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Vodafone TV Anywhere on Vodafone IE

Vodafone TV Anywhere

Getting started 

What you need to access the Vodafone TV Anywhere app?    

In order to use the App you must be a current Vodafone TV subscriber.

  1. You can download the latest version of the App from iTunes App Store or the Android Play Store
  2. Register as a My Vodafone Home user
  3. Sign into the App using your My Vodafone at Home details

Once signed in as a registered user you can access Live TV streaming in home, out of home, schedule recordings and view catch up TV.

How many devices can I register?

The Vodafone TV Anywhere service allows a maximum of two devices to be registered on a mobile or tablet device.

Once you have registered two devices, there is a 30 day wait period before a device can be unregistered to allow a new device to be registered.

How do I manage my registered devices?

Visit the Vodafone Home portal to manage devices. In the TV Services section, you can manage the devices registered for the Vodafone TV Anywhere App.

Please note, there is a 30 day waiting period before a newly registered device can be unregistered.

Is the Vodafone TV Anywhere application free?

The application is free to download from the iTunes App store or the Google Play Store

In order to have access to Live TV and Catch Up video streams you will need to be a Vodafone TV customer.

Vodafone mobile customers will have streaming via the Vodafone TV Anywhere application included in their TV package, until February 28th 2019.

Managing my account

I forgot my password. What should I do?

1.     You must be a registered user of My Vodafone Home to use the TV Anywhere app. Click here. You will need your customer number.

2.     If you are an existing TV customer, you can find your customer number in your monthly bill notification email or on the top of the front page of your Vodafone Home bill.

3.     If you are a new Vodafone TV customer you can find this in your welcome letter, email or text.

4.     Follow the steps to reset password.

What does the Vodafone TV app do when I am not logged in?

While disconnected, you can select the program guide and obtain information about the programs for the next seven days. All other functions including streaming require active login credentials.

What happens if my Internet and TV contract ends?

If your internet and TV contract expires, your credentials for the customer portal will be void. Thus, the applications will not allow any video streaming.

In order to continue using the Vodafone TV Anywhere App, please contact Vodafone Home on 1907 to discuss your account.

How do I reset my Vodafone TV Anywhere PIN?

If you need to reset the PIN for your Vodafone TV Anywhere app, just log into My Vodafone at Home and you will be able to reset it.

Technical requirements

How much data does the Vodafone TV Anywhere app use?

The exact amount of data used may vary but on average a typical hour of video streaming will consume 540Mb of data for SD and 1.8GB for HD content.  This data is included as part of the TV package for Vodafone mobile customers until February 28th 2019. If you are on another network you should check with your provider for data related costs and monthly data limitations.

Can I use non-Vodafone mobile networks?

Yes. The Vodafone TV App is available on other mobile networks. Please check with your provider for data related costs and monthly data limitations. 

Can I use non-Vodafone Wi-Fi networks?    

Yes. The Vodafone TV Application is available over other Wi-Fi Networks.

The image quality during TV Anywhere streaming is poor. What can I do?

Check you are connected to a stable and fast Wi-Fi or Mobile connection.  Vodafone recommends speeds of at least 1Mb uncontested Internet connection. When using the Vodafone Mobile network, we suggest signal strength of 3G & 4G for optimal video streaming.

Can I use the Vodafone TV Anywhere app abroad?

Yes, as of 1st April 2018 for new subscribers, and by no later than 2nd June 2018 for existing subscribers, if you are temporarily outside Ireland and in another EU Member State you are permitted to access and use the TV Anywhere App in that Member State. Please see terms and conditions at for further details.

The video quality drops sometimes. Why is this?

If your Wi-Fi or Mobile network signal is reduced the video stream will adapt to a lower quality.

Check you are connected to a stable and fast Wi-Fi or mobile connection. Vodafone recommends speeds of at least 1MB uncontested Internet connection. 

When using the Vodafone mobile network we suggest signal strength of 3G and 4G for optimal video streaming

Using the app

Why do some channels not appear?

Due to legal content licensing requirements users will have limited access to different channels and content. Content rights may also mean you have access to different content if you are at home, on a mobile network, or on a public Wi-Fi network

What does the Home button do?

The Home page displays featured content from across all TV Channels.  

What does the live TV button do?

Click on ‘Watch Live TV’ at the top of the page brings you directly to a full screen stream of Live TV channels. The TV guide is featured below the current live channel that is streaming. You can either open up the TV Guide on the left to view a list of available shows (tapping on a channel will load it up).

How many days are shown in the channel overview?

The app will show up to 7 days in the past and 7 days in the future. Users can watch Catch Up video in the past (content rights permitting) and schedule recordings in the future. 

How do I use the remote control? 

You can use the native keyboard of the mobile device to search. Press the keyboard icon to search and press again to remove native keyboard.

The two arrows icon brings you back to the previous selected channel.

You can select menu, options and navigate up and down channels and volume with the remote.

You can use the remote control to display subtitles. By pressing the Text button followed by 888 you can bring up programme subtitles where they are available.

How do I set up notifications and alerts for my favourite shows?

You can set up reminders of programme start times through the app TV guide by simply selecting a programme in the future and selecting Alert. You will receive a notification 10 minutes before the start of a programme to your device.

What is 7 Day Catch Up and how does it work?

7 Day Catch Up allows you to watch programmes you have missed over the past 7 days (content rights permitting).  Simply click on the 7 Day Catch Up on the menu of the Vodafone TV App to see what programmes are available.

Do I have access to my TV box recordings?

You have access to the list of recordings that you can manage and delete from your device. Watching recordings on your tablet is not yet available.

Can I schedule recordings from my mobile device?

Yes.  After logging in you can schedule programmes episodes and series recordings using the Online TV Guide.    

Does the app have voice search?

Yes, however this function is only available on Android devices currently.  This function allows you to use the microphone on your remote control to call out channel searches.

Can I Chromecast from the app?

Yes, once you have a Chromecast device set up on your TV and you are connected to it, you can Chromecast live or 7 Day Catch up programmes from your app. Once you are connected to a chromecast device you can select the chromecast icon on the programme and begin to chromecast. (Vodafone does not support third party Chromecast devices.)

Where can I find more help?

For more information please see the Help section of the app.

After a station selection I do not see the TV picture. What is the cause?

Make sure that you are correctly connected to your home Wi-Fi home network or mobile network. Please ensure you are an active Vodafone Home user. 

The image quality during the TV streaming is bad. What can I do?

Check you are connected to a stable and fast Wi-Fi or mobile connection. Vodafone recommends speeds of at least 1MB uncontested Internet connection. 

When using the Vodafone Mobile network we suggest signal strength of 3G & 4G for optimal video streaming. 

How do I use the app simultaneously on multiple devices?

The Vodafone TV can support multiple simultaneous video streams at a time. Due to content license agreements some programs may have some restrictions. As a Vodafone TV customer you can register up to two devices for viewing.

Why do some channels not appear?

Certain channels may not appear because of content license restrictions in the TV app.

Does the TV Anywhere app have HD channels?    

The Vodafone TV Anywhere App uses both high quality SD and HD video streams depending on content licensing agreements. 

Which OS versions are supported?


Device – OS




iPhone 5S - iOS 8.1.2



iPhone 3GS - iOS 6.1.6



iPad Mini/Air - iOS 8.1.2



iPhone 6 - iOS 8.1.2



iPhone 5


Android - Tablet

Samsung GT-P5200, android version 4.4.2


Android - Tablet

Samsung GT-P7310, Android version 4.4.2


Android - Tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 - Android 3.2


Android - Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S5 - Android 4.4.2


Android - Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Young - Android 4.1.2


Android - Smartphone

Nexus 4 - Android 5.0.1


Android - Smartphone

Nexus 5 – Android 4.4.4


Android - Smartphone

Moto G  - Android 4.4.4



iPhone 4S



iPhone 4



iPhone 6+



Galaxy S4






OS: Windows XP or greater, Mac OS X Leopard or greater

Browsers : IE7, IE8, IE9, Mozilla Firefox, Safari


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