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Billing explained on Vodafone IE

Your bill explained

Understanding your bill

We've put together this handy guide to help you understand your bill – we hope you'll find it useful.

The most common cause of a bill being higher than normal, is calls being made that aren’t covered in your plan. Have a look at your plan details and then check your Other Charges section to see did you make any calls outside of your plan. If your first bill is higher than expected this may be caused by part month charges.

You'll be charged for your Vodafone services at the same time each month. The date by which you have to pay is shown on your bill. If you have an automatic payment set up, like direct debit, you don't need to worry about when to pay as it will be automatically debited from your account 14 days after the due date.

If you still need help understanding your bill, please contact us on Live Chat at the side of this screen or on our Support page.


Online billing explained

If you need help understanding your bill, check out our simple-to-follow visual guides for My Vodafone app or online.

How do I opt into paperless billing?

To switch to paperless billing, simply log into My Vodafone and opt into paperless billing via the ‘choose how you receive your bill’ link.

Where can I view my bill online?

You can view your bill online via:

  1. My Vodafone app - iPhone customers can download from the iTunes Store and Android users from the Play Store. Login using your mobile number and password. Click the menu button on the right of the app home page and select ‘Bill & payments’.
  2. My Vodafone online - Login into your My Vodafone account using your mobile number and password. Select My Vodafone in the menu then ‘Bill & payments'.

How will I know my online bill is ready so I can check it?

When your latest bill is available online, we will send you a notification text and email. Please ensure you have a valid email address recorded in your personal details on My Vodafone. You can check your email address here.

Can I print my bill?

Yes. To print your bill, follow these simple steps:

  • Login to My Vodafone
  • Select a bill and click View - you'll need the latest version of Adobe Reader
  • Roll over the bottom of the PDF bill to display more options
  • Click on the printer icon
  • Choose which pages you want to print and click Ok
  • Save a copy of your bill to your desktop and you can print it later

Please make sure that you have a printer setup and connected to your computer before you print your Vodafone bill.

How many bills are available to view on My Vodafone?

Bill pay customers can access their last 12 bills and 6 months of call details on My Vodafone.

Can I see my monthly call details online?

Yes. You can see your last 6 months call details in My Vodafone. To do this go to ‘Usage' in the My Vodafone menu.

What browsers can I analyse my bill in?

The following browsers are supported:

  • Firefox 26 and above
  • Chrome 31 and above
  • Safari 5-7
  • Internet Explorer 8-11

Roaming, data and out of bundle bill charges

How are roaming charges applied to my bill?

It depends. When you use your phone abroad your usage won't appear immediately on your account. In order for us to bill for roaming directly after you return home, we rely on foreign operators to send us details of calls made or data used on their network. This means that your roaming charges might not appear until a later bill. To avoid any shocking bills we recommend planning ahead - check out your roaming costs before you leave.

How much does it cost to use data on my phone?

When you sign up to one of our Vodafone Unlimited plans, you can enjoy unlimited data. Find out more about charges.

I have data charges on my phone bill at strange times?

Sometimes apps can run in the background on your phone to check for updates at certain intervals. e.g. facebook, twitter, email etc. Also, some apps constantly run in the background and reset around midnight. All this data usage will appear on your bill as one connection with a time stamp of around midnight.

What charges are not included in my monthly allowance?

To help you keep on top of your monthly charges please note these services are not included in your allowance. International calls and texts will only be included in your monthly allowance if your plan covers them or you have purchased an add on.


How and when can I receive my bill?

Can I check my bill online?

Yes. You can view your bill on My Vodafone. When your latest bill is available online, we will send you a notification text and email. Please ensure you have a valid email address recorded in your personal details on My Vodafone

Can I receive my bill by email?

Yes. We can email you a copy of your bill (if the billing period is over 12 months). Please connect with our live chat team through the 'Chat' button on the right of the screen.

How do I change my billing format?  

Log in to My Vodafone and choose 'Account preferences' from the main menu then under 'Invoice' you will be able to change your invoice format type. Please note, choosing 'Email' will mean that you will get a notification advising that your bill is available online.

If I change the billing format to Email will I still receive a paper bill?

No. You will receive an email notifcation to view your bills online. 

Can I get a paper bill?

Yes. However, paperless billing is the preferred option. With paperless billing you have access to all of the same information that you receive in a paper bill as well as additional benefits:

  • Detailed analysis
  • Call details
  • Less paper waste
  • Account control
  • Names on bills not just numbers

Please note online bills are also valid for tax and accounts.

If you'd like to change your billing format, simply log into My Vodafone and choose 'Account preferences' and change the option under 'Invoice'.

Can I download a copy of my bill in PDF Format?

Yes, you can do this on My Vodafone. Simply log in and go to 'Bills & payments' then just click the download icon. 

Can I view or analyse bills that are more than 12 months old?

No, bills are only available for analysis or download for the previous 12 months.


Cancellation and final bills explained

Why have I received a bill after cancelling my contract?

This may be due to calls made since your previous bill was calculated which have only just reached our billing system. It may also include charges (or credits) against line rental which is paid a month in advance.

Can you explain my final bill?

When you cancel your Vodafone contract your last bill (called a 'termination bill') will cover all costs up to the day you leave Vodafone (line rental, calls, texts, data costs etc).

If you would like a copy of your final bill sent by post, please connect with our live chat team through the 'Chat' button on the right of the screen.


Other billing FAQs

Can I carry over my remaining minutes to the next month?

No, unfortunately you won't be able to transfer any unused minutes, texts or data to the next month.

What does outside the scope of VAT mean?

There are two reasons why a transaction might be considered ‘Outside the Scope of VAT’;

  1. It is a charitable donation, which means it is not subject to any VAT.
  2. It is a transaction for which VAT has already been applied by the originating ‘Charge to Bill’ (C2B) Service Provider.

Where can I find my customer / account number?

Check out our instructions on our 'Account' FAQ page.

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