Vodafone Summer Internship Programme

Your passport to the ultimate summer experience

Summer vibes and career strides

Soak up success with the Vodafone Summer Internship!

During our paid three-month internship, you will have the opportunity to apply your classroom learnings to real life business scenarios.

With Vodafone, you can network with professionals, gain invaluable experiences, and most importantly, have some fun!

Some of Vodafone's future leaders meeting on our Internship Programme

Internship application timeline

Application form

February 1st

Internship programme applications open

Video interview.

February 29th

Applications close and evaluation of video interviews begin 

Vodafone HQ

March 2024

Virtual experience day and assessment

Programme Begins.

June 2024

The internship programme begins!

Vodafone business units

You'll find yourself working in any of our seven business units. You’ll be matched to roles within these diverse departments based on your passion, talent and prior experience.


The HR department is made up of various teams covering a multitude of employee needs such as;

  • Learning and Development, 
  • Internal Communications, 
  • HR Services, 
  • Employer Branding, 
  • Talent and Development, 
  • Recruitment, 
  • Diversity and Inclusion, 
  • Health and Safety, 
  • Property and Facilities, 
  • Reward and Payroll.

HR touches all parts of the business as it supports and drives the company both internally and externally in making Vodafone Ireland a great place to work. HR has worked on ground-breaking policies such as our LGBTQ+ and Domestic Violence policies which are award winning and unique ensuring that all employees can bring their full selves to work every day.



The Finance business unit is responsible for protecting the financial integrity of the company whilst also driving optimum business performance. This is done by ensuring that all the financial obligations of the company including proper financial reporting, tax compliance, audit, billing and regulatory rules are complied with.  

On the other hand, the Finance BU works in partnership with the rest of the business to ensure that business performance is optimised through delivering revenue growth whilst also ensuring that the business is operating in a lean and efficient manner. The budgeting process and the business partner model that Finance operates delivers on these key goals



Commercial Operations

Commercial Operations is responsible for ensuring our customers receive exceptional support in relation to any queries they may have about their Vodafone products & services.

This is done through creating the very best customer experience through designing simple customer journeys & processes across all customer facing channels and also through ensuring that our contact centre agents have all they need to be able to resolve customers’ queries first time, every time.

Commercial Operations also act as the voice of the customer, ensuring that customer feedback on our products & services is captured and shared with the business in order to continually improve the customer experience.


Vodafone Business

Vodafone Business is responsible for marketing, selling, building and delivering solutions to our business customers. Our business customers can range from Small, Medium Businesses to Large Enterprise customers and the Public Sector. We scale the complexity of our products to suit our customer’s need.

Vodafone Business has a range of roles from; Sales and Delivery, Account Management and Solution Design. The products that we offer our customers can be; Fixed and Mobile, Cloud and Hosting, Fixed Data and Voice as well as Wide Area Network solutions.

We support our customers by offering them solutions to meet their business needs.



The Strategy & External Affairs Business Unit maintain Vodafone’s reputation by promoting the work Vodafone does and act as guardians of the reputation and commercial interests of Vodafone, putting the customer at the core of everything we do. We aim to shape the direction of a purpose led Vodafone, maintaining its reputation by shaping policy, embedding risk management, privacy, security and compliance frameworks, managing corporate affairs, legal and regulatory requirements and driving foundation and sustainability activities.

The business unit is made up of Legal, Regulation, Foundation and Sustainability, Wholesale & Corporate Development, Corporate Affairs, Privacy and Corporate Security, Risk and Compliance.



The Consumer Business Unit is responsible for 1.6m customers across Ireland, delivering 570m revenue for the business. At a high level, the team are responsible for; driving a deep understanding of our customer’s current and future connectivity needs, creating products and services which help our customers get the most out of their digital lives, the channels which they choose they to buy from us in, ensuring the have a great experience once they join our network and building an emotional connection with Irish consumers through our brand.

The business unit is made up of Marketing, Brand, Sponsorship, Sales, CVM, Devices, Digital Operations and Product and Services.



The Technology department is responsible for the network, IT infrastructure and services which supports out mobile and fixed services. The teams range from networks, IT, performance governance and demand and Technology operations.

The network team cover the physical network of mobile and fixed including site planning, maintenance and network projects that offer services to our customers including 5G and our award winning Broadband.

IT infrastructure and services are responsible for the platforms and applications that our customers use and also for the maintenance and delivering all the services. Ranging from billing and customer care front end platform. They also deliver projects throughout the year to support new capabilities and our strategy especially around digital with a focus on convergence.

Technology Operations ensures all services and networks are running at their optimum capacity. They also support customer care desks and field teams and work with our vendors

The Performance and Governance Demand team cover how we are performing against our KPIs and govern the architecture and processes. This can relate to a range of aspects from engineering to project management and big data.



Embrace a world of thrills and skills that will help you grow your career

The world is changing fast. Now is the time for innovation and digital empowerment. Vodafone provides a global platform for over 50 million people to connect and make things happen worldwide daily. We create amazing success stories alongside some of life's most epic moments. We help to improve the world and change our customers' lives for good.


Life as a Vodafone intern

We have created an environment where you can look forward to coming to work and are empowered to be at your best.

We offer flexibility in how you work that helps you do your job in a way that suits you, opportunities to help you grow and progress throughout your career and a choice of benefits to suit your lifestyle.





A fun job with serious benefits

Here at Vodafone we want you to be able to bring your full self to work. That is why we are serious about benefits.

When you join the internship programme, you will enjoy a competitive salary and experience the Vodafone lifestyle.

The benefits of being a Vodafone employee go beyond working for a global tech company and include our new Evolve platform which is a robust programme that takes care of everything you need from mental wellbeing to physical fitness and everything in between.



Location icon.

Hybrid working


Onsite wellness centre and gym

Graduate opportunities upon completion

Working abroad icon.

Working abroad options

Exclusive discounts for you, your friends, and family

1 charity day

Here’s what our interns say    

Endless opportunity - sounds exciting, right? Join us here!


What do I need to make an application for the Internship Programme?

Who is eligible for the Vodafone Summer Internship?

The Vodafone Summer Internship is open to students who will be returning to education upon completion of the programme. To clarify, the following categories are eligible:

  • Students in the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd year of a 4-year undergraduate degree
  • Students in the 1st or 2nd year of a 3-year undergraduate degree
  • Students in the 1st year of a two-year Master’s degree
  • Students in their final year who will be pursuing a Master's degree in late 2024

What does the application process involve?

When you apply for the Vodafone Internship Programme, you will be asked to fill out an application form. This allows us to get to know you and your background of experience! You will attach your CV here so make sure it is in top shape!

Successful candidates will be then asked to take part in an online video interview, which you can read more about below. The last round is the Virtual Experience Day where you will be invited to an online assessment centre to conduct your final round interview and team work exercises. You will also get to meet with Vodafone employees who will tell you all about life at Vodafone.


Do I need a work permit to apply?

Everyone who applies must be fully eligible to work in Ireland for 3 months or more from the start date of the role. If you have applied for a work permit, it must be in effect from the 1st June 2023.

Do you take extenuating circumstances into account on applications?

Yes. If you feel that you have extenuating circumstances, please contact us at youth.recruitment@vodafone.com

I was educated outside Ireland - can I still apply?

Yes of course! Make sure you state your exact qualifications on your CV before you upload it. Please ensure that your qualifications are equivalent to a 2:2 in an undergraduate degree (in any subject).

Any tips for when I am making an application?

Applications are made via a standard electronic application form. This needs to be completed as thoroughly as possible so take your time when going through this so you answer it to your very best!

You will be asked to provide initial information such as your personal details and education, and there will also be some further questions which are necessary to complete in as much detail as possible.

These are designed to capture information about your motivation to join our Internship Programme and to understand your competencies in some of the areas we feel are important for all our employees to possess.


How do I answer the motivation questions?

When answering the first question you may wish to tell us about the reasons you chose the Internship Programme at Vodafone. Think carefully about the information you provide.

How do I answer the competency-based questions?

To answer the competency based questions you should draw on your work experience, extra-curricular activities and student life! Please try to use examples from your most recent roles or situations. This will make it easier for you to recall some of the details.
Please be very specific about your contribution as an individual when you are giving an example.
Your responses should be structured in a particular way. We would like you to outline each situation by breaking it down into the following parts (STAR):

  • Situation (what was the context)
  • Task (what tasks or components were involved in the situation)
  • Actions (what did you actually do, how did you do it, what was your thought process)
  • Result (what was the outcome in that situation)


How does the application process work?

Can I withdraw my application if I change my mind?

Yes. Just drop us a line at youth.recruitment@vodafone.com We will remove your application, but you will still be registered on our candidate database.

How soon after each stage will I hear if I've been successful?

Within two weeks. If we’re particularly busy it may be slightly longer, but we’ll always let you know in advance.

What will the online interview involve?

You will have a 15 - 20 minute video interview. It would be really beneficial to think about why Vodafone is the right place for you - we think it's great here but we want to know why you want to join us. The video will start and questions will appear. You will have time to answer and record your answer – you will have 3 chances to record each answer so don’t worry if you don’t get it right the first time! Make sure you do it in a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted!

It’s useful to structure your answers using the STAR technique (Situation, Task, Action, Result). We are looking for you to explain a little bit about the situation you were in, the task you were trying to complete, the action you personally took to get to a resolution, and the result of your efforts. This helps us to really understand the example you're referring to.

If you have any difficulty contact: youth.recruitment@vodafone.com



What should I wear to the Experience Day?

Smart casual is fine. We don’t expect you to come suited and booted.

What will happen on the Experience Day?

The Experience Day will involve a group exercise, a face to face interview and lots more. You’ll get the opportunity to meet lots of our people, both senior level and current graduates. You’ll get the chance to find out what it is really like to work on our youth programmes at Vodafone. You will also be given exclusive insight into what you’ll be doing in your day-to-day roles if you join us.

If I attend the Experience Day when will I hear if I have been successful?

We’ll let you know as soon as we can, usually within two weeks but this may be longer depending on the volume of applicants.

Can I re-apply if I am unsuccessful?

We ask that you don’t re-apply within the same recruitment season (i.e. placements starting in June 2023), but you are more than welcome to apply for the next Internship Programme when we open for applications.

What will happen if I am offered a place?

Where will I be working if I am successful?

Vodafone Ireland has adopted a hybrid working model, of 60/40. This breaks down to two days of the week in our head office, located in Leopardstown, Dublin 18, and the other three day are spent working from home.

Will you want employment references if I get a place?

Yes. You'll go through a number of verification tests, covering current and previous employment, education, residency and relevant professional qualifications. If the results of these don't add up with what you've told us, we'll have to take back our offer.

Can I apply for the Graduate Programme when I am on the Internship Programme?

Interns are allowed to apply for our graduate opportunities upon completion of their current programme. This intake will be applying for our 2024 intake of Graduates.

Who can I contact about the Internship Programme?

What if I need to chat to someone about a question I have?

If you have a concern or a technical issue, which has not been covered on the site or in these FAQs, and you’d prefer to chat to us, then email youth.recruitment@vodafone.com

Who do I contact if I have a technical problem when applying?

If you experience any technical problems, contact us at youth.recruitment@vodafone.com
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