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Features on Vodafone IE


New BT/Premier Sport Pack

I already have the eir/BT Sport add on. What changes have been made to my add on?

If you have the eir/BT sport pack you will see some changes to the channel line-up from August 1, 2019. Customers will receive two new premium sports channels Premier Sports 1HD and Premier Sports 2 HD in their BT HD Sports Pack. Eir sport 2 will no longer be available in this add on pack. The add on pack will be renamed ‘BT/Premier Sport’ pack.

Will I still have eir Sport 2? 

Eir sport 2 will no longer be available in this add on pack from August 1, 2019.

What are the channels in my BT/Premier Sport pack? 

As a BT/Premier Sport customer you will receive the following channels: BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, BT Sport 3, BT Sport ESPN, Premier Sport 1 and Premier Sport 2. If you are an existing customer as of the 31st July 2019, you will continue to receive these channels in HD for the duration of period you have the add on. These can be found on the following channel numbers:

Premier Sport 1 HD - 409
Premier Sport 1 HD
BT Sport 1 HD - 411
BT Sport 2 HD - 412
BT Sport 3 HD - 413
BT ESPN HD - 414
BT Sport 1 SD - 422
BT Sport 2 SD - 423
BT Sport 3 SD - 424
BT Sport ESPN SD - 425

I already have the eir/BT sport pack, do I need to do anything to get Premier Sport 1 and 2? 

If you already have the eir/BT Sport pack you don’t need to do a thing. You will start to receive Premier Sport 1 HD and Premier Sport 2 HD from 1st August 2019. You will no longer receive eir Sport 2 HD. 

How can I remove the add on from my Vodafone TV service? 

If you no longer wish to receive the BT/Premeir Sport add on that’s no problem. All you have to do is call 1907 or speak to an agent through Live Chat.

Will I be able to access these channels on Vodafone TV Anywhere app? 

TV Anywhere app rights will no longer be available with this add on. 

What will be on the new Premier Sport 1 and Premier Sport 2 channels? 

A range of sports will be available on these great new sports channels including:

  • 70 GAA games from the All-Ireland, Allianz League and Club Championships
  • The biggest games from the Scottish FACup
  • 6 games per round from the Italian Serie A
  • Biggest matches from the Dutch Eredivisie
  • Biggest matches from the Chinese Super League
  • International Champions Cup
  • 500 games from the NHL (15 per week)
  • NHL On The Fly round-up show every day
  • All 38 races from the NASCAR Monster Energy Series
  • Weekly BRISCA F1 highlights

Will I still have access to eir Sport 1?

Eir Sport 1 will still be included as part of your existing TV Basic or TV Plus channel line-up.

Vodafone TV and set top box features

Is the Vodafone TV Anywhere App free?

The app is free to download from the Apple store or the Google Play store for current Vodafone TV subscribers.  In order to have access to Live Video Streams you need to be an active Vodafone TV customer. 

*Only Vodafone customers will have free mobile data when streaming via the Vodafone TV Anywhere App until February 28th 2019. To become a Vodafone mobile user please visit

How many days are shown in the TV Anywhere TV Guide?

The Vodafone TV Anywhere App will show up to 7 days in the past and 7 days in the future.  Users can watch Catch Up video in the past (content rights permitting) and schedule recordings in the future.

What is Restart TV?

Vodafone TV offers a unique feature called 'Restart TV'. Now you can restart any Live TV show even if you forgot to record it.  Simply press the 'OK' button wherever you see the Restart icon to start from the beginning.

*Restart TV is subject to content licenses agreements.  Certain shows may not be supported.

I'm having an issue with my multi-room on Vodafone TV

Check the lights on the front of your multi-room TV box

Ensure the following lights are 'On' on the front of your multi-room box:

  1. Power – Solid Green Light
  2. WiFi Symbol – Solid Green Lights
  3. Net – Solid Green
  4. HDMI – Solid Blue Light

If these lights are on and lit in the correct sequence as above, please try the following:

  • Ensure that the correct source/input is selected on your TV (Non-Vodafone TV) remote control and that this source is receiving Vodafone TV.
  • Turn the multi-room TV box off for at least 30 seconds, then power back on – the power light will turn Orange first, then turn on the TV box using your Vodafone TV remote control. The light sequence detailed above will appear and you should now be able to see your Vodafone TV loading screen.
  • Ensure that no objects are blocking the signal between your Video Access Point (VAP) and your multi-room box as this can cause issues with the wireless signal strength. Your VAP is the black box, plugged into your internet router.
  • Check the lights on the front of the VAP and ensure the following are 'On':
    1. Power – Solid Green Light (Top)
    2. WiFi – Solid Green Light (Middle)
    3. Net – Solid Green Light  (Bottom)
  • If the WiFi light on the VAP is flashing, the connection between your VAP and multi-room boxes may have disconnected . To resolve this, please turn off and on your multi-room box and it will prompt you to press and hold the WPA key button on the VAP.
  • When this is done, the light sequence on the multi-room box detailed above will appear and you should now be able to see your Vodafone TV loading (splash) screen.

If your main TV box is still not working then please contact us on our support page

How do I adjust the resolution and picture format on my Vodafone TV?

To adjust the resolution please go to Menu / Settings / Television / Screen Aspect Ratio. You may choose and text the correct aspect ratio. As a general rule of thumb the 4:3 and widescreen choices are usually best for when connected to your TV via SCART cable. 720p and 1080i are usually best when connected via HDMI.

How do I turn on/off my Vodafone TV HD box?

To turn on your Vodafone TV HD box you will need your Vodafone TV remote. Press the power button on the top right hand corner of the remote to switch the Vodafone TV HD box on and off.

How do I restore factory settings on my Vodafone TV set top box?

Warning! Performing a factory restore will deleted all recordings, scheduled recordings, profiles and user preferences.  This action should not be taken unless completely necessary or advised by a qualified Vodafone Support engineer. To perform a factory reset (aka disaster recovery) please perform the following.

  1. Power off and on the box via the power switch
  2. Immediately Press and hold down the OK & Down buttons on the device's front panel during boot up.
  3. Keep the buttons held down until you see the green, blue and red icons flash 4 times
  4. Release the Ok & Down buttons and wait for the system to reboot
  5. Rebooting of the system may take up to 15 minutes
  6. Do not turn off your Broadband router or disrupt the process

What is High Definition?

Where available, and subject to content rights, Vodafone TV will offer High Definition video so you can experience your favourite shows in the best quality possible.

Remote control

How do I pair my remote control with my TV?

In order to control your television’s Power, Volume Up/ Down and Mute buttons, please follow the steps below:

  • Press OK and 0 at the same time. The TV Power button will flash white.
  • Press the TV Power button once. Hold your TV remote control in front of the Vodafone remote control and press the Power button. The Vodafone remote can now power your TV On/Off.
  • Press Exit to complete.
  • Repeat above process for Volume Up, Down and Mute.
  • Test each action works correctly

    1. Power On/Off TV set test
    2. Volume Up and Down test
    3. Mute TV test.

In order to cancel or reset the remote back to original setting press “OK” and “2” together for 5 seconds. The TV Power button will blink white confirming the reset. A small percentage of TV manufacturer devices do not support this feature.

What does the 'option' button on the TV remote do?

There are two views for the options menu 

  1. TV Guide Options:  when TV Guide is on – You can access TV filters, 7 Day Catch up, Profiles and settings. You can access this menu by selecting Options button on the remote control.
  2. Viewing Options: when live viewing is on – You can access TV Filters, Profiles, Audio Language, Subtitles and TV Zoom modes. You can access this Viewing Options menu by selecting Options or Right arrow on the remote control unit.

Main menu and TV guide

How do I access the main menu?

Press the 'Menu' button or 'left arrow' on your Vodafone remote control to access the menu. The menu allows you to access all your favourite content as well as search and settings.

You can also check out our helpful Vodafone TV Menu video for more tips.

Please note: standard connection charges apply when viewing our support videos.

How do I access the TV guide?

The 'Guide' button on the remote control will bring you to the TV Guide. You can also access the TV Guide from the ‘On Now’ tab in the main menu. 

You can also watch our Vodafone TV Guide video for more useful tips.

Please note: standard connection charges apply when viewing our videos.

What is Smart Mode?

When in the menu ‘On Now’ (to the right of the 'TV Guide' icon) you will see channels based on most popular and ones you usually watch at this time.

This is enabled by Smart Mode. Beside the 'TV Guide' button you can see the 'Smart Mode' button. This will be active by default. This can be switched off by clicking on the 'Smart Mode' icon and changing the settings. 

You can also watch our Vodafone TV Menu video for more formation on getting the most from Smart Mode.

Please note: standard connection charges apply when viewing our videos.

How can I see most recently viewed channels?

When watching a live TV channel, press the Up Arrow to bring you to the 5 most recently viewed channels and/or recordings.

Can I pause live TV?

Yes. Simply press the play / pause button and then press it again when you are ready to continue watching. Pause of a Live TV programme is set for 90 minutes.

Can I rewind live TV?

Yes, if you want to go back to see something again, press Rewind. You can rewind back to the point at which you started recording the programme.

What are Live TV filters?

This shows live previews of what’s on across all channels, on one screen. 

What are profiles and how do I set them up?

Everyone in the family can create a profile of their favourite channels. It’s easy. Just choose the channels you love, add your name and they’ll appear for you in an instant. Parents can also create profiles for their kids so they can watch channels suitable to them.

7 Day Catch Up

What is 7 Day Catch Up?

7 Day Catch Up allows you to watch programmes you've missed over the past 7 days (content rights permitting). Press the Menu button and scroll across to access Catch Up TV. There are 4 categories here; View All, Resume Viewing, Most Popular and Channels. Press OK on the remote to see the programmes in each category.

Why aren't some programmes available on 7 Day Catch Up?

7 Day Catch Up is subject to content license agreements and certain shows may not be supported which means they can’t be included in our 7 Day Catch Up.

Can I still access 7 Day Catch Up through the options button? 

You can still access 7 day catch up by clicking the Options button on remote, however for your convenience we suggest you click the Menu button to view 7 day catch up across all channels.

Recommended section

What is the Recommended section and how do I get it? 

In the 'Recommended' section, you can access specifically selected programmes that are ‘worth watching’ or view ‘what’s worth recording’ in the next six days. Press the ''Menu button' and scroll across to access the Recommended section.

You can find our Vodafone TV Menu video, including information on the 'Recommended' section, on our Vodafone Home Support YouTube page.

Please note: standard connection charges apply when viewing our videos.

Restart TV

What is Restart TV?

When you see the restart icon on a live TV channel or beside the name of a programme on the TV Guide, press OK and you will be brought back to the start of the TV programme of your choice.

Restart TV is subject to content license agreements. Certain shows may not be supported.

Can I record a restarted programme?

Unfortunately, no. Due to content licensing agreements restarted programmes cannot be recorded.

Can I pause a restarted programme?

Yes. Where content rights allow you may pause a restarted programme.

Please note that you may not pause the programme for a duration any longer than the programme length. This is due to content licenses agreements.

Why is there a set viewing period on a restart programme? 

Once a programme has completed live transmission it is no longer considered a restart item.

This is due to content license agreements.

However, some of these programmes may be included in our 7 Day Catch Up service.


How do I record a show or series? 

Press the red 'R' button to instantly start or schedule a recording.

Press a second time to series link the recording where available.

Press a third time to cancel the recording.

How do I access my recordings?

Press the Menu button and scroll across to access recording or press the recordings button on the remote.

The recordings icon will show you how much storage space has been used for your recordings.

When you reach 80% of your storage, the recorder icon bar will change from white to red. You should delete some recordings to avoid missing a future recording.

I'm having issues with my recordings

Is the memory on the main TV box less than 5%?

The main TV box’s recording capacity might be full and some older recordings may need to be deleted in order to make space for new ones.

Have you tried turning it off and back on again?

It sounds simple but it can genuinely fix some issues - If the main TV Box has not had a reset or a power-down in some time it can have an effect on some features, including ensuring your recordings are working correctly.

Has the programme that did not record been correctly set up for series record?

Check your scheduled viewing list and ensure the TV show you wanted to record is listed or if the TV show is currently on, it should have this recording symbol on it for season record

If you are still having issues recording TV shows after these checks, please contact us on our Support page.

How do I access Netflix?

Press the dedicated 'Netflix' button on the remote control unit to get direct access to Netflix.

You can also access Netflix channel through the TV Guide channel 333 or from the main menu ‘App’ tab (Netflix subscription required).

You can find our Vodafone TV Menu video, including information on how to access Netflix, on our Vodafone Home Support YouTube page.

Please note: standard connection charges apply when viewing our videos.

How do I search for my favourite TV show?

When in the menu, press the 'Up Arrow' to access the search feature.

Type the name of the programme you want to watch using the arrows on your control. Or use your Vodafone TV Anywhere app remote control to access the phone keyboard to type in your search.

You can find our Vodafone TV Menu video, including information on how to search for TV shows, on our Vodafone Home Support YouTube page.

Please note: standard connection charges apply when viewing our videos.


How do I get to Settings?

Press the Menu button and scroll across to access Settings.

Here you can configure settings for user profiles, subtitles, audio output, parental controls and more.

What's the parental PIN?

Your default PIN is ‘0000’.

How do I reset the parental PIN?

If you wish to change this PIN go to Settings. Parental settings are only applied to the individual set top box. To apply a PIN to multiroom boxes, you will need to repeat the above step on all individual boxes.


How do I get subtitles?

There are a number of ways you can get subtitles on your Vodafone TV.

1. Subtitles work on a number of channels by selecting info/language/subtitles/ on (including BBC channels)
2. For many of the national stations (RTE, TV3, TG4) the process is different and requires a special remote. This can be requested by calling 1907 or by contacting us on Live Chat on our Support page.
3. Alternatively, use the remote control in your Vodafone TV Anywhere app. Select the Text button followed by 888 on the remote control to display the subtitles.

If you haven’t already synced your TV Anywhere app remote control to your TV box by following the below steps:

• Ensure you are connected to your home wifi network.
• Select Remote and TV Box from the app menu. Select the TV box icon at the top of screen. Your device will search for your TV box.
• Tick the Mediaroom Device and you are ready to go.

Can I turn on/off subtitles for individual programmes?

Yes. When watching a programme choose the 'INFO' button on your remote control. Inside the Information Menu you can navigate over to the subtitle section and choose to enable / disable subtitles.
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