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Phone ownership on Vodafone IE

Ownership of my phone

Do I own the phone that I entered into the contract for? If not when will I own it? 

No, you do not own the phone until the conclusion of the contract and all appropriate payments have been made. 

If I exit the contract early (before the end of the minimum term) do I own my phone? 

Yes, if you have paid the applicable early termination fee then you will own the phone. 

If I exit the contract early, will I owe anything further to own the phone? 

Yes depending on how many months remain the following charges will apply:-

  • If 18 months remain - 18 times the monthly rental charge
  • If 12 months remain - 12 times the monthly rental charge
  • If 6 months remain - 6 times the monthly rental charge 

If I exit the contract early, is an early termination fee owed for the phone and the service? If so how is this calculated for each? 

Yes, if you exit the contract early an early termination fee will apply. In relation to the handset this is calculated by multiplying the remaining months on your contract by the monthly rental charge. In relation to the service a termination charge will be calculated as the sum of the monthly tariff charges which would otherwise be payable until the end of the minimum term. 

How do I cancel my contract?

Sorry to hear you wish to cancel your contract. You'll find information on how to do this on our 'Account' FAQ page.
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