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Digital Parenting challenges on Vodafone IE

Digital Parenting challenges

Check out these insights on issues for Digital Parents  

Home Internet

Many internet service providers in Ireland offer free parental controls. You can decide what kind of Web content your family can access. 


Operating Systems

Whether you’re a Windows or Mac user, you can make the most of built-in parental controls. Find out how to do things like restrict your child’s Web access, set time limits and block specific programs so that you can help protect your son or daughter online

Web browsers

Parental controls are available in some Web browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. If you use more than one browser, you'll need to change the settings for each one

Search engines

Kids love searching for information online – whether it’s for homework or just for fun – so make the most of safety controls on the main search engines. If you activate safe search, you can have greater peace of mind when your child is searching the Web.

Social networks and Apps

The main social networks offer lots of tools and resources to help younger users have a safer and more private online experience. Don’t forget, the Irish Online Age of Consent is 16.

Video websites

Got a young YouTube fan in your family? You’ll want to make sure they can only access appropriate videos. Learn how to set up YouTube Restricted Mode on your child’s computer.

Film, TV and radio

Many providers offer parental controls to block inappropriate programmes and films. Built-in tools on Netflix and other services can help the younger members of your family to avoid unsuitable film, TV and radio content.

Live streaming services

Live streaming platforms let users chat to each other or broadcast videos of themselves in real time. As this can create privacy and safety issues for users of all ages, it's important to check the settings and controls on each individual app.


You can use parental controls to manage a range of functions on smartphones, tablets and games consoles. Manage your child’s access to websites, apps and things like location services on their favourite digital devices.

Report concerns

If something does go wrong online, you need to know what action you can take. Find out how to report inappropriate (e.g. bullying) and potentially illegal online.

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