with all the resources and opportunities of a global corporate.

Deep dive into the data analysis of a top TechCom and help us bring the impossible to life through insight and design.


Marketing and Communications  

Candidates in this stream will support us to strengthen our position as an admired company in the eyes of our customers, shareholders, and employees.

Our Marketing Communications graduates are customer obsessed, innovation hungry and ambitious.

Candidates will work in areas such as:

  • Market Research
  • Product Management
  • Segment Marketing
  • Pricing
  • Customer Value Management
  • Brand Management
  • Customer Experience
  • Service Design
  • Segment Marketing

Corporate Security 

Within the Corporate Security stream you will learn the pivotal role that our teams play in safeguarding Vodafone Ireland, our customers, and employees within the current corporate climate. As a corporate security graduate you can experience working in a variety of different fields such as:

  • Cyber Security
  • Regulation
  • Privacy
  • Risk and Compliance

Here's what our graduates say

Graduate application timeline

Application form


Graduate Programme applications open

Video interview.


Applications close and evaluation of video interviews begin 

Vodafone HQ


Assessment Centre 

Programme Begins.

September 2024

The Graduate Programme begins!

Interested in life at Vodafone?

A fun job with serious benefits

At Vodafone, we believe it’s our job to make sure that our employees feel comfortable bringing their full selves to work. To help create that environment, we take our benefits seriously.

Besides enjoying a competitive salary, Graduates can tailor and take control of their own benefits package.

Whether you want to pick the hybrid working hours that best suit you, spend up to 20 days working abroad or level up your physical and mental wellbeing through our onsite and virtual Wellness Centre facilities, we’ve got it covered!

Location icon.

Hybrid working, flexible working hours & working abroad options 


Onsite wellness centre 


Birthday day off


Exclusive discounts for you, your friends & family

3 additional charity days leave 

Discover the Vodafone purpose pillars

At Vodafone, we look towards three pillars to shape the purpose of everything that we do. We use these beliefs to create, innovate, and deliver exceptional products and outcomes for both our customers and employees.

These pillars are also at the core of all our graduate projects and inform our ways of working to allow us to connect for a better future.

Digital Society

Digital Society

We believe in a connected, Digital Society where data flows at speed connecting people, communities and things to the internet like never before so we can all connect for a better tomorrow. 



We believe that business performance should not come at the cost of the environment. We are positive and optimistic that together we can create a future where good business and doing good are the same thing.

Inclusion for all

Inclusion for all

We believe that the opportunities and promise of a better digital future should be accessible to the many, not the fortunate few. We are an equal opportunities employer where you can bring your full self to work.

How does the Graduate Programme work?

Who are we looking for?

All you need to bring to the table is an interest in technology and a passion for innovation.

Regardless of your experience, if you're brimming with bright ideas, then we're brimming with excitement to meet you.


How long is the graduate programme for?

The Programme runs for 18-months, kicking off early September 2024. Graduates will become eligible to apply for fulltime roles within Vodafone upon programme completion.

How do the streams work?

Every candidate can apply to only one of the streams offered. You will select this stream when completing the application form. During the 18-month placement, graduates will experience 2 rotations across the business in roles that are relevant to their stream. These rotations could be within any area of the business but the projects you will work on will always be relevant to your chosen stream.

What do I need to make an application?

How do I apply?

Applications open September 2023 and close in November 2023.  

  • Step 1: Your digital application form and CV will allow us to get to know you and your background of experience.
  • Step 2: Psychometric testing will see you solve some gamified challenges looking at your numerical, verbal and logical skills. This tells us all about the way you work to solve problems. We are not just interested in what you do, but how you do it!
  • Step 3: You will then be asked to do a video interview with some competency-based questions. This lets us know your motivation to join the programme, whether you are the right match for the Vodafone culture and to explain more about you past experiences.
  • Step 4: Our Assessment Centre in January where you will learn more about our culture, interview with our team and partake in a group exercise.

Remember when applying that we want our employees to feel comfortable bringing their full selves to work, so feel free to let your unique personality and passions shine through every stage of your application!


Do I need a work permit to apply for the Vodafone Graduate Programme?

In order to be considered you must be in possession of an Irish working visa. If you require a work permit or visa it must be in effect from the 1st September 2024 and remain valid for the duration of your 18-month placement. You must also be living in Ireland for the duration of your time at Vodafone to benefit from our head office and hybrid experience.

If you were educated outside of Ireland make sure you state your exact qualifications on your CV, stating an equivalent to a 2:2 in an undergraduate degree (in any subject) or a merit in a postgraduate qualification.

Unfortunately, if you do not meet the criteria then we are unable to proceed with your application. If you are unsure if your visa will allow you the unrestricted right to work in the Irish Market, please email the youth team on youth.recruitment@vodafone.com


Do you take extenuating circumstances into account on applications?

Yes, if you feel you have extenuating circumstances or any other special considerations for assessment please contact us at youth.recruitment@vodafone.com

What will the online interview involve?

You will have a 15 - 20 minute video interview including motivation and competency based questions. The video will start and questions will appear. You will have time to answer and record your answer – you will have 3 chances to record each answer so don’t worry if you don’t get it right the first time! Make sure you do it in a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted!

Motivations Question: We want to know why you think Vodafone is the right place for you to launch your career. we think it's great here but we want to know why you want to join us so make sure to tell us why you chose our Graduate Programme specifically and what you’d like to get out of the experience!

Competency Based Question: Every answer should draw on your work experience, extra-curricular activities and student life. Please try to use examples from your most recent roles or situations. This will make it easier for you to recall some of the details.

Please be very specific about your contribution as an individual when you are giving an example.

We would like you to outline each situation by breaking it down using the STAR technique:


  • Situation (what was the context)
  • Task (what tasks or components were involved in the situation)
  • Actions (what did you do, how did you do it, what was your thought process)
  • Result (what was the outcome of your actions)





How does the application process work?

Can I withdraw my application if I change my mind?

Yes. Just drop us a line at youth.recruitment@vodafone.com and we will remove your application, but you will still be registered on our candidate database.

How soon after each stage will I hear if I've been successful?

Within a week. If we’re particularly busy it may be slightly longer, but we’ll always let you know in advance.

What should I wear on Assessment Centre day?

Smart casual is fine. We don’t expect you to come suited and booted.

Can I re-apply if I am unsuccessful?

We ask that you don’t re-apply for the same Programme (i.e. for the Graduate Programme 2024), but you are more than welcome to apply for the next Graduate Programme when we open for applications.

What will happen if I am offered a place?

Where will I be working if I am successful?

Vodafone operates in a hybrid working model. This means that you will spend part of your time in the office and part of your time working for home within Ireland. The breakdown of this is normally up to you and your manager. Our head office, where you will be working, is in Leopardstown, Dublin. If you use public transport, we are on the Green Luas line at the Central Park luas stop.

Will you want employment references if I get a place?

Yes. You'll go through a number of verification tests, covering current and previous employment, education, residency and relevant professional qualifications. If the results of these don't add up with what you've told us, we'll have to take back our offer.

Can I apply for other jobs in Vodafone when I am on the Graduate Programme?

The graduate programme is for 18 months. You will be eligible to apply for full time roles in the organisation a few months before you officially finish the programme.

What if I need to chat to someone about a question I have?

If you have a concern or a technical issue, which has not been covered on the site or in these FAQs, and you’d prefer to chat to us, then email youth.recruitment@vodafone.com
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