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How do I reschedule my engineer appointment?

You can reschedule your appointment online through My Vodafone Home.  You will need your Customer Number, Email Address and your Mobile, Landline or CRN number to register. 

If the above options don’t suit, you can contact us on Live Chat on our Support page.

I received a high bill - why?

Let’s start by explaining the charges on your bill.

Service charges - cover the monthly fees for your price plans and any Add Ons you buy. These will be charged for a month in advance.

Usage charges - are the total of all the calls that you made in the previous month. 

Inclusive calls - are the calls that are included in your monthly price plan.

Pro-rata or Part month charges - where your service went live in the middle of a bill cycle and the previous part month charge will be included in the following full months bill.

The most common cause of a bill being higher than normal, is calls being made that aren’t covered in your plan. Have a look at your plan details and then check your Usage Charges section to see did you make any calls outside of your plan. 

For more help on this, visit our Understanding your bill section.

I’m moving house, can I bring my Vodafone Broadband and TV with me?

Yes, no problem. Our dedicated Home Move team can sort all this out for you. Just send them an email at

Ideally we would like to receive 1 months’ notice to ensure your service is set up in time. Sometimes we are unable to connect your property on your desired day due to the following reasons;

  1. If you don’t have access to the property then this will cause a delay in getting your service installed.
  2. Previous occupiers haven’t disconnected their service.
  3. Moving into a new estate that requires a new line.

If this happens our dedicated team will be there to support you and help get your service up and running as quickly as possible.

For more, see the rest of our Home Move FAQs.

I'm having an issue recording on my Vodafone TV

Is the memory on the main TV box less than 5%?

The main TV box’s recording capacity might be full and some older recordings may need to be deleted in order to make space for new ones.

Have you tried turning it off and back on again?

It sounds simple but it can genuinely fix some issues - If the main TV Box has not had a reset or a power-down in some time it can have an effect on some features, including ensuring your recordings are working correctly.

Has the programme that did not record been correctly set up for Series Record?

Check your scheduled viewing list and ensure the TV show you wanted to record is listed or if the TV show is currently on, it should have this recording symbol on it for season record

If you are still having issues recording TV shows after these checks, please contact us on our support page

I'm having an issue with my multi-room on Vodafone TV

Check the lights on the front of your multi-room TV box

Ensure the following lights are 'On' on the front of your multi-room box:

  1. Power – Solid Green Light
  2. WiFi Symbol – Solid Green Lights
  3. Net – Solid Green
  4. HDMI – Solid Blue Light

If these lights are on and lit in the correct sequence as above, please try the following:

  • Ensure that the correct source/input is selected on your TV (Non-Vodafone TV) remote control and that this source is receiving Vodafone TV.
  • Turn the multi-room TV box off for at least 30 seconds, then power back on – the power light will turn Orange first, then turn on the TV box using your Vodafone TV remote control. The light sequence detailed above will appear and you should now be able to see your Vodafone TV loading screen.
  • Ensure that no objects are blocking the signal between your Video Access Point (VAP) and your multi-room box as this can cause issues with the wireless signal strength. Your VAP is the black box, plugged into your internet router.
  • Check the lights on the front of the VAP and ensure the following are 'On':
    1. Power – Solid Green Light (Top)
    2. WiFi – Solid Green Light (Middle)
    3. Net – Solid Green Light  (Bottom)
  • If the WiFi light on the VAP is flashing, the connection between your VAP and multi-room boxes may have disconnected . To resolve this, please turn off and on your multi-room box and it will prompt you to press and hold the WPA key button on the VAP.
  • When this is done, the light sequence on the multi-room box detailed above will appear and you should now be able to see your Vodafone TV loading (splash) screen.

If your main TV box is still not working then please contact us on our support page

How do I get subtitles on Vodafone TV?

There are a number of options as to how you can access subtitles on your Vodafone TV.

1. Subtitles are available on a number of channels, including BBC channels. To activate subtitles, please press the Info button on your remote control, then Subtitles and On.

2. Some of the national stations, for example RTE and TG4, require a dedicated remote control with subtitle options. To request this specialised remote control, please let us know by contacting our Live Chat team at or by contacting us on 1907.

3. You can also access subtitles using the remote control in your Vodafone TV Anywhere app. Select the Text button followed by 888 on the remote control to display the subtitles.

In order to sync your TV Anywhere app remote control to your TV box, follow the below steps:

  • Ensure you are connected to your home Wi-Fi network.
  • Select ‘Remote and TV Box’ option from the app menu. Select the TV box icon at the top of screen. Your device will search for your TV box.
  • Tick the Mediaroom Device and you are ready to go.


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