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Sure Signal on Vodafone IE

Sure Signal

What is a Sure Signal?

A Sure Signal is a device that connects to a customer’s home broadband and can be used to improve indoor mobile network experience. 

Vodafone no longer sells new Sure Signal devices. Existing customers with installed devices can continue to use their device and receive support. 

Where can I buy a Sure Signal?

Vodafone no longer sells new Sure Signal devices.  If you have an existing device and have a technical query check out all our Frequently Asked Questions on our Support pages. If you still need help, contact Vodafone Network Crew on 1740

I am having problems with indoor coverage in my home or office.

Contact our Network Crew on 1740. They can troubleshoot your issue and confirm whether the issues are related to indoor coverage.

How do I update the list of registered phone numbers on my Sure Signal?

To add or change the numbers on your Sure Signal email

You will need to include your

  • Full name
  • Your mobile number
  • Your Sure Signal 11 digit serial number (located at the back of the device)
  • Your list of mobile numbers: include you own mobile number and up to 9 additional Vodafone numbers

Please note that this request will replace your current list.  Please ensure you list ALL the numbers - including those already registered previously. 

How do I order a replacement Sure Signal?

 If you suspect your Sure Signal is faulty please contact our Vodafone Network Crew on 1740 who can support you with troubleshooting and confirm the issue is with the device. Please note that Vodafone no longer sells new or replacement Sure Signal devices.

Why has my Sure Signal stopped working?

When you upgrade your phone or move address you will need to resynch your Sure Signal.  Email us at to let us know and we can do this for you.

Remember to include your

  • Full name
  • Your mobile number
  • Your new address (if applicable)
  • Your Sure Signal 11 digit serial number (located at the back of the device)
  • Your list of mobile numbers (: include you own mobile number and up to 9 additional Vodafone numbers)

Please note that this request will replace your current list.  Please ensure you list ALL the numbers - including those already registered previously.

If you are continuing to experience problems contact Network Crew on 1740 to troubleshoot any issues with your device.

I am a business customer using Sure Signal. Who do I contact with an issue?

If you have a technical query in relation to your Sure Signal contact 1740

If you have an account issue contact Care teams on 1907. Or you can email

How much of my data allowance will Sure Signal use?

This depends on the amount of calls that are made and received, but in normal usage, the total bandwidth capacity used when making voice calls only is likely to be less than 1GB a month. Note that heavy data usage may result in breaching your agreed broadband download allowance.

How many people can use Sure Signal at the same time?

Up to 4 devices can use Sure Signal at the same time.

Will Sure Signal work throughout my home or office?

The Sure Signal device provides coverage up to about 30 metres.  However, if you have thick walls or metal doors and walls etc. this will reduce the coverage provided.  Normally the Sure Signal device provides enhanced coverage throughout most typical homes and small offices.

Is Sure Signal easy to set-up?

Yes, plug it in and connect it to your fixed broadband modem using the supplied cable.  Wait about 60 minutes for the Sure Signal device to be automatically configured.  Please note: If you move premises, it’s important to let us know your new address, otherwise your Sure Signal may not function correctly.

Can you make calls & go online together with Sure Signal?

Sure Signal can handle up to four calls at the same time, or a combination of calls and mobile internet use. So, someone might be browsing the internet on one device, while another person is on social media on their smartphone and two others make calls – all at the same time.

Can anyone use my Sure Signal?

No, only the numbers that you have registered will be able to use your Sure Signal.

If you already have Sure Signal and want to change your registered numbers, you can do this by contacting us at

How do I know that my Sure Signal is ready to use?

The first (red power light), and second (system) light will be lit and steady

How are my mobile calls billed?

Your mobile calls are billed as usual, there is no difference in using the Sure Signal service.

Are my calls secure using Vodafone Sure Signal?

Yes, all traffic carried through the Sure Signal service is encrypted to maintain the high standards of security you expect from Vodafone.

Learn more about security & fraud protection.

Are there any situations where Sure Signal won't work?

Yes, the following are situations where you will not get better coverage:

  • If you are not a Vodafone mobile customer
  • If you are not using a 3G device
  • If you are using a 3G device that is configured to use 2G only (check if there is a 3G icon showing on the phone display)
  • If your fixed broadband connection has insufficient speed or is heavily utilised
  • If you started a call outside of the coverage area of Sure Signal.  Once you end that call and begin a new call, you will get better coverage.

Can I use data products, with Sure Signal?

Yes, Sure Signal uses a technology that ensures you get a fast, reliable mobile internet connection in your home or office.
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